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Google I/O 2016 – Day 1 | Recap

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19th May, 2016
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Google I/O 2016 – Day 1 | Recap

The most awaited Google I/O 2016 Conference was filled with announcements about improvements in current products and launch of some new products. In this article, we have summarized the biggest announcements from Day 1 of the conference.

  1. Google Allo

Allo is Google’s new messaging app with resident chatbot. It has features like whisper/shout, expressive stickers, smart replies- which evolve with time and wide range of bot support especially the Google Assistant search bot. One of the most important features of Allo is that all its chats are encrypted but incognito mode offers end-to-end encryption and an option to send messages that self-destruct. Additionally, once you close a chat, the entire conversation is deleted forever.

  1. Google Duo

Duo is Google’s mobile only companion app for Allo that helps in video calling. One of its special feature is ‘Knock Knock’ which lets users see the incoming video call feed before even answering the call. So, the receiving party can see who’s calling and where they are before they even pick up the call.

  1. Google Assistant

Google takes search to the next level. Google Assistant supports “conversational understanding” to make search more natural and to better support voice searches.

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  1. Google Home

Home is built on the Chromecast standard, which lets it push media to other Cast-compatible speakers and screens, change temperature or lighting through Nest devices, and integrate with third party services. The entire experience is hands-free, powered entirely by voice. In fact, it doesn’t even have any buttons. Simple voice commands will control every aspect of the Home.

  1. Android N

Android N comes with new features that include more control over notification size from different apps and a new picture-in-picture mode. Android N uses a new API called Vulkan that lets developers directly control a phone’s GPU for sharper 3D graphics. Android N will also download and install system updates automatically.
The name of Android N has not yet been released. It is going to be selected through a crowdsourced contest.

  1. Google Daydream
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Google has a new VR platform built on top of Android N, and the new VR platform is called Google Daydream. It is an optimized virtual reality platform that aims to standardize the mobile-based VR experience. It also spans both software and hardware; Its biggest limitation is that it will be available only in new phones with special sensors and screen.

  1. Android Wear 2.0

Android Wear 2.0 can function independently of a smartphone. Apps no longer need a connected smartphone in order to function. Apps can function and even communicate without a phone, as long as the wearable device is connected to the internet via cellular or Wi-Fi. Users can also make data from any app show up on any watch face.

  1. Instant Apps

One of the most interesting announcement was google Instant Apps. With Instant Apps, users can begin using an app instantly from right within the Google Play store without even having to download and install the app.
As we can see, Google has made some big moves in the three hottest areas of tech – virtual reality, messaging, and smart assistants. However it would be interesting to see how these new products will compete with their competitors and how much of market share would they capture after their launch.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What are smart assistants?

Smart assistants are software programs that can perform tasks for you in a manner that feels like talking to a human. They can answer questions, read news and weather, play music, and much more. They can answer questions, play music, tell jokes, and help with everyday tasks. They are also becoming a lot more conversational, so they can actually engage in discussions with us. Smart assistants are the latest tech craze. They have the potential to become a platform for a wide range of services, from helping us book appointments and order goods, to telling us jokes and providing us with recommendations.

2What are the functions of Google Home?

Google Home is a voice-controlled digital personal assistant that can perform many of the same tasks as a human assistant, such as providing reminders, updating information, answering questions, and providing other useful results. In contrast to the Echo or the Amazon’s personal assistant, Google Home speakers have far more natural-sounding voices, understand larger vocabularies, and can be used to perform more complicated tasks that the other smart speakers can’t. People use this to help them with everything from their daily routines, manage the lighting of the house and even to play songs.

3What are the benefits of upgraded technology?

More than ever, we are connected, and the ability to access this information from anywhere at any time has led to huge benefits for all of us. Connectivity has also opened up new opportunities for people in ways they never could have imagined. It has allowed individuals to set up shop online and sell their goods, sell ads, and connect with new people. Connectivity has also given consumers more information about where their goods come from, empowering them to make smarter buying decisions. It is also essential for improving productivity and boosting communication, especially for those who are geographically dispersed. Technology has been shown to have many business benefits because it saves time, money, and resources, can be used to expand revenue, and help increase efficiency and productivity.


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