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What is Future Scope of Computer Science? Job Roles, Salary

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9th Jun, 2021
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What is Future Scope of Computer Science? Job Roles, Salary

Computer Science is a popular and exciting subject that emphasizes the core elements of computer programming, networking, and futuristic technology. Aspirants all across India and abroad opt for a degree program in Computer Science at either undergraduate or post-graduate level. CS inculcates information system management through knowledge, design ideation, and IT development. 

Automation, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and digital platforms are some of the recent advancements in the world that have refined the scope of computer science. This has marked the beginning of a seismic shift, further generating numerous opportunities in computer science to bridge the gap between humans and machines. 

Since technology is an ever-improving industry, staying updated with the latest concepts can be pretty challenging. However, both students and working professionals can upgrade themselves through advanced courses, post-graduate programs, and online learning. 

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Although a career in Computer Science is challenging, it is also exciting and rewarding as it involves creating systems and innovative technologies that can impact people globally. From PCs or mobile phones, or the internet and social media, to home automation and mobile payments, computer science professionals have contributed to the world in countless ways. Innovations such as smartphones, surveillance cameras, hearing aids, intelligent kitchen appliances, IoT devices, etc., play a significant role in our day-to-day life. When it comes to websites and eCommerce, several popular websites and apps have simply changed how we travel, shop, order food, communicate, date, find a job, maintain fitness or make payments.

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The Perpetual Demand for Computer Science Graduates 

Businesses in almost every sector rely upon technology for business operations, management and communication, recruitments, accounting, marketing and branding, and database management. This creates a demand gap for educated professionals proficient in software development, web designing, information technology, networking, and database management. This substantial demand for competent candidates has unlocked newer, high-paying avenues for highly skilled aspirants with a computer science background. 

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The demand for IT professionals is ever-increasing, and so is the struggle of companies to fill these vacant positions. Since computer professionals are more likely to immigrate to developed countries, India is struggling with brain drain. This further creates a challenge for companies in India for talent acquisition, pushing them to offer increased salary packages and better perks. However, IT professionals are in demand in India and abroad, with a wide spectrum of job opportunities to choose from. This makes computer science one of the most sought-after subjects among students in college. 

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Future Scope And Investments In Computer Science

Computer Science courses, particularly degree programs, release a plethora of career opportunities in the IT sector. Companies and organisations from various industry sectors are on a constant lookout for brilliant, innovative, and academic CS degree holders. Industries with high IT expert demand are the IT sector itself, Engineering & Manufacturing, Automobile, Content Industry, Sales & Marketing companies, Education Sector, Healthcare and Media Houses. 

Newer technologies are evolving every minute. This not only makes it critical to stay updated with the advanced technology for the companies but also essential for candidates to upgrade themselves. A working professional in the IT industry, for instance, can upgrade himself with a Master’s in CS and secure a better job position in a better company. Candidates now also have career prospects in new avenues related to the latest technologies such as Machine Learning, Data Science, Blockchain Development, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Cloud and Big Data, Data Mining, Mobile app development, and Internet of Things (IoT). Computer science job opportunities are projected to grow, and better rewards and pay rates are also offered.

Since all segments of a company such as operations, production, management, finance, supply chain, marketing, database, human resource, and security rely on technology for streamlined processes, the future scope of computer science cannot be challenged. 

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Invest in your Career

Climbing up the corporate ladder on an experiential basis in the computer science field can be lengthy, challenging, and sometimes look unrealistic. This field takes more than merely the years you put in. Irrespective of your professional background and career goals, a computer science degree is the new industry standard for a rewarding and gratifying career. 

However, a master’s degree in CS can result in a substantial hike in the salary package of an IT expert with a Bachelor’s Degree. With a Masters degree, a candidate earns 28% more in their job tenure, making the degree an excellent investment with attractive return monetised over a lifetime. upGrad’s Master of Science in Computer Science, for instance, often lets the learners obtain 66% salary hike after the course completion. But if you are worried about your current job, pursuing advanced education no longer means a career break or sabbatical. With an investment of Rs. 3,75,000, and spending 12 hours per week online, candidates get to save both money and time. Now learners can choose to chase a master’s degree while retaining their current job position. They directly benefit from their newly completed course with a job promotion and career betterment. 

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What Job Roles Do You Get With A Computer Science Degree?

A Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Science lays the foundation for in-demand jobs with fundamental and advanced IT skills that make success inevitable. Here are the top job roles for computer science degree holders:

1. System Database Administrator

System Database Administrator plans the structure of the database, administers, tests, and runs the system database, safeguards the information and troubleshoots as and when required, and oversees the overall performance of the database. 

