5 Resourceful Things to Learn from Gautam Adani

India may widely be acknowledged as one of the fastest-growing major economies in the world, but how can this vast, diverse and heavily populated nation sustain growth prospects? Game India offers a decisive answer. Weaving together industry lore, keenly analyzed data, and one-on-one interviews with corporate moguls-from Verghese Kurien and the Pais of Manipal to Gautam Adani and Brij Mohan Munjal- Game India is essential reading for every Indian looking ahead. Here are some remarkable facts about Gautam Adani’s journey towards success!

  1. Adani was a visionary with a foresight which made him see the importance of the port business in India and thus lead to his monopoly in that segment of the business.

“It was Adani who actually taught Indian planners what merchant ports could mean for this country, and what should be done to make them thriving businesses. Today he is the largest port owner in India and continues to acquire and build new ports in India and overseas.”

  1. Adani had remarkable negotiation and convincing skills.

“He went to the railway minister (Nitish Kumar) and told him how a railway line connecting the port to the main railway network would be of immense national importance. He suggested that having a policy allowing all ports to link to the railway network would be in the interests of the country, and would benefit all ports. The minister agreed. A port-rail linkage policy was crafted, which allowed ports to link their terminals to the national railway grid. Adani thus helped the government formulate the first national port-rail linkage policy. It allowed port operators to run their own railway line from the terminals to the nearest railhead.” How a New Generation of Women is Redefining India Inc  

  1. Adani was a keen observer and learned the finer nuances of the business. He understood that investment made in the early stage of business with a sound knowledge of the needs and demands of the industry will always yield great returns.

“Adani built his own airstrip—it is more than 2 kilometers long and thus capable of landing any large aircraft. It is the only port in India to have its own airstrip. It is possible that Adani will make it an international cargo/passenger terminal, for high value, low volume goods like diamonds, pharmaceutical, and precision engineering products.” 

  1. Adani understands the value of educating young Indians, especially the less privileged ones who have little or no access to quality education. He knows that with the education they become employable and can climb in society thus adding to the value chain. In spite of his professional success, he has not shied away from his corporate social responsibility

“It has set up schools for children of families who earn less than Rs 6000 a month. In order to ensure that families do not lie about their incomes, Adani’s social connect teams go out and verify the details personally. Today the group has such schools in Ahmedabad, Bhadreshwar (both in Gujarat) and in Sarguja (Chhattisgarh). Collectively, the group educates around two thousand children a year.”

  1. Adani knows that in business it is not enough to just look at short term income and individual profit. He learned early in life that knowing the needs and the growing demands of ones’ fellow businessmen and competitors makes one look beyond one’s own interest which in the long term can result in huge profits and monopoly in the market.

“By acquiring huge tracts of land, Adani began wooing businessmen to co-locate their industries close to the port. Over the past decade his efforts, along with those of the state government, have begun to pay rich dividends. Auto manufacturers like Honda and Maruti-Suzuki have begun building their plants close to the port. Tata Motors already has a plant in Gujarat. Grab your copy of Game India today!

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