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Blockchain technology is the newly popular and intriguing kid on the block, and it has been repeatedly dubbed ‘the technology of the future’ due to its highly secure and decentralized method of working.
Undoubtedly, the field holds great potential. But, how ready are you to take advantage of it?
There aren’t many reliable Blockchain courses in the market today since most people are themselves struggling to understand it. And out of the few that there are - upGrad’s is one of the best. It contains all that you need to know about this new technology and turn it into a lucrative career while others are still figuring things out.


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Programs in Blockchain Technology 6-13 Months

Technology is forever evolving, and if you are looking to build a career for and of the future, then Blockchain is the way to go. It promises to revolutionize whichever sector it touches. Even if you don’t use the course knowledge to become a Blockchain developer tomorrow, you can learn about it and imagine new career possibilities for yourself.

Executive PG Programme in Software Development - Specialisation in Blockchain
Executive PG Programme in Software Development - Specialisation in Blockchain | 13 months
Become a Blockchain Developer by learning coding from scratch and creating smart contracts
Program Level
6 Months
Hours of Learning
No of Case Studies
Advanced Certificate Programme in Blockchain
Advanced Certificate Programme in Blockchain | 8 months
Become a Blockchain Developer and learn how to create a blockchain from scratch, build smart contracts and chaincodes
Program Level
6 Months
Hours of Learning
No of Case Studies
How does Blockchain work?
How does Blockchain work?
Here’s how it works:
  • When you make a transaction, it is first verified by a network of computers.
  • Once verified, blocks store transaction details- like date, time, and amount along with participants of the transaction. Your real name is not stored. Instead, a digital signature is stored.
  • Each block has a unique code called ‘hash’ assigned to it to distinguish it from other blocks. Once hashed, the block is added to the chain. A block can store 1 MB of data.
How to become a Blockchain Developer?
How to become a Blockchain Developer?
Since Blockchain is a relatively new field with little formal educational resources present, you will need to be patient and understand that it might take you some time. However, there are plenty of dedicated online communities and so, you aren’t completely helpless either. Begin with these steps:
  • Read about Bitcoin since it is one of the most elegant applications of Blockchain.
  • Learn how exchanges work and familiarize yourself with wallets.
  • Get coding in a Blockchain-friendly language like C++, C#, Javascript, etc.
  • Get to know about smart contracts.
  • Be part of a Blockchain community to stay up-to-date!
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Programming Languages and Tools Covered

Professional Certificate In Blockchain

The Professional Certificate in Blockchain Technology build student concepts in Blockchain from the ground up.

We begin with a crash course in Javascript and Node JS which will help students to code the Blockchain universe. Next, we cover the fundamentals of Blockchain. The building block is the information you read above. But, in the course, the foundation will be expanded so a solid Blockchain knowledge structure can be built atop. Topics include ‘Features of Blockchain’ and ‘How Bitcoin Architecture Works.’

In the 3rd module, we take the first big dive into Blockchain by setting up a public Blockchain network on Ethereum framework. Ethereum is one of the most popular applications of Blockchain technology that enables developers to create and deploy decentralized applications. For this we explore the Ethereurm architecture along with the development and deployment of Smart Contracts over the Ethereum Blockchain network.

Next, a more practical aspect to the course will be added with a project wherein you’ll have to create a decentralized KYC verification process for banks using the Blockchain solution.

We again dive into theory with a module on setting up a private blockchain network using Hyperledger network. Hyperledger is a hub of sorts, hosted by the Linux Foundation, that aims to promote global collaboration for building blockchain frameworks. Topics in this module will include Architecture of Hyperledger Framework and the development and deployment of Smart Contract on this network.

Professional Certificate In Blockchain

  • The course will end with a capstone project which will involve the creation of an asset tracking system using thr Hyperledger framework. A Blockchain model will be created to track the assets shared between the Reliance Group of Industries.
  • The entire course, thus, will make you fluent in the theoretical and practical aspects of Ethereum and Hyperledger along with building up your basics. If you are looking for a start in the world of Blockchain, this course will more than make you ready.

Instructors and Experts

Learn from India’s leading Blockchain faculty and industry leaders

Applications of Blockchain Technology
Applications of Blockchain Technology
Below listed are 5 revolutionary uses of Blockchain:
  • Banks- transactions can reflect in as little as 10 minutes. Secure funds exchange.
  • Cryptocurrency- allows cryptocurrencies to operate without the need for a central, governing authority.
  • Healthcare- enables the secure storage of patient records with a private key so that they are accessible only to select individuals.
  • Property records- property ownership records can be verified and stored.
  • Smart contracts- computer codes that can act as a mediator in a contract agreement.
The upGrad Advantage
Strong hand-holding with dedicated support to help you master Blockchain.
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    Industry Mentors
    • Receive unparalleled guidance from industry mentors, teaching assistants, and graders
    • Receive one-on-one feedback on submissions and personalised feedbacks for improvement
    Student Success Mentors
    • A dedicated Success Mentors is allocated to each student so as to ensure consistent progress
    • Success Mentors are your single points of contact for all your non-academic queries
  • Q&A Forum
    • Timely doubt resolution by industry experts and peers
    • 100% expert verified responses to ensure quality learning
    Expert Feedback
    • Personalised expert feedback on assignments and projects
    • Regular live sessions by experts to clarify concept related doubts
  • upGrad BaseCamp
    • Fun-packed, informative, and career building workshops
    • Sessions by industry professionals and professors
    • Group activities with your peers and alumni
    Industry Networking
    • Live sessions by experts on various industry topics
    • One-on-one discussion and feedback sessions with industry mentors

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