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All you need to know about Google’s June 2021 update

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25th Aug, 2021
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All you need to know about Google’s June 2021 update

Every time people hear about Google releasing new updates, they become anxious about how those updates will affect their business and the customers in their market. Google had announced its last update back in December.

The Google update 2021 in June mainly deals with the user experience of a webpage through the core web vitals.  Google Search will no longer use accelerated mobile pages badge icons but most websites will not undergo any significant changes due to the Google algorithm change.

What is a Google Core Update?

Core Updates, as they are called by Google are significant changes in Google’s ranking algorithm that is responsible for creating the search results. While minor updates are rolled out by Google everyday, the Core Updates are the ones that stir-up the business sectors and their Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). While the last core update was announced by Google in December 2020, the current update was announced in June 2021.

All about the June Core Update and the next one

Like any other core update, the latest Google update in June was a global one, not specific to any language, region or website category. It classifies as a classic broad core update that Google releases every few months. 

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Google announced that it will release another core update immediately in July. Google cited that the reason for pushing out two updates one after another was that the company’s planned enhancements to its June 2021 update is not yet ready to be released.  So, they decided to roll out with the parts that were ready in June and pushed the rest to next month for the July 2021 update.   

What to Expect from the Updates?

Like any other Google algorithm update, your website ranking may either go up or down or remain stable. But if your business is affected by the June 2021 update, there is a chance that the impact may reverse itself with the July 2021 update. Google shared that most websites will most likely not see any significant changes from the updates but SEO’s who manage several sites may see many changes in their Google search results.  

Major past Google Updates

The most recent previous core update was the one rolled out in December 2020 and the one before that was in May 2020. The December update was bigger and broader than the May update which took a couple of weeks to entirely roll out. 

The earlier core update was in January 2020 and the one prior to that was in September 2019. The September update appeared weak to many webmasters and SEO’s as it didn’t exhibit the same impact as the as its preceding core updates. Google also released a core update in November but that was specific to local rankings.  

How can you make your digital platform strong for Google’s June Core Update?

After Google’s Core Update in June, it will be the right time to take key decisions in digital marketing. You must pay attention to customers’ experiences on your website and see how to enhance them. 

Some tools you can use to enhance your webpage experience with the June 2021 core updates are:

Search Console

The search console will have detailed reports of Core web verticals that developers can use to assess page performance. Google algorithm can identify immediate issues with the search engine that need to be fixed. The reports will also provide details of the page performance based on many metrics.

Page Speed Insights

This tool will perform a deep analysis of your webpage content and the insights obtained can offer suggestions for improvement of the web page speeds. The June 2021 Google core update focuses on page speed to strike a good first impression with the user and having faster page loads can improve customer engagement.

Chrome DevTools

This tool helps websites to create robust SEO strategies. Issues in shift layout and other instabilities can be easily identified and corrected right away.

Chrome UX Report

Also known as CrUX, this tool focuses on analyzing the end-user experience with any website. The June Core Update concentrates on field versions of Core Web Verticals and this tool helps website owners to get access to real-world data.

Google’s June Core Update’s impact on User Experience

Google’s Core Update of June 2021 focuses mainly on user-centric metrics that help understand the user experience. They help measure several webpage dimensions such as responsiveness, load time, interactivity, and content relevancy. Some of the core web vitals that the June core update algorithm focuses on are:

  • Contentful Paint or the amount of time a web page takes to load the main content. The ideal time for this should be 2.5 seconds or lesser.
  • Input delay which is the time taken by a website to load and interact with the user. The ideal time for this should be less than 100 milliseconds.
  • Cumulative layout shift or the time of unexpected layout shifts on the page content. The ideal time for this should be less than 0.1.

Optimizing your Website for the June Core Update

The three main factors you must consider for optimizing the web vitals for Google’s June Core Update are:

Loading- Improve the loading time of your webpage as search engines mainly measure the primary content loading speed.

Interactivity – Google’s Core update algorithm measures the time it takes for users to interact with the web page elements.

Stability – According to Google’s June Core update, your website will receive higher rankings if it shows high stability and performance on multiple platforms. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What is a Search console?

Google Webmaster Tools was the previous name for Google Search Console. It is a free tool that allows anyone with a website to track how Google sees their site and improve its organic ranking. This involves looking at your connecting domains, mobile browser performance, rich search queries, and the queries and pages with the most traffic. A search phrase that produces impressions of your web page on a Google SERP is referred to as a Search Console query. Search Console is the only place where you may find query data. GSC provides a variety of options for viewing and parsing your data. These filters are quite useful. GSC now offers a minimum of 16 months of data and a maximum of 90 days.

2What is Chrome DevTools?

Chrome DevTools, sometimes known as Chrome Development Tools, is a package of tools for front-end development. Users can improve their website by correcting stylistic issues and evaluating processes in real time. Users can learn how to use Chrome DevTools as it is an environment for testing website designs and code. Since Chrome DevTools are integrated into the users web browser, no further setting is necessary to use these tools. These developer tools are extremely recommended because they help users update their website's style, complete DOM-related tasks, troubleshoot JavaScript, and boost up their website's speed.

3What is the Chrome UX report?

The Chrome UX Report, often known as CrUX, is a collection of real-world user experiences as assessed by Chrome. Google uploads monthly snapshots of over 4 million origins to BigQuery, including statistics like First Contentful Paint (FCP), DOM Content Loaded (DCL), and First Input Delay (FID). Another product that connects with CrUX is PageSpeed Insights, which provides quick access to origin performance as well as page-specific performance metrics, as well as prescriptive tips on how to enhance the page's performance. We can examine past performance statistics thanks to the CrUX datasets, which have been around and expanding since November 2017.

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