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Salary of MCA Graduates: Based on Various Specializations & Job Roles [2022]

Are you an MCA student wondering what career options you have? Then you’ve come to the right place because this article will tell you the average MCA salary and all the related info. You’ll learn the median wages of different MCA specializations. Then, we’ll discuss the highest-paying jobs for MCA graduates. Let’s begin:

Who is an MCA Graduate?

MCA (Master of Computer Applications) course focuses on imparting theoretical and practical knowledge and training related to computer science discipline and area. With the computer applications subjects as the key domain, this course teaches you how to use computer applications to complete tasks and solve a problem.

Usually, the course duration is two years. During this course, students master different programming languages that help them to earn a decent MCA graduate salary. Moreover, this program qualifies the students to advance further in Computer Application Development and related fields. Completing this course with dedication and focus can help you achieve your dream MCA course salary.

Average Salary of MCA Graduates


MCA stands for Master of Computer Applications. It’s a PG course and gives specialized knowledge of computer science, organization, and applications. The median salary of MCA graduates in India is INR 7.58 Lakh per annum. Freshers with an MCA degree earn around INR 1.99 Lakh per annum.

On the other hand, senior professionals with an MCA degree earn around INR 20 Lakh per annum. You should note that your salary would depend on many factors, such as location, employer, and experience. Popular employers for MCA graduates include the likes of HCL Technologies, Tata Consultancy Services, Accenture, etc. 

Completing an MCA course opens many doors for you. Apart from conventional roles, you can pursue many lucrative positions by completing specialized courses. 

Salary of MCA Graduates According to Specialization

Your specialization can affect your salary substantially. So in this section of our article on MCA salary, we’ll look at the average salaries for different disciplines:

MCA in Software Development


If you’re interested in entering the tech sector, you must’ve heard of software development. It is among the most popular career choices among MCA students. Software developers are responsible for building the required computer software for their clients. As a software developer, you can find jobs in tech giants (Microsoft, Adobe, etc.), marketing agencies, and tech companies.

You can pursue software development roles in companies with an MCA specialized in software development. The median salary of MCA graduates with software development is INR 5.99 Lakh per year. Freshers with this course and specialization earn around INR 2.3 Lakh per annum. Experienced professionals with this degree and specialization earn a median salary of INR 20 Lakh per annum.

Your skills and experience affect your salary in this field substantially. Popular companies looking for MCA in software development professionals include Oracle, FIS, and Zensar. 

MCA in Management Information Systems (MIS)


A popular choice among MCA students is to specialize in Management Information Systems (MIS). An MIS is an information system that helps in decision-making and coordinates, controls, analyzes, and visualizes information in a company. MIS enhances management control, strategic planning, transaction processing, and operational control.

Business schools and schools of Information Studies offer MCA in Management Information Systems (MIS) specialisation programs. It covers key subjects like Management Practices, Strategic Management of Business, Essentiality of Strategic Planning, Development of Business Strategies and Types of Strategies, The Concept of Corporate Planning, Concepts of Decision Making, Business Processes, Business Process Re-engineering, and Process Model of the Organization. Thoroughly learning all these subjects helps you to earn your desired MCA salary in India.

After completing this MCA specialisation, graduates get prepared to design solutions for the problems of the organisation using the latest technology. Moreover, this specialisation represents a perfect combination of leadership and technology that equips the graduates with the potential to transform the organisations using the technology. Hence, exceptionally qualified MCA graduates in MIS can get high-paying MCA graduate salaries.

Apart from those benefits, MIS professionals help companies in getting the optimal results from their investments. The median salary of MCA graduates with a specialization in Management Information Systems (MIS) is INR 2.94 Lakh per annum. With more experience, you can pursue higher roles in this field through this degree. 

MCA in Data Science

The data science sector in India is one of the quickest growing and rising industries at a rate of over 33% annually. Due to the high demand for data science professionals, many students choose this field as their area of concentration. The average compensation package provided, which is 7 LPA, also reflects this desire.

MCA in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the kind of intelligence that robots can exhibit through their learning capacity. No one can dispute the reach of AI because it has permeated every sector of business and even our daily lives. There are numerous job choices in AI. One can never predict how vast the employment potential can be in a field like AI, which is still undergoing discovery.

AI has enormous prospects, and since there is still much to be discovered in this discipline, there is also a great chance that someone will succeed in it. According to Payscale, Accenture is the top recruiter, and the average income for an MCA graduate with a specialization in artificial intelligence is around 3 LPA. MCA graduate salary under this discipline is bound to grow as the field is experiencing significant growth on a global level. 

MCA in Cloud Computing

According to Gartner’s forecast, the global cloud industry is expected to surpass US$ 330 billion. The field of cloud computing is still being investigated and has a lot of room to expand in the years to come. Numerous businesses are making significant investments in cloud computing as a result of their realization of its potential. There is a bright side for those seeking an MCA in cloud computing because they will have higher stability and growth prospects. According to Payscale, an MCA graduate with a concentration in cloud computing may expect to make an average salary of roughly 7.94 LPA. An entry-level candidate might make about 6.31 LPA. MCA salary in India as a cloud computing professional is sure to bring you lucrative roles under leading brand names.

