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How To Learn MBA At Comfort And Flexibility Of Your Time

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15th Jan, 2023
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How To Learn MBA At Comfort And Flexibility Of Your Time

Master’s in business Administration (MBA) is a post-graduation program that educates students about every aspect of a business. An MBA program ensures that the students are ready to face the corporate world. MBA holders can begin their careers in any of the sectors like Banking, Marketing, Pharmaceutical industries, Textile industries, Logistics etc.

An MBA is inevitable for aspirants who wish to climb the corporate ladder and earn competitive salaries. 

MBA holders have a good career growth graph. The jobs available to them span from an analyst at the entry level, Senior-analysts, Managers and Senior Managers at the mid level and CEO’s, CFO’s, Company’s Presidents and even Board Members at high level. The average salary of an MBA holder at the entry level is Rs. 290,000. It increases drastically with experience.

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How to learn MBA from home

Students and professionals who cannot afford to spend 2 years studying full-time MBA can opt to learn MBA from the comforts of their home. The options available to pursue MBA from home are: 

  1. Distance Learning programs
  2. Online MBA programs

1. Distance MBA Programs

Distance MBA can be acquired through remote communication between the institute and students. Distance MBA programs offered by recognized MBA institutes would be approved by UGC’s Distance Education Bureau (DEB). Distance MBA programs consist of 4 semesters.  

The curriculum includes various aspects of business administration such as applied statistics, accounting, human resources, business strategy, business law, business ethics, managerial economics, entrepreneurship, supply-chain management, logistics, and operational management. 

This is a 2 year program which the students may take 4 years to complete. The first year focuses on core subjects and the second year gives preference to the electives that the students choose which include finance, human resource, business management, healthcare management etc.  

Study material would be sent to students via courier service or by post. Students can read the books and other study material at home. It is a good practice for self-study. Students would need to submit assignments online. Semester-wise exams shall be conducted bi-annually or annually. 

The university communicates the dates and venue of the semester exams through email. Students must register for the exams and attend the exams. Upon successful completion of all the 4 semesters, an MBA certificate would be issued to students or professionals. 

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Who can apply for Distance MBA programs? 

  • Students
  • Working professionals
  • Home-makers 

All you need is a bachelor’s degree and should be able to meet course eligibility criteria. Those who find it hard to manage work, study and family can take advantage of the distance study programs to learn MBA from home

“Qualitative education is crucial. Correspondence courses are convenient for working executives. There is no financial instability for the candidate or the requirement for geographical relocation,” says Anuradha Manjul, public relations officer, IIM Lucknow.

Eligibility criteria for Distance MBA 

  • The candidate should have completed a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. 
  • Some institutes provide admission to Distance MBA based on the results of competitive exams such as Management Aptitude Test (MAT), Common Admission Test (CAT), Common Management Admission Test (CMAT), etc. 
  • Various institutes conduct their own entrance exams for admission to distance MBA programs. 

Benefits of Distance MBA 

  • Skill enhancement – Students acquire managerial and technological skills required to manage an organization. 
  • Cost effective – Distance MBA programs are reasonably priced. There is no transportation cost and no tuition fee since it is self-study. 
  • Flexibility – Students can set their own study hours without compromising on their work.
  • Time management – Students develop an ability to multi-task and would be able to manage their time effectively. 
  • Industry relevant curriculum – The curriculum is designed as per the industry requirements to ensure there is no gap between the theoretical courses and the practical applications in the industry. 

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2. Online MBA Programs

An Online MBA program is similar to a full-time MBA course except the classes are conducted on online platforms. The students can attend classes from the comforts of their homes. They are required to login to a learning management system (LMS) platform through which teachers conduct classes. The students experience face-to-face interaction with their lecturers without actually going to the campus. 

Online MBA programs are designed to provide core or a standard curriculum to be covered in the first year. The second year focuses on elective subjects that the students would choose. The electives include finance, human resource development, Marketing, logistics, business analytics etc.

This is a 2-year program where students attend classes and submit assignments online. The students appear for semester-wise exams online and upon completion of all the four semesters, an MBA certificate would be issued to them. 

Who can apply to Online MBA Programs? 

  • Students
  • Working professionals 
  • Home- makers 

 Students who cannot afford full-time MBA courses can avail Online MBA courses at a much affordable price and can study while at home or even outdoors if they have internet connectivity. Working professionals who cannot give up their job to pursue MBA would be benefited from Online MBA programs since they classes are conducted at flexible timings. These classes do not interfere with the person’s work life.  Professionals can attend these classes after their working hours. 

Home-makers who cannot attend classes on-campus will be able to take up online classes and learn MBA from home.  

Eligibility criteria for Online MBA

  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institute. 
  • Some colleges consider MBA entrance exam scores like CAT, MAT, CMAT, etc. 

Benefits of Online MBA

  • Accessibility – Students can access online lectures from anywhere. Students choose their study locations that suit their learning style. 
  • Flexibility – Virtual classes would be conducted at flexible timings hence, students need not compromise on their work schedules. 
  • Technology – Online programs provide access to syllabus, study material, textbooks and assignments in the digital format which eliminates the risk of misplacing books and study materials. They are always available in the virtual learning system. 
  • Placement Assistance- Some institutes have begun to offer placement assistance to their Online MBA students. The institutes conduct mock interview sessions which familiarize students with the interview processes which include written aptitude tests, hr and technical interviews. 
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With Distance and Online MBA courses, learning MBA is an achievable dream for MBA aspirants. 

Distance and Online MBA degree holders can expand their business perspective and improve their chances of getting promoted to senior positions in their company, thereby providing them with a chance of a more comfortable life. 

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