Letters From Learners: Sandeep Bhalekar

Hello Rashmi,

I just thought of sending a small thank you note for the support you have extended as my student mentor. 

As you are aware, I have had an exciting journey while pursuing my research master’s work at Liverpool John Moores University arranged by upGrad. However, it was not a simple decision to join the program as I was not sure if I could devote the time needed to perform well in the time-bound learning process, especially after spending close to 15 years in industry having multiple responsibilities from both professional and personal fronts. However, this turned out to be a great decision. 

letters from learners

I am extremely happy to tell you that I have already completed and submitted my mid-thesis work and am working towards the final thesis on my research topic. This has been possible only because of extraordinary learning opportunities upGrad and LJMU provided. Apart from that, I am highly impressed and extremely thankful for the support you have provided as a student mentor.

You have kept me engaged starting from keeping me organised, providing the resources, and arranging personal learning calls with industry experts; all of that certainly helped me to succeed. In addition, I want to thank my Prof. Dr. Manoj J. and guide Mr. Minesh M. for motivation and understanding extended for project work. Looking forward to having similar wonderful learning experiences in the future. 

Thank you again.


Sandeep Bhalekar

Data Analytics and Data Science Professional

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