MCA in Full-Stack Development

Full Stack Development has become one of the most well-known choices to students. MNCs worldwide seek an MCA in full-stack development, providing them with a good salary. The abrupt move toward the online world has raised the demand for full-stack developers, and businesses are searching for experienced developers as they work to establish a solid presence online. As per Payscale, MCA salary in India specializing in full-stack development may expect an average of Rs 2.5 and Rs 6 LPA salary. Companies such as Cognizant, Infosys, TCS, and Accenture offer high MCA graduate salary so candidates can look for opportunities under these names. 

MCA in Software Engineering


Many people confuse software engineering with software development even though they are different specializations. Software engineers apply software engineering principles to design, develop, maintain, test, and evaluate computer software. On the other hand, software developers focus on building the required software. Software engineers’ primary focus remains on architecture. 

The median salary of MCA graduates with a specialization in Software Engineering is INR 8 Lakh per annum. Beginners with this specialization earn around INR 2.5 Lakh per annum. However, as you gain more experience and skills, your pay increases exponentially in this field.

Seasoned professionals with an MCA degree specialized in Software Engineering earn INR 20 Lakh per annum on average. As a software engineer, you can bag lucrative roles in MNCs, tech service providers, startups, and even agencies. 

MCA in Computer Networking Systems


Computer networking is another prevalent specialization among MCA students. With this degree, you can pursue technical roles in many companies such as Application Developer, Technical Support Engineer, and Software Programmer. The median salary of professionals with MCA in Computer Networking Systems is INR 6.24 Lakh per annum.

Beginners in this field earn around INR 2.6 Lakh per annum, whereas experienced professionals can earn up to INR 30 Lakh per annum. Remember that your wages in this field depend on many factors, such as your location and employer. 

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Jobs with the Highest MCA Salary

In this section, we’ll look at the jobs that pay you the best MCA salary. Knowing about the highest-paying roles can help you make better career choices and plan your future more correctly. Here are the jobs with the highest MCA salary:

IT Team Leader


An IT team leader is responsible for the operations of their team. They manage a team of IT professionals for an enterprise. They help the company design, install, and maintain their IT systems. IT team leaders develop software and hardware, manage the website, handle data collection, and automate their company’s required tasks.

They have to ensure that their team members are always delivering optimal performance, so they might have to train them from time to time. IT team leaders have general management duties, including hiring, managing payroll, and giving performance reviews.

Overall, the role of the IT team leader has many responsibilities. You might have to supplement your MCA with an MBA or a PG Diploma in Management to bag lucrative roles in this field. 

The average pay of IT team leaders in India is INR 11.4 Lakh per year. New IT team leaders earn around INR 5.84 Lakh per annum, while those with sufficient industry experience make INR 20 Lakh per year on average. 

Senior Software Developer


Senior Software Developers (or Programmer or Engineer) are responsible for leading a team of software professionals to build their company’s required software. Their developed products are used by various businesses, and as the department heads, they ensure that their projects are of optimal quality.

They must know how to make products that help their clients. Apart from their products, they should know how to lead their team. Strong leadership skills are crucial for this role. 

Software Developers are chiefly engaged in designing and supervising complex software systems. One of their key job roles is to offer IT services by observing and evaluating the client’s requisites. Another key role is to design the software based on the stated requisites. The ability to accurately design the software system suggests that the MCA graduates in software development can get MCA highest salary in India.

It demands several years of experience to work as a senior software developer. You can begin your career path initially by working as a junior software developer. Then by amassing enough experience, you can get a job role as a senior software developer. Remember that working as a senior software developer after MCA can be challenging. This is because you are expected to demonstrate your exceptional software development and coding skills. Thus, the MCA salary in India as a senior software developer is high.

The average salary of a Senior Software Developer in India is INR 8.74 Lakh per year. Entry-level senior software developers earn around INR 4.86 Lakh per annum, whereas those with more than 20 years of professional experience get INR 20 Lakh per annum on average. 

Project Manager


Project managers are responsible for specific projects of an organization. They handle the planning, execution, and analysis of their designated project. A project manager’s job requires them to participate in client meetings, finalize contracts, manage the budget, and perform various other tasks related to their project. 

They oversee the workings of the entire project. From managing the team to meeting deadlines, they are responsible for nearly all aspects of their project’s success. Apart from the necessary qualification, you should have strong organizational, communication, and planning skills.

You can supplement your MCA with an MBA to bag such roles in major companies. An MBA can help you learn the required skills and become a sought-after option for recruiters. 

Project management is one of the most lucrative sectors for MCA students. The median pay for project managers in India is INR 12.4 Lakh per annum. Popular employers for this role include Wipro Technologies, Tech Mahindra, Cognizant, and many similar others. 

The average pay for Project managers in such companies is around INR 15 Lakh per annum. Experienced project managers earn around INR 20 Lakh per annum in this sector. 

