UpGrad Trends to Tend [October 2018]

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UpGrad Trends to Tend - Chapter 1 [October 2018]

According to a report by Livemint, salaries of information technology services engineers have rapidly increased by almost 40%. The rising global demand for cloud computing solutions, data analytics and digital technologies has fuelled the rise and it is believed to stay. More computer science students are now preferring non-IT firms as they are offering higher salaries. The report also mentions that IT firms have increased the intake from Tier-II & Tier-III colleges to maintain their average input costs.

UpGrad Trends to Tend - Chapter 1 [October 2018]

Here are the top 5 emerging jobs – Machine Learning Engineer, Application Development Analyst, Back End Developer, Full Stack Engineer, Data Scientist. According to LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs: India report, upskilling is now getting more important than ever. It says the shift in thinking needs to involve hiring for skills, rather than hiring for job title. The report suggests that employee learning and development is a better solution for both – employee and the company.

UpGrad Trends to Tend - Chapter 1 [October 2018]

Tata Consultancy Services, one of the biggest recruiters from Indian engineering institutes, has almost doubled the entry-level salary for engineers having digital skills. According to a TOI report, TCS is offering a starting salary of 6.5 lakhs to freshers having digital skills while the average entry-level salary in the IT sector has been 3.5 lakhs for last decade. TCS is introducing an online National Qualifier Test (NQT) – the best performing candidates will get an opportunity to take a shot at the digital skills-based examination.

UpGrad Trends to Tend - Chapter 1 [October 2018]

Machine Learning, Big Data Engineering and Data Sciences are some of the most sought-after fields these days, yet many are confused between them. Abhinav Rai from UpGrad makes it simpler in an interview with Analytics India Magazine – he breaks each of these fields into their core processes and the skills required to pursue them. He says, “If you’re one of those looking to jump to any of these fields, there’s just one keyword for you to remember: Upskill”
That small step:

Technology is not the impediment anymore. Technology exists to be able to take data, mine it and get insights out of it.

– Xavier Kurian, Dell EMC

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