Salary in Abroad After Business Analytics Course

    The popularity of the Business Analytics domain is increasing not just in India but also globally. They are pervasive in various industries and sectors all across the globe.

    Factors on which Business Analytics Course salary abroad depends

    Like any other industry, the remuneration of a Business Analytics professional primarily depends on the following factors:

    Educational qualification

    Earning a degree from a Tier 1 College could land up a higher salary as compared to the relatively lower tiers. Similarly, the level of education i.e. whether you have pursued a Master’s degree or a PhD./ Doctoral degree will command a better price in the market for you.

    For instance: the average starting salary for Business Analytics graduates of Carnegie Mellon University is $103,000 as compared to the typical Purdue University Business Analyst salary of $60,062 per year. Business Analyst salaries at Purdue University can range from $47,188 - $83,615 per year.


    Due to the cost of living across cities and countries, obviously, the geographical location of your posting impacts your salary.

    For instance: Berlin and Munich are among the top cities with good demand for business analytics professionals as compared to the other cities in Germany.

    Years of Experience

    The years of experience are another factor that is essential for determining how high up the salary ladder you will be when getting a job or changing companies. Typically, a fresher fetches a lower salary as compared to a professional with decent years of experience.

    GMAT Score

    There is a direct correlation between the GMAT scores and the base salary. The better your GMAT score, the better your chances of bagging a higher package

    Business Analytics Course Starting Salary abroad

    Some of the best destinations for Business Analysts include Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, etc. 

    BA Salary in Canada

    A Business Analyst in Canada can earn an average of INR 42 Lakhs annually. This may however vary depending on various factors like Work Experience, Education, etc

    BA Salary in the USA

    The USA is among the highest paying countries for Business Analysts. A Business Analyst can earn an average of INR 63 Lakhs annually in the USA. 

    BA in the UK

    Business Analysts in the UK can earn an average of INR 39 Lakhs per annum.  

    BA Salary in Australia

    Australia is one of the places which offer high salaries for Business Analysts with an average salary of INR 52 Lakhs per annum.

    BA Salary Singapore

    Business analysts in Singapore can earn an average of INR 30 Lakhs per annum

    Specialization wise Business Analytics Course Salary in abroad

    From Customer Relationship Management to Operations, from Research to Manufacturing, the use cases of Analytics and Data have left no stone unturned in leaving its impact, not just in India but across the globe.

    For instance: Big giants and MNCs like Morgan Stanley use Financial and Accounting Analytics to maneuver the financial planning insights, analyze retail spending, risk management, etc to make informed financial decisions.  

    1. Business Analytics Course - CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Salary in Abroad


    CRM Analysts usually play around the customer buying patterns, bucket cart data, etc. As per Indeed, the average salary of a Customer Relationship Management/ CRM Analyst is $105,831.

    2. Business Analytics Course: Finance/Accounting Salary in Abroad

    In the number-crunching world of accounting and finance, the average salary for a financial accountant analyst could be somewhere around $75k per year in the United States. And if you optimize your skill set, it could even go as high as $112k per year.

    3. Business Analytics Course: Marketing Analytics Salary in Abroad

    By measuring the metrics of the advertising campaigns, social media trends, etc, Marketing professionals globally drive their Marketing and Advertising strategies on the premise of the insights extracted from the analytics.

    The base salary for a Marketing Analyst is $62k per year in the United States.

    As per the Indeed reports, a well-known company Ecolab pays a base salary of $110,000 p.a. In the United States.


    4. Business Analytics Course: Operations Analytics Salary in Abroad

    Operations Analysts in the United States make an average salary of $68,000 per year, and it could go as high as $96,000 per year if you double down your experience.

    5. Business Analytics Course: Human Resource/People Analytics Salary in Abroad

    A Human Resource Analytics professional in the United States gets a remuneration of $100k per year salary package on average.

    While on the other hand, the salary of an HR Analyst in Europe ranges from somewhere between £25k to £43k. 

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