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Information Technology Consultant


An Information Technology Consultant helps companies use information technology so they can achieve their business goals efficiently and effectively. They work with their teams to improve, build, and enhance their clients’ IT infrastructure. IT consultants are responsible for analyzing and solving the problems related to the client’s IT systems.

IT consultants troubleshoot their client’s software and hardware. They discuss their clients’ requirements the specifications and present them with the required solutions. Along with a degree in computer science or computer applications, candidates might require additional certifications for some roles in this sector. 

Information Technology Consultant needs to evaluate the business process and offer optimum software solutions and appropriate feedback to enhance business efficiency. An MCA degree can help you contribute towards enhancing business efficiency. MCA graduates are skilled enough to provide economical business solutions to boost the company’s sales process. Furthermore, the corresponding job role offers ultimate financial freedom to the level that you can begin your own software consultancy business.

Considering the ability to boost business efficiency, the MCA course salary boost for the Information Technology Consultancy specialisation is great. Gaining experience as an information technology consultant helps MCA graduates to get the MCA highest salary in India.

The median wage of an Information Technology Consultant in India is INR 8.99 Lakh per year. Their salary ranges from INR 3.9 Lakh per annum and goes up to INR 30 Lakh per annum. Like all the careers we have discussed in this article, their pay depends on many factors such as experience, employer, and location. 

Popular employers for IT consultants are HCL Technologies, Capgemini, Infosys, and Tata Consultancy Services. Out of them, Tata Consultancy Services and HCL Technologies pay the highest salaries to their IT consultants. 

Renowned companies offering jobs to MCA Graduates:

Some of the leading IT companies that are always on the hunt for talented MCA graduates and offer them admirable salary after MCA are:

  • Infosys
  • Wipro
  • Infotech
  • HCL
  • IBM
  • Sathyam Mahindra
  • Accenture
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Cognizant
  • Capgemini

All these companies recruit MCA graduates based on their practical work experience and skills. Hence, if you own suitable skills in the IT sector and have the zeal to take up challenging projects as an MCA graduate, you can surely get a decent salary after MCA. The ability to fulfil the requirements within the deadline is one of the desirable qualities for MCA graduates while making it one of the most sought-after career choices with an excellent MCA graduate salary.

Job opportunities after you do MCA

These are a few roles that offer some of the best job opportunities and highest package of MCA in India.

  • Software developers – They plan, design, create, and manage the software. It also entails setting up and testing the aforementioned software. They work together with the client to comprehend the demands and meet them.
  • Business Analyst – The technical and non-technical requirements or difficulties in an organization are evaluated by business analysts, who then offer a strategy or solution.
  • Database engineer – Their responsibilities include creating and maintaining databases. They will also be responsible for fixing any database bugs.
  • Hardware Engineer – To ensure that a computer system operates correctly, a hardware engineer must be committed to identifying and resolving issues arising during the system’s setup and testing. They work on both the manufacturing and testing of hardware goods.
  • Software Consultant: A software consultant’s functions and duties include assessing and analyzing corporate operations and offering the best software options and other crucial knowledge to increase productivity.

Fortunately, these are not the only roles to ensure highest package of MCA in India. Many other opportunities are awaiting talented candidates!

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right career can be a daunting task. However, it would be best to keep your aspirations in mind while considering any career path. Do you want a job which pays you more? Or do you want a career that lets you solve complex problems? Answering such questions can remove a lot of confusion regarding career choice. 

We hope you found our detailed article on MCA salary useful. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know through the comments below. We’d love to hear from you. 

1. What are the eligibility criteria for pursuing MCA?

MCA or Masters of Computer Application requires candidates to fulfill certain eligibility criteria. Students pursuing MCA must be graduated in computer application or any computer-related field with an aggregate of 50%-60% to be eligible for an MCA degree. Students who have completed graduation in BCA from a recognized board are also eligible candidates for MCA. In any case, having a minimum of 60% is mandatory. Plus, students must have chosen mathematics as one of their subjects in Class 12 to be eligible for MCA. Depending on the college you apply to, the eligibility criteria might differ. If you are doing your undergraduate and are in your final year can also apply for MCA.

2. Why should you consider a career in MCA?

Students worldwide find it extremely difficult to analyze their aspirations. This leads to them making the wrong decision. Therefore, before making a career decision to study MCA, it is important to be entirely sure if you ever wish to pursue it. MCA typically is a two-year post-graduate program curated for individuals who want to dive deep into the world of technology. After completing a Master of Computer Application, students will have lucrative job opportunities in the private and public sectors. Currently, more than 2 lakh job opportunities are available, and it is growing by 7.7% every year. Landing a job as an MCA candidate will open the door to plenty of opportunities and job roles.

3. What are some MCA specializations?

MCA candidates during their final year get plenty of specializations to choose from. Based on their area of interest, one should make a choice. These specializations vary across Indian universities. The most common ones are Networking, Internet, Software Development, Troubleshooting, Systems Management, Systems Development, Management Information Systems, Application Software, Hardware Technology, and Systems Engineering. Based on your inclination, you can take up any of these specializations. They all have a great future scope and are spun across excellent opportunities. These industry-relevant specializations have a long way to go.

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