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8 Practical Benefits & Advantages of Taking up Part-time MBA Course

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29th Nov, 2019
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8 Practical Benefits & Advantages of Taking up Part-time MBA Course

Management has always been a rewarding career path, and the MBA has always been the most sought-after course for it. Most professionals who are at the entry-level jobs would hesitate to pursue management education due to the fear of their existing jobs getting affected. There are multiple advantages of doing an MBA. Thanks to the many b-schools that offer a part-time MBA in India with the help of the Internet. Students can now take on an MBA along with their current positions. Below are eight advantages of considering a part-time MBA.

Benefits of Part-Time MBA

1. Changing Career Paths

You might be into the IT field doing the technical stuff, and your interests might be in leadership, strategy, HR or Finance. MBA can serve as a passport to your desired career. For example, if you do an MBA in finance, you can go to fields like investment banking, stock advisory etc. If you pursue an MBA in HR, you have a chance to go back to your company as an HR manager. Read more about the career options after MBA.

2. Career Growth in Existing Career Path

As you go up in a career, you are expected to have qualities of leadership and ownership. Every other field of job needs people with vision, strategy, leadership and management skills. Whichever area you may be in right now, doing management education can boost your career to higher levels.

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For this doing a part-time MBA is best as it can keep your experience in your current profile, keep your income flowing while you can apply for higher positions. 

3. Increasing Your Earning Capacity

There is a myth that part-time MBA doesn’t help you much. If you have a part-time with relevant experience, you can always outshine your competitor who has applied for the same position. So a part-time MBA and your domain experience will always add up to your benefit.

4. Equivalent to Full-Time MBA

Though the medium of instruction might differ, the curriculum and the course structure are the same as part-time MBA. Of course, there a few organisation that doesn’t value part-time, but on a large scale, there are several companies that value your qualification and management skills you have obtained through part-time MBA.

5. Flexible and Convenient Timings

The duration and timings of a part-time MBA are quite flexible compared to a full-time MBA. Many part-time MBA allows the use of online resources so that you can choose your convenient schedule and attend the course as per your convenience. 

6. Earning While Learning

Part-time MBA allows you to work while you are learning as a student. In may cases employed may encourage you to pursue such a course so that you advance in the career, enhance your capabilities and become eligible for the next level. 

7. Admission Criteria and Requirements

Full-time MBA has a lot of stringent standards and conditions for admissions, including an entrance exam. When you have experience in the industry, securing a spot for a part-time MBA is much easier as compared to a full-time MBA. Most part-time MBA program call you for a direct interview if you have around seven years of experience or more. Others might ask for the scores of entrance exams like XAT, GMAT etc.

8. Professional Networking Opportunities

Most people come to part-time MBA programs with the ambition to make a significant leap in career. With your peers being from your domain, you get a chance to interact and network with the industry leaders who have exceptional experience than you. This serves as an opportunity not only to learn cutting edge skills but also to create more visibility into career opportunities. 


We hope this article could clarify your doubts on part-time MBA and the benefits of it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1 What are part-time MBA courses?

Part-time MBA programs offer flexible timings in classes alongside a full-time job. They are also focused on teaching how you can apply business skills and theories to the real-world. Part-time MBA courses offer a great opportunity to earn a master’s degree in business as these courses are designed for working adults. Classes can be offered at convenient times such as on the weekends or for you to attend online pre-recorded sessions. Online sessions offer more sophisticated delivery methods and perfectly suit busy professionals.

2Should I consider part-time MBA courses?

Part-time MBA is great for you if you want to work while studying. It is also highly suitable for you in your mid-career. It is not a viable option to leave a full time and a well paying job to get back to studying. This is exactly where part-time MBAs come into the picture for you. Part-time MBAs increase your chances of rising faster in the professional set up. You will be better at commanding higher positions, more responsibilities, and lucrative salaries. So if you are looking for the security of your job salary alongside a whole new chapter of an MBA course, then you could consider part-time MBAs.

3What can I expect from part-time MBA courses?

You can expect myriads of benefits from part-time MBAs. You can live the same standard of living as you will continue working. Part-time MBA will make you manage your time better as you will be compelled to juggle around with course sessions, assignments, online meetings, and much more. You will be able to grow your career better and simultaneously earn money. You will receive global exposure and a whole new platform of the curriculum. You can network with like-minded people. You can expect to grow your business, personality, and spectrum of networking at your pace.

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