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MS in the UK for Indian Students: Top Universities, Fees, Eligibility, Career Scope

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12th Feb, 2023
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MS in the UK for Indian Students: Top Universities, Fees, Eligibility, Career Scope


Thousands of students from India go abroad every year to pursue their Master’s degree in another country, and the UK is one of the most common choices among students from other countries who want to pursue their Master’s. With a stellar 500,000 international students being admitted to various universities in the UK every year, the country is also famous amongst Indian graduates who want to pursue their post-graduate degrees abroad. 

Most universities in the UK have a 2-3 years long, full-time Master’s course. These come in the form of course-based programs, research-based programs, or a combination. There is also an abundance of courses and specialisations to choose from. The cost of pursuing this degree can vary between 15 lakh to 30 lakh INR. 

If you also want to pursue your Master’s degree in the UK, then here are the best universities for MS in UK for Indian students

Why Should You Pursue a Master’s in the UK? 

There are many reasons for graduate students to pursue their Master’s degree in the UK. 

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  • Some of the best universities in the world are situated in the UK. Here students can get accustomed to the rich academic history while pursuing their own education. 
  • The UK also has a lot of grants and scholarships for international students. 
  • The study programs and research opportunities are vast in the UK. The syllabus is curated to be one of the best in the world. 
  • Having an MS degree from the UK also increases the future career scopes of the student. The average base salary for students who have gotten their MS degree from the UK is about 34,92,523 INR (35,000 GBP). It also increases by almost 40% within a few years of actively working in the industry.

Best Universities for Masters in UK for Indian Students 

The United Kingdom has some of the best universities in the world in terms of curriculum, faculty, research scopes, and resources. So, if you want to pursue your Master’s degree there, here are the best UK universities for MS to look into. 

1. University of Cambridge 

The University of Cambridge is one of the most well-known education centres worldwide, with a rich history dating back to its foundation in 1209. It offers courses like Master of Finance, Corporate Law, MPhil in Economics, Computer Science, and many more. The average cost of completing a Master’s degree from the University of Cambridge is about 28,93,804 INR (29,000 GBP). 

2. University of Oxford 

The University of Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world and the second oldest worldwide. Founded in 1096, the University still stands as one of the most prolific in the world in terms of successful students and amazing coursework. There are plenty of Master’s courses offered by this university to choose from, Like Law, Finance, Taxation and many more. The average cost of studying Master’s at the University of Oxford is about 23,44,979 INR (23,500 GBP). 

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3. King’s College London 

Situated in the heart of London, this University has saved a place in the UK’s top 10 universities (QS World Ranking of 2021). Not only does the University has a great history and fantastic curriculum, but it also offers special scholarships to Indian students. Students can also choose from the vast array of specialisations for their masters, including Ancient History, CS, International Marketing, and more. The average cost of getting a Master’s degree from King’s College London is about 20,95,513 INR (21,000 GBP). 

4. Imperial College London 

The Imperial College London was founded in 1987 and is only about 35 years old. Even though it’s much newer than most universities on this list, the education centre offers some amazing courses and scholarships to international students every year. You can choose from many Master’s courses, including Business Analytics and Strategic Marketing. The average cost of studying Master’s at Imperial College London is around 31,93,163 INR (32,000 GBP). 

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5. University College London 

The University College London is ranked as the 8th best university in the world, and a lot of the credit goes to its exceptional post-graduate and Master’s programs. Along with fantastic coursework and faculty, UCL stands out amongst its competition with its vast collection of practical research-based courses and also taught degrees. The average cost of studying at UCL for a Master’s degree is about 17,96,154 INR (18,000 GBP), and it offers many management and banking courses as well. 

6. University of Edinburgh 

The University of Edinburgh is situated in Scotland and has a prolific history that it upholds with its impressive Master’s coursework, complete with course-based and research-based degrees. They offer many courses that International students can choose from. You can take your pick from the many Finance, Accounting, and Management courses. The average cost of completing a Master’s degree here is about 25,44,552 INR (25,500 GBP). 

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7. University of Warwick 

The University of Warwick was founded in 1965 and currently serves as one of the best public research universities in the country. Not only is the goal of this university to make higher education prevalent in the UK, but they also want to engage international students in their plethora of post-graduate programs as well. You can choose from Data Analytics, Journalism and many more Master’s specialisations offered by this university. The average base cost of earning a Master’s degree from the University of Warwick is about 23,44,979 INR (23,500 GBP). 

8. University of Manchester 

Founded in 2004 and the youngest university on the list, the University of Manchester is another public research university that offers amazing courses to international students for Master’s degrees. The university also has one-year MS courses for international students. You can get a Master’s degree in AI, Commercial Project Management, Criminology, Creative Writing, and many more. The average cost of getting an MS degree from the University of Manchester is about 23,44,979 INR (23,500 GBP). 

Eligibility for MS in UK for Indian Students 

In order to get admission into any of the universities mentioned above, or in the many others that offer MS courses for Indian students, there are a few eligibility criteria that you have to fulfil. 

  • To apply for a Master’s degree in a UK university, a student must have a Bachelor’s degree in a related field with a minimum of 60% to 75% marks. 
  • Some of the Master’s courses in the UK also require the students to have GRE/GMAT scores. 
  • Any international student, including Indian students, must have excellent English language proficiency to apply for a Master’s degree in the UK. 
  • Some universities also require students to have work experience in the field, especially in Management courses. 
  • If the student is looking to get admission into one of the research-based programs, they also have to have proper research proposals for admission. 
  • Depending on the program, the students might also have to go through an interview round before being accepted into the university. 

Here is a list of the necessary documents students need to have while seeking admission to one of the UK universities for their Master’s program. 

  • A statement of purpose for the UK. 
  • Scanned documents and transcripts from all the educational institutes they have previously attended, along with English translations for non-English documents and transcripts. 
  • Letters of Recommendation from their previous academic fields. 
  • Student visa. 
  • Personal statement. 
  • Resume and previous work experience certificate (if necessary). 

Career Scope for Indian Students with MS from the UK 

One of the main reasons why students aim for a Master’s degree in the UK is the great career opportunities they offer. A student can generally get a job that pays about 35,000 GBP per year (translates to almost 35 lakh INR) after graduating with a UK Master’s degree. 

An Executive MBA degree is one of the highest-paying Master’s courses in the UK. But other fields, especially Management and CS-related fields, are not far behind. A Master’s in Finance and an LLM degree can also land you a high-paying job. 

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The Imperial College of London, Kings College London, and University College London are amongst some of the best universities in terms of job placement and high salaries. 

After acquiring your degree, you can also stay behind in the UK with a Post-Study Work visa for two years and work in a related field to gain experience. 


The UK is one of the best countries for Indian students to visit for their Master’s studies. The country offers some of the best resources and research opportunities to students in the world. With the right set of skills and a strong candidature, applying won’t be tough. So map out your options and apply now!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1How much does a Master's degree in the UK cost for Indian students?

A Master's degree from the UK can cost an Indian student anywhere from 20,000-35,000 GBP (20- 35 lakh INR).

2What is the expected salary for students with a Master's degree from a UK University?

The basic average salary for Indian students with a Master's degree from the UK is about 35,000 GBP per annum (35 lakh INR). But it can vary from course to course.

3What are some of the best UK universities that offer Master's degrees to Indian students?

Some of the best universities that offer Master's courses to Indian students in the UK are the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, Kings College London, Imperial College London, etc