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How to Switch to Digital Marketing from Senior Conventional Marketing Role

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3rd Apr, 2018
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How to Switch to Digital Marketing from Senior Conventional Marketing Role

Over the last decade, the marketing industry has observed a drastic and dramatic turn of events and changes in its way of operations as well as a method of marketing a product or service to the audience. The advent of the digital media, social media platforms and the upsurge of use of the smartphones are the influencing factors of this noteworthy marketing revolution.

An endless debate is witnessed by the media among the marketers and other business influencers about the sudden receded effect of the traditional media and traditional marketing philosophies and methods, and the increasing impact of the digital media towards the approach of the marketing of the business. This revolution has brought the traditional marketing roles and conventional marketers under the scanner.

Are you a marketing personnel still working in the traditional marketing arena? Are you a traditional marketer who is struggling to comprehend and accept the marketing revolution of the digital era? Are you having hiccups to shift to a digital marketing role from senior conventional marketing role? Guess what, you are in the right space. Today is the time when you are going to learn about the importance of digital marketing role in a business as well as why and how you can shift from a senior conventional marketing role to a digital marketing designation and offer the apt boost to your marketing career.

Start Freelancing your Digital Marketing Skills

At the outset, the scads of tools and technology offered by digital media to the marketers to promote and advertise the brands locally is one of the main reasons why the digital marketing is surpassing the traditional marketing. The progressive metric measurement techniques and real-time gauge of the changing audience behaviour are the prompting attractive features for most brand owners, SME’s and entrepreneurs to adopt this modern marketing philosophy. These cost-effective and less time consuming digital media campaigns are a winner for business owners and marketing personnel’s when compared to the traditional channels of marketing such as newspaper, TV, radio, etc.

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Digital Marketing offers a real-time platform to reach out to a strategically wider range of target audience across diverse demographics, unlike the traditional media. Today, most businesses are excited to allocate more than 60% of the marketing budgets to the digital marketing, because of the colossal prospects for advertisements offered by the digital media world.

The variety of advertising methods catering to the timely tastes of the target audience, such as content marketing, email marketing, video marketing, responsive ads, etc., have attracted audience and brands to communicate with each other in a more user-friendly fashion. The digital pay per click (PPC) advertising programs can be utilized to tailor consumers daily and track every move of the consumer towards the marketing campaign.

A Thorough Analysis of the Digital Marketing Role in 2018

Even today, in developing countries like India, traditional media still play a significant role in the world of marketing. But the shift to digital era has begun, and business and marketing experts are adapting to this shift profusely. The leading business brands are tapping the maximum potential of the digital media platforms to gain a wider audience base to increase the prospects of the growth of the business. From the tablets to consumers, today an average audience is digitally empowered than ever before.

Digital Marketing has offered an easy and flexible two-way communication platform for the consumers and business to connect with each other at any point in time. Gaining the timely feedback from the audience can bring in better results for the business. Big or small, digital marketing can be a valuable tool for all types of brands. The emotional connection with the virtual digital world through personalized messages and conversations can offer the biggest marketing strategy.
If you are a conventional marketer, you got to think about how this digital marketing world would impact your career now and in future. In order to have a progressive professional growth, it is crucial to keep up the changes in the marketing industry and equip yourself with the appropriate set of skills and knowledge to have a sustainable career path. Today, most business organisations prefer to hire and retain marketing specialists who have expertise in both traditional and digital media marketing.

5 Ways to Provide an Exceptional Customer Service

Most experienced marketers are compelled to learn the knowledge and application of the tools and techniques of the digital marketing to be competent with the budding marketing mavens. The augmented acceleration of internet-based startups and most conventional organisations going digital has time and gain reemphasized the importance of digital marketing talent in a business firm.

Now that you have gained an in-depth insight into this vital weapon, it’s time for you to make the switch. A highly sought professional career, digital marketing roles are available in most organisations, irrespective of whether it is public or private. Having the knowledge of digital marketing can also open channels in the field of public relations and communication. A lucrative salary along with a significant role, impacting the structure and functioning of the business can be a major incentive.