2. Computer Programmer

Since coding is a significant part of computer science, a computer programmer develops operating systems, websites, and mobile apps using programming language codes. Certified and skilled programmers are always in high demand in the IT sector. 

3. Data Warehouse Analyst

For data management, collection, and mining, Data Warehouse Analyst is a dedicated job role. The responsibilities of a data warehouse analyst also include helping the company utilise and benefit from the stored information in the data warehouse. 

4. Software Developer

A Software Developer develops, tests, and runs computer applications and software programs. They also create software upgrades. Often interchanged with the Software Engineer profile, the candidate also evaluates the software program for improvement considering the user needs. 

5. Research Analyst

A job role for documenting data, conducting surveys and research, and online information collection is coined as Research Analyst. Organisations from various sectors hire a research analyst, although the job title may vary. 

6. Data Scientist

Data scientists are responsible for creating and storing databases by analysing and processing the data and data modelling for analytical processes for creating actionable plans for the benefit of their organisation. 

7. Web Developer

Development and testing of web pages using codes is the primary role of a web developer. Web developers are also responsible for backing up the website, updating the content, modifying the design, and improving the UI. 

8. Database Administrator 

CS job scope comprises the role of a Database Administrator– responsible for handling and upholding the organization’s files, ensuring optimal efficiency, protection, and dependability. The duties of a DBA consist of developing, installing, and supervising database platforms, identifying issues, and cooperating with teams from multiple departments to meet the organization’s data requirements. 

9. Information Security Analyst 

An information Security Analyst is a specialist who protects a company’s computer networks, systems, and information from cyber-attacks and risks. The scope in CS as an Information Security Analyst enables an individual to manage the responsibility of data security. 

10. Applications Developer 

Applications Developer creates, builds, and maintains software programs. These applications may include desktop programs, apps for mobile devices, web-based programs, and elaborate software systems utilized by enterprises and companies. 

11. UI/UX Engineer 

UI/UX Engineer is responsible for designing electronic products that are visually appealing, easy to use, and accessible. The scope of CSE with UI/UX specialization requires a combined knowledge of graphic design, the field of psychology, and computer science expertise to guarantee that websites and apps provide a compelling and straightforward user interface. 

12. Business Intelligence Analyst 

A Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst is a specialist who turns information into ideas that help the company make strategic choices. BI analysts utilize statistical analysis, visualizing data, and data modeling software to better understand company operations and possibilities. 

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How Much Salary to Expect with a degree in Computer Science?

A high salary range is one of the most appealing aspects of a degree in Computer Science. Right from the entry-level, a career in computer science positions is gratifying and rewarding. There’s a perpetual need for technical experts in every sector of industry and domain. This surge in employer demand has prepared organisations and corporate houses to shell out high salaries and provide lucrative benefits to their technical staff.  The salary range is quite wide for computer science jobs, varying based on degree level, position, and experience.

The average salary for a Master in Computer Science Degree holder is roughly ₹1,284,107. However, for an undergraduate degree holder, the median salary per annum is around ₹830,831. This variation is purely accounted for the degree level of the candidate. A master’s degree unlocks broader job prospects and a substantial pay scale even at entry-level. 

Why is Upskilling Critical For a Career Boost?

For IT professionals, there is a constant need to upskill themselves. This helps them meet up with the ever-improving technologies and catch up with the latest inventions for value addition to their company. There are several technical concepts that a candidate might not have covered at the time of pursuing their graduation, such as Data Science, Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning which are relatively newer advancements. Upgrading helps these working professionals up their game and race with the machines, securing their career in this rewarding field that can sometimes be cruel to employees that have gone out of the ark. In this competitive world, countless highly skilled professionals are preparing to replace the existing workforce unless they up-skill themselves. Change is inevitable, and ignoring instead of embracing it can prove fatal for a technical career.

Technology is evolving by leaps and bounds, and one can barely predict what the next invention would be. This is another reason for up-skilling, particularly in Computer Science – it opens up plenty of industry opportunities.  

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The computer science job scope is extensive and dynamic, representing the technological sector’s rapid improvements and changing needs. The discipline provides a wide range of job opportunities– from constructing advanced software systems and defending networks against cyber attacks to developing user interfaces that are easy to use and deriving useful information from large data. The scope of CSE not only promises a wide variety of skills and passions but also underscores the critical role that IT experts play in driving innovation and enhancing efficiency. 


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