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Navy to UpGrad – From Cupboard Files to the Google Drive!

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11th Dec, 2017
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Navy to UpGrad – From Cupboard Files to the Google Drive!

I joined the Indian Navy in 1997. After 19 years of service, I was set to retire shortly. Post-retirement, I wanted to do something that I would genuinely love. At the time, I’d read a lot of newspaper reports about data analysis and in this way, slowly, my interest in the field of analytics began to build.
My learning path was filled with a lot of stumbling blocks. The prerequisites needed for learning analytics seemed very high. A lot of websites mentioned that a person should know linear algebra, calculus, statistics, coding skills, data structures and what not to learn about the field of data science. I didn’t possess a single prerequisite. I had studied calculus and statistics a couple of decades earlier, and I had no experience in coding. That’s when I began my search for online data analytics programs; what better way to learn than to start from scratch. I also wanted the course to be entirely online; as due to my work restrictions, I would be unable to be physically present on a campus all the time and needed the flexibility to learn. At the time, I used to live in Ernakulam, Kerala.
Journey-from-Locking-Files-in-Cupboards-to-Saving-in-Google-Drive Thulasiram UpGrad Blog
However, I couldn’t find a single online program from where I could learn data science. There were a few programs in metropolitan cities like Bengaluru and Mumbai, but they were not wholly online either and required frequent travel. I couldn’t find a single online program that was suitable for me.
The Idea Called UpGrad: Why Education is Serious Business

Many months passed by without any resolution. Then one day, I was going through Quora, trying to figure out how I could learn data science. That was when I came across a program called Post Graduate Diploma in Data Analysis from UpGrad (Currently, it is known as ‘Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science’). It was entirely online, but it cost a whopping two lakh rupees. I was hooked, but the cost of the program was exorbitant.
I spoke to my family, friends, and colleagues about my desire to learn analytics. In the past, I had enrolled in a few programs but didn’t complete them.  My parents were very skeptical about whether I’d finish this course. I spoke to my friends about it. They told me that it is a challenging field to get into and that my age was a hindrance when it came to learning a new subject. I was not convinced by their arguments, but I started to doubt myself. Many questions kept troubling me. If I get admitted, will I be able to complete the course? In the past, I had dropped off quite a few programs midway; and this thought kept troubling me throughout. I kept telling myself that I need to push harder. My spouse had complete faith in me and agreed to pawn her jewellery; so that I’d be able to take a gold loan. I was admitted into the program the moment the loan got sanctioned.
Every day, I used to block some time — early in the morning and evening — exclusively for learning. I would complete all the course modules before the deadline. As I didn’t have programming experience, I knew that it would take me more time to complete the assignments and case studies, as compared to the other students. So I used to start my assignments and case studies very early. I spent double or sometimes triple the time that was recommended for completing the assignments. Even after spending so much time, I used to finish all my assignments before my peers began theirs. Completing the course content very early helped me to assist my peers through the discussion forum.
India’s education sector needs a new avatar, a contemporary approach

As I had joined the Indian Navy in my childhood, I missed college dearly. I craved for education and a college environment. This course fulfilled my cravings for school and friends. I learned a lot from this class and made friends. I always liked deadlines. I feel deadlines are like goal posts for a football match. The football match will not be exciting without a goal post. In the same way, a course would not be enjoyable without harsh deadlines. If the class did not have any time limit, then it would lead to procrastination and postponement. Once I joined an online course, and till date, it is incomplete because of the simple reason that it has no deadlines.
Soon after completing this course I retired from the Indian Navy and joined UpGrad. I feel very lucky to join this company. Almost every person from the content team is from IIT or some other prestigious institute of the country. The person who sits beside me studied at a prestigious university in the USA. I am delighted and proud that I can join this elite group without any formal education – contrary to what people still believe about online education – this online course was a door-opener for me employment-wise in more ways than one! I am full of gratitude because I got accepted with open arms.
The two worlds which I inherited were utterly different. There is no resemblance whatsoever. In the Indian Navy, how you’re turned out, and rules to live by, take precedence. In the Navy, there’s a strict hierarchy in place. We were instructed to follow the divisional system strictly. At UpGrad, the company supports an open work culture and flexible timings. Here, no one cares if you shaved in the morning or not. In my earlier job, communication happened via signals, letters, and faxes. In my new job, communication occurs via email and slack.
In the first week itself, I felt that I need to learn how to organise my Inbox. In my earlier job, essential documents got into different files and locked away in cupboards. Here everything ends up on a Google Sheet. I nearly went unconscious at the number of google sheets maintained here. One day I got tired of looking at those google sheets and hid some to avoid the distraction. A small panic generated among some of my peers that their sheets got deleted. Volumes can be filled with these things, so let me leave this here and come back to the main point of the story.
Journey-from-Locking-Files-in-Cupboards-to-Saving-in-Google-Drive thulasiram upgrad blog
I joined the Data Analysis content team at UpGrad. I am managing students grades and the discussion forum. As I got a chance to see the questions asked by cohorts from four different batches, I now know how a teaching assistant feels. Answering and verifying problems