Sathyaraj Iyer on UpGrad’s Digital Marketing Program: ‘Stop Wishing, Start Working’

This article was published by Sathyaraj Iyer (UpGrad Digital Marketing program alumnus) on LinkedIn Pulse.
I’m an optimistic person and quite passionate about storytelling. When I joined Manipal Hospitals, my focus was on the ways to promote the services through IC Telemedicine Centers. While working there, I came up with a concept of creating a preventive health awareness drive for a healthy heart. With the support of my team, the campaign became viral and very successful. It got us our first entry into some of the famous world record books; which remains unbeaten till date.

Later on, I moved to eLearning division in The Manipal Group. I realized that I had very little understanding of the nuances of the various digital marketing tools. That’s when a senior suggested me to check out UpGrad’s Digital Marketing program. I usually take time to research and decide on something. So, I contacted some of the earlier graduates to take feedback and concluded that UpGrad was providing the best course in the domain.

Like most of us, I was apprehensive, if I’d be able to complete this program. But little did I know, that this lifetime learning experience would really go on to build a great digital marketer out of me. So much, that it would eventually give me the confidence to accept the invitation to become a Guest Faculty at School of Management, Manipal University to teach Marketing to MBA Students for a semester!

The most unique aspect of UpGrad is the student mentor (we call them our buddy). As part of it, you are assigned a student mentor who keeps track of your pace and monitors your progress, if or not you’re up to date with the module. To be frank, it was quite challenging for me to keep up with work and study at the same time. But, thanks to my student mentor team, they were always available to help me with the queries round the clock.

The in-video pop-up questions helped me in keeping my concentration intact. Case studies were the icing on the cake wherein we were given industry relevant challenges to solve & I loved this part. Additionally, regular TA sessions were hosted online, where I could go and get my queries cleared LIVE and listen to interesting questions raised by my peers (batch mates).

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I absolutely loved UpGrad’s Email Marketing and Content Marketing modules. Through Email Marketing, we can cleverly address people individually by name, and design specific topics only for a specific bucket and eventually arrive privately in their personal inbox. Learning this was very interesting for me. Michael Leander, CEO, Markedu who is an internationally acclaimed marketer, was our mentor and he took us on this topic very well.

Earlier I used to do a lot of cold calls with very little ROI. But after going through these modules, I mastered the art of scripting relevant emails and blogs. I have seen a steady increase in my sales, which can be attributed majorly to these 2 interesting topics, I came across in the program.

Real life case studies were boosters for me. I could clearly relate them to the problems I was facing as a marketer. It undeniably helped me come up with solutions to problems which initially seemed daunting.

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My goal was to be ahead of the pack and learn all I could, in the time I had. Now I am using this knowledge to help my team crack more business than before. Yes, it was not easy, but I really enjoyed doing this. Real knowledge comes only by experimenting and taking calculated risks. My next task is to source business from International markets like US, UK and Europe and I am very hopeful that the skills I developed through UpGrad’s Digital Marketing program will help me in achieving goals.

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On the learning platform, we have a community of batch mates. They post relevant content and also help out with the queries within minutes.

To summarize, I think that UpGrad has done in-depth research on framing these modules and it really lives up to the expectation. If you are genuinely interested to be a specialist in digital marketing you should really go for it. Even if you lack technical skills, eventually you will build them as you progress through the course.

All the best!

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What are some of the career options in digital marketing?

The main reason why most students and professionals are choosing to do a course in digital marketing is because of the versatility and career scope. After a digital marketing course, you can choose to become a content writer, SEO/SEM specialist, graphic designer, PPC specialist, social media manager, email marketing specialist or digital marketing manager. The field is extremely creative and will leave you spoilt for choice. The ROI of a digital marketing course is also great especially if you pursue it from a reputed university.

Is just a degree or certificate enough to become a digital marketer?

No, you don’t become a digital marketer just by getting a degree or certificate. Although theoretical knowledge will ensure you flourish in the industry, practical experience matters. Remember, the digital marketing industry is constantly emerging and evolving. Therefore, it is very important for you to have a strong passion for learning and discovering new things.

Once you get your digital marketing certificate, it is important to attend industry networking events including seminars, conferences and webinars. When you connect with like-minded individuals and industry thought leaders, you will be exposed better. It also gives you a chance to solve real-life scenarios. Another way to gain experience is by doing an internship alongside your training program and staying updated with the latest articles, blogs and newsletters. Always remember, a successful digital marketer never stops learning!

Who can pursue upGrad’s digital marketing program?

A major plus point of upGrad’s digital marketing program is that it’s for everyone. Whether you’re a student, professional or entrepreneur, you can pursue the program. The prerequisite to join any program is a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50% marks. If you’re someone who has great analytical, problem solving and communication skills, this field is definitely for you.

If you’re an IT professional who wishes to make the switch to digital marketing, you can explore the various short-term courses available too.

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