Future Marketing: The Ultimate Collaboration of Branding with AI

Artificial Intelligence is quickly taking its rightful place in the world as various industries look for ways to harness the technology. According to Adweek, the strong showing means marketers and other professionals have only two options left, adopting the AI technology or standing on the sideline and allowing the status quo to prevail. About 2 years ago, very little was written about AI, today the number of headlines discussing AI has increased exponentially. With this proliferation, you can now read about VPA identifiers that can make a hotel reservation on your behalf or refrigerators designed to automatically order groceries.

Embracing AI

Marketers can take advantage of the undercurrents by adopting strategies that promise greatest returns when it comes to communicating with clients and coordinating common activities like purchasing. It is now evidently clear that brands that come out on top will be those that offer:

  • Personalisation
  • Immediacy
  • Accessibility
  • Authenticity

Media entities also have a lot to learn from AI, especially when it comes to predicting election results and trends shaping public opinion. Topping the list of wrong predictions in the recent past is the Brexit vote and the 2008 US presidential elections. According to the UK, Digital Marketing Magazine, there are many Artificial intelligence tools crawling the web and social media platforms gathering truths. AI can also be trained to pay close attention to local and international conversations, public opinion and hints about peoples’ attitudes and behaviour.

The media industry, pollsters and policymakers can use these facts to make more accurate predictions and dispel truths from conjecture. The development is crucial because commonly held qualitative consumer research strategies targeting small-scale social listening and commissioned groups have underlying flaws that need to assess to avoid costly misreading.
Why Brands Need To Do More: Lessons from Google, Airbnb & Uber

Marketing in the age of AI

Competition has forced marketers to find compelling, yet cost-effective ways to sell their products and services. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a term that broadly covers technologies that rely on the computer. The technology is increasingly being seen as the next frontier in marketing. Digital Content Manager, Robert Allen sees many open market opportunities for AI in areas like image recognition, data leak deterrence, speech identification and drone initiatives designed to reach remote communities. Although some of these strategies may look ambiguous to the marketer, they have major implications for marketers.

According to the author, AI technology infers to AI applications, machine learning technologies and applied propensity models. The applied propensity models involve placement of predilection models to predict events like scoring leads, which is guided by conversions. Machine learning on its part uses algorithms trained to study historical data sets to create propensity models. The AI applications are designed to perform common tasks like creating or writing content, answering customer queries and performing other operations that would ordinarily be done by a human. The AI strategy is collectively referred to as the RACE framework:
Reach – This entails attracting prospects using various inbound techniques such as AI generated content, voice search, smart content curation and programmatic media buying. Marketers can take advantage of REACH to attract visitors. The whole process incorporates key aspects like SEO, content marketing and earned media.
Act – The process entails pulling in prospects and creating awareness about the product using strategies like propensity modelling, ad targeting, lead scoring and predictive analytics.
Convert – Process of transforming prospects into customers using dynamic pricing, re-targeting, chatbots and personalized websites and apps. The chatbots can be designed at relatively low cost. The bots can mimic human intelligence, making them resolute in interpreting customer queries and completing orders.
Engage – Encouraging customer returns through market automation and the use of dynamic emails. The latter can be used to divulge subscriber proclivity to certain product based on attributes like category, colour and size.
Brand Positioning: A Focal Point of All Marketing Efforts

Sneak Peek into the AI-driven Brands

Before all this, the idea of AI had become commonplace as demonstrated with the release of Apple “Siri”, Google “Now” and Windows 10 “Cortana”. Home assisting digital devices such as Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa has also taken a cue from the tech pioneers. 
Speaking of brand marketing in the motor industry, its often been seen that they are at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, with eyes firmly fixed on growing sales, improving performance and ensuring driver and passenger safety. Ford, Kia and Hyundai have joined the long list of vehicle manufacturers keen to exploit AI. According to Ford, all the latest models feature smart technologies. Ford SYNC3 which is integrated in-vehicle communications and entertainment system is paired with Amazon Alexa to control Alexa-enabled home devices. The AI becomes a part of marketing strategy as the customers are opting to future proof with emerging technologies. 

Hyundai and Kia have publicly stated that new cars that will be rolled out in 2019 will feature an AI assistant with standard features like voice assistants. The one crucial addition will be the Multiple Command Recognition (MCR). The MCR feature will help overcome the problem of AI jamming that usually arises when performing multi-tasking operations. The device will sync across multiple devices and smartphones. 
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The industry giants are trying to explore the uncharted territory by integrating their products and services with AI and making the best use of emerging technologies in their marketing strategy.

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