3 Essential Ways to Prepare Yourself for the Jobs of the Future

Ever since technology dawned and started progressing, the job market has been changing and progressing rapidly along with it. The concept of a remote worker and freelancer- which was unheard of even just 10 years back- is all the rage right now. Technology has given people the power and the flexibility to do quality work from wherever they are. It has also quickened the pace of change since the internet is continuously changing in terms of what’s in demand/ popular/ needed. Read more if you want to learn about popular/in-demand career paths.

Even if you have a ‘stable, traditional’ job now, 5 years down the line you might have to run your own one-person or 10-people company. Both due to livelihood and a strong desire to do so. 

How do you stay on top of such changes? How do you prepare to make the best of every opportunity presented to you? Here’s how:

Grow your skills

Even if you are working as a historian or a librarian, you need to be growing your skills. You cannot rely on your present job to feed you for your entire life. So, whatever skills you are interested in- be it writing, photography, graphic design, website design watercolor painting, etc.- take it up and get good at it. There are a lot of free courses and paid ones as well if you want to take things up a notch.

It’s not about switching careers just because you are changing a field, but, being able to catch the best wave, the best opportunity should it arrive. Even if your skill doesn’t look after you full time now, it can generate an additional income. Not to mention, your brain will grow, become more creative, and stay sharp in the process of acquiring new skills.

Learn how to market yourself

This isn’t just about the fancy campaigns that run at large enterprises. Essentially, everyone ever does is marketing. The kind of clothes you wear, how you hold yourself, what you tell about yourself- it’s all coming out in front of people to form the ‘brand’ of you.

At a personal level, learn about the formal marketing that companies have departments for. And also learn about how to market yourself well as an individual- through your clothes, your communication skills, your social skills, your ability to recognize opportunities. Learn how to introduce yourself. Discover your USP and then learn how to communicate it effectively. Build and grow your profile on relevant social networks (LinkedIn in this case).

Become a master

Now, ‘master’ might seem like a too-out-there word. Like a bar that’s too high to aim for. In reality, it’s the perfect one because only when you aim for mastery, will you fall somewhere close enough to it.

And why it is important to develop mastery? To stand out. To have a niche and to be the best thing ever in that after God himself. Your experience and knowledge should be wide in both depth and breadth. Being an expert in the field also makes you the automatic go-to for any project. Get additional training or mentoring to reach these levels. They will benefit your long-term.

The above 3 ways are seemingly simple. But when they are put in action, the wheels start moving and your career- the truly long-term and sustainable kind- starts taking off. Also, it’s better to be 10 steps ahead of the future. You never know when it could morph into the present and change things forever.

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