Just like you, most traditional marketers are worried about their experience and are hesitant to take the essential leap of faith to make the next move in their career. The industry has seen many professionals taking the big step post-middle path of their career and have cherished the success and satisfied about their decision.

Best Online Digital Marketing Courses

The first and foremost step to begin this new journey is to change of mindset. Gaining the knowledge and understanding the digital marketing concepts, philosophy and how it powers the business can help appreciate the digital marketing technology. Get certified in digital marketing. You don’t have to worry about quitting your present job and going to back to school. Most certifications are online and usually takes a few months to finish the course. You would be offered personalized mentors who have in-depth knowledge about the subject and can aid in understanding the concepts. The application-oriented projects would test your knowledge and groom you to the challenges of the real business scenarios. These courses are more than just a textbook knowledge and are a brilliant source to interact and learn from industry experts.

Top Digital Marketing Skills

Post certification, most industry digital marketing doyens, advises the students to gain an experience in the field of digital marketing. You can do a part-time internship in any marketing firm or you can also do a project for the digital marketing business unit in your own organisation and showcase your potential in the field of digital marketing. An internship or a part-time project can help you apply and appreciate the learnings of the digital marketing technology in the real-time and build your digital presence. Performing exceptionally well during the internship, might also open new job opportunities in your marketing career and uplift your career graph, paving a way to switch to the digital marketing role from a senior conventional marketing role.

Beyond the full-time marketing opportunities, having the knowledge of digital marketing can also open the other windows of your professional world. You can start your own business and market your idea and fulfil your dreams of owning a startup. You can also be a freelancer, as the digital marketing certification would have equipped you with the appropriate skills for freelance such as copywriting, content management, website content writing, blogging, search engine optimisation (SEO) expert, digital media analyst, etc., In short, having learnt digital marketing, you can probably think of quitting your 9 to 5 job and start something for yourself.

How Can Industry Veterans Transition to Digital?

Irrespective of the area of expertise, business organisations recruit marketers who are an ideal blend of the traditional media and digital media world. There is no denying that even today, traditional marketing does exist. Having said that, digital marketing is mounting at a faster and swaying the business authorities and decision makers to question the presence of the stand-alone traditional marketers. So, if you are a traditional marketer, remember, your time to make or break your career is fast approaching. Sooner or later, you would be forced to make the switch. Why not do it at your leisure right away?

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Neeraj is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at UpGrad. He's a Digital marketing professional with 6+ years of experience in leading the performance marketing department and supporting the organization goals by developing strategies to increase revenue, conversion rates, user engagement and brand recognition.
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1Who is a digital media analyst?

Digital analysts maintain the authority and credibility of vital information related to the digital assets of companies. These include dashboards, analyses, and reports. To perform their data analysis work, they often use intelligence tools and customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Digital analysts perform both quantitative and qualitative examinations. Their ultimate goal is to give customers a satisfactory digital experience.

Digital marketing analysts work with large sets of data. They analyze competitor weaknesses and strengths and use the resulting insights to improve their own brand’s attributes.

A good digital analyst will possess an understanding of social media marketing strategies and search engine optimization (SEO). They are also well-versed with multiple analytics tools, keyword research, etc.

2What are digital pay-per-click (PPC) advertising programs?

PPC, short for pay-per-click, is an internet marketing model in which advertisers pay a fee every time someone clicks one of their ads. It is a way brands buy visits to their online properties as opposed to driving traffic organically to their websites through SEO.

One of the most commonly used types of PPC is search engine advertising. It is a form of online auction where advertisers bid for an opportunity to place their ad in one of the sponsored links of the search engine. Whenever someone searches with a keyword that is related to the advertiser’s business offerings, their ads pop up.

3What are responsive ads?

Digital ads that automatically adjust their format, appearance, and size to fit the available space on a webpage are called responsive ads. A responsive ad may appear as a large image ad on one webpage and as a small text on another.

To create responsive ads, brands share relevant information such as logos, images, descriptions, and headlines with platforms like Google. Google will then create the ads that the people want to see.

Responsive ads are designed to fit any digital ad space within the display network. They can even match the feel and the tone of the websites where they are displayed.

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