What Does UpGrad’s Content Team Look for While Hiring?

In a growing organisation like UpGrad, hiring is one of the biggest challenges. It is important to hire a lot of people, but there should never be any compromise on the quality of the team you are looking to build. We are currently looking to hire a lot of members of the content team at UpGrad.

So, what are the characteristics we keep an eye out for while hiring in the content team?

  • Ownership

    • Individuals who take ownership and responsibility. Designing and creating academic content is not an easy task and ownership is one of the most important qualities.

What do we Look for While Hiring in Content Team UpGrad Blog

  • Enjoy Learning and Writing

    • People who enjoy learning new content (You get paid for it here!). 🙂
    • The ability to grasp the new content. This is very important as most of our programs are on upcoming technologies, analytics, best practices in management, etc. If you feel you have a knack to learn new concepts easily, being part of the content team would be easy and vice-versa.
    • If you enjoy storytelling, it is likely that you will enjoy teaching and design online content because a lot of us feel that the storytelling is similar to teaching.
India’s education sector needs a new avatar, a contemporary approach
  • Passion for Online Education

    • Empathy is the key. Individuals who understand the challenges of online education and think of solutions to improve on them are good fits.
    • A passion and knack for teaching are important. Individuals who have taught in some form or the other and can constantly think of better ways to explain concepts will do well in this role.
    • Even if you have not had prior teaching experience, but feel that you have the ability to explain things in a simple and lucid manner, then you have a good shot at this role in content team. Remember that for effective educators, simplicity is a massive tool in their arsenal.
    • One needs to be obsessed with continuously enhancing and optimising the learning experience of students.

If you can relate to these points and feel like the role was meant for you, apply for roles in the content team by sending your CVs to or

Does content writing have a scope?

Content writing is very much in business these days. Content writers write content for company blogs, Internet sites, corporate communication, product reviews, publications and various other purposes. However, it is important for a content writer to be well-versed with topics and should know how to share the information with the target audience in a precise language. The content writing business is growing rapidly, and most jobs from abroad are currently being outsourced to India. Reputable companies like Microsoft, NIIT, Infosys, and TCS have content writers. Thousands of people throughout the country are getting employed in the sector, and it has a bright future ahead.

What skills are needed to be a good content writer?

A few basic content writing skills are essential for every writer. The content has to be written in a way that it catches the reader’s eye. Adaptability is a skill that content writers must have as they have to change their tone and style of writing while working on different projects. A writer must also have strong research skills as if the information provided is not well-researched, it will damage the credibility of the content. A writer must create content that is original and creative, and should have good organisation skills. Staying updated, having good communication skills, and creating content strategy are certain other skills a writer must possess.

What are the types of content writing?

There are a few broad categories of content writing. Blogging is one type which covers a wide range of topics and has a wide range of writing styles, depending on the topic. The other type is copywriting. This includes writing product descriptions, focussing on traditional print media, and creating infographics. Technical writing is another form of content writing. Social media writing is also prevalent. It has a vast audience out there, and businesses are expected to have social media presence on various platforms.

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