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Top Microsoft Interview Questions & Answers in 2024

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19th Nov, 2022
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Top Microsoft Interview Questions & Answers in 2024

Microsoft is an American multinational tech company most famous for providing the world with revolutionary products like Windows and several web browsers. Microsoft is listed as one of the top five largest companies in the world, making it an exceptional place for people of all ages to seek career opportunities from across the globe.

Microsoft’s corporate motto is “to aid people and businesses realize their fullest potential worldwide.” This statement tells that Microsoft presents its products as tools that various people and companies can utilize for continuous growth. If you share the same values and wish to become a part of this global name, this blog will assist you.

Keep reading to find the most relevant and important Microsoft interview questions you can go through to solidify your chances of getting hired!

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Questions and Answers from a Microsoft Interview

Let’s look at some of the commonly asked questions from Microsoft Interviews. These questions will allow you to hone the required practice for your Microsoft interview preparation.

1. Why do you want to choose Microsoft as your workplace?

The Microsoft interview process features brain teasers. A question that is asked to every candidate is why they choose to work in the company. Having a confident response that includes their passion for the role and information about the work culture can be expressed in your answer.

A good response can include how much you love Microsoft for bringing in the best products in the market and that you would be honored to work alongside the world’s leading tech company. You can talk about how Microsoft nurtures teamwork and collaboration, which helps the company achieve its goals. Express how working with like-minded people can help you grow in your field. Make sure you’ve done enough homework, surfing through the company values, requirements and achievements to include details in your answer which reflect your willingness to join the team. 

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2. Mention some qualities that you possess for this role.

Interviewers are always looking for character representations that come in hand with the role of your choice. Mention your best qualities that will distinguish you from others for the opportunity.

A response can include that you have strong communication and interpersonal skills. You can’t stress how communication is key to productivity and that you have strong communication skills for being an effective employee and team player. Try highlighting your skills, which also happen to be what the company is looking for in their job opening. 

3. Tell us about your past experiences.

This is a common question recruiters ask to know about your experience in the role. They want to know if your past experiences are similar to the needs of the role you are applying for. 

A sample response can include your experience working in a similar role for years. Let’s say you’re specialised in constructing data sets and algorithms. You can talk about gaining a lot of knowledge and expertise working in that role, which has helped you explore innovative solutions while testing and debugging code.

You should also talk about the languages you can code in, like C or C++ and your knowledge of computer fundamentals which help you in solving broad computing problems. Adding a few of your past projects can be an added benefit to highlighting your working style. 

4. Tell us something about yourself.

Consider focusing on your skills, abilities, and past experiences, as interviewers like to know what you can “bring to the table” Therefore, show excitement and answer authoritatively that Microsoft can rely on you.

For example, you can go with this example, 

“I am a result-oriented person who firmly believes in gradual progress. I also believe that a reputed company like Microsoft can provide me with such opportunities. Having prior experience in similar workspaces allowed me to gain knowledge and understanding. This makes me a good match for the job description. In addition, my past managers have given me positive feedback on my past work, which shows that I’m a competent candidate for working at Microsoft.”

5. Tell us about a time when you took a risk while working.

The work culture at Microsoft rewards people who are more likely to take risks and stay on top of things. Therefore, it’s wise to avoid negative situations. Starting with a bad predicament means exposing your weaknesses to the hiring manager. 

A good response to this question can be something like this, 

“Once, while working on a project with a close deadline, I encountered a problem that required my colleague’s attention. Therefore, I worked over the weekends and not only finished my own project before the deadline but also helped my co-worker by fixing his problem. Additionally, this also helped the organization to avert losses.”

This answer demonstrates your flexibility and flaunts your strengths as a capable team player. 

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6. Describe some of your accomplishments. 

Keep in mind that Microsoft is always on the hunt for only the best candidates with the most impressive histories. Therefore use this chance to mention your strengths related to the job position you’re seeking. 

For example, 

“I was really delighted working as an app developer in my last job. I worked for two years and was instructed to create a fitness application. This application eventually allowed the company to grow as well as generate more revenue. This was a huge thing not only for me but also for the entire company.”

7. How do you update your skills? 

The hiring manager generally asks this question to assess how much effort you put in to keep up with relevant skills. The best way to answer is to expand on the current system that you’re using to learn new techniques in your current field. An informative straightforward answer will make you seem more professional to the hiring managers. 

A good example of an answer to this question would be,

“I think keeping up with the latest advancements in this particular technological niche is critical. I like taking full advantage of all the available resources relevant to my field. Apart from reading relevant books and keeping myself updated, I’m also doing an online course to enhance my current skills. These online courses allow me to study anytime, anywhere.”

8. Why must a company use TCP protocols?

Besides checking your behavioral abilities, Microsoft has a plethora of technical questions to test your hard skills. A thorough revision before your interview session would ensure you have the right answer for any such instance. 

A potential answer to this question would be;

“TCP is one of the best internet protocol suite types. You can recover any lost file or data using TCP, which cannot be done using older versions of internet protocol suites. Let’s go over the reasons why people and companies prefer the TCP protocol:

  • TCP is an independent platform that does not rely on other platforms to exchange data. This makes it best for end-users who want to maintain their privacy at work.  
  • TCP is much faster and more efficient in handling transmission errors than other types of protocols.
  • TCP does not affect your existing packages if you want to add or remove networks. 
  • TCP provides a good backup against data failure. ”

9. How do you allocate and release memory while coding using C++?

The interviewer asks this type of question to assess your technical knowledge of programming languages. Typically, while using C++, the delete operator is used for deallocating memory, whereas the new operator is used to allocate new data. 

For example, 

int value=val;                

delete value; 

int *ar=val[10];       

delete []ar; 

10. What’s a Rich text format?

This is another technical question that you might encounter during a Microsoft interview. To ace this question, simply tell the definition of a Rich text format to the hiring manager. 

An example answer to this question is,

“Rich text format refers to a type of file format that enables us to move text files and graphic files between two different word processors from two different operating systems. For example, you can create a file using ms excel in Windows XP and save it using the rich text format while sending it to another user using WordPerfect 6.0 and Windows 10. Rich text format allows you to do this.”  

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Microsoft is a dream company for a lot of people to work in, and it requires a lot of effort. Be sure that you possess all the relevant skills to pass the Microsoft interview process. We hope this blog helps you to understand what types of questions you can expect while preparing for Microsoft interviews. Enroll yourself in upGrad’s tailored course to help you crack a job at Microsoft. 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What’s a template in Microsoft?

It is referred to as the skeleton or structure of a document. For example, you can use a template to create styles in boilerplate texts, headers, footers, etc.

2What does an ‘include’ file mean?

Typically, an include file refers to a data file integrated into a program file when used. However, these types of files must be used to store important information such as card details and passwords.

3What does the word COM mean?

COM is a short abbreviation for Component Object Model. It’s modern technology that allows you to take full advantage of the services offered by Microsoft.