What Makes UpGrad Come Up with Awesome Content?

It’s been some time since my first day at UpGrad. After my first stint post MBA at ZS, I was all fired up for my new stint here at UpGrad. Yes, I had preconceived notions as I had worked in a content-based role in an online education firm before but how was I supposed to know that those notions were going to be busted big-big-time? To be honest my life at Testfunda had been kind of comfortable and easy but I didn’t expect too much of a topsy-turvy ride here either.
Coming back to the point, each day here has brought on a new challenge, a new learning for me, right from the day I joined. There’s a reason why we are where we are and the fact that we are mighty proud of being here. For me, a laid-back job was never an option as I always believe in learning as much as I can in the shortest possible period of time.
The fact that the place is still developing its culture and its way of functioning, the opportunities to experiment and figure out new processes are enormous. Yes, you will fail, you will cry and you will curse but at the end of the day you will learn one more way of not doing things which itself gives you a lot of insight into the task at hand.
What Makes UpGrad Come Up with Awesome Content UpGrad Blog
Another facet of working at UpGrad that I absolutely love is that the people working here are simply awesome. There are people from the best of the best educational institutes who come in with a plethora of crazy-sounding ideas which are always heard no matter how crazy they sound. Trust me, this isn’t appreciated in most of the places I have worked at. You bounce ideas off of each other – refine them, add to them, modify them and then present them – the content that comes out is an amalgamation of very different thought processes which makes us what we are – a potpourri of creatives!
India’s education sector needs a new avatar, a contemporary approach

There’s the production team, then there’s the program team and then there’s the content team – all bringing in different perspectives merging towards the common goal – you can imagine the depth of discussions that take place!
Yes, it’s crazy. Yes, it’s hectic and yes, processes are still developing as I write but it broadens your horizons as well. And yes, it makes you think out of the box and have fun in the process. If adventure at work is what one is looking for then UpGrad is what that person is looking for. Not for the faint-hearted but definitely for someone who doesn’t mind getting his/her hands dirty and believes in the saying – “Life will get better” while he/she does so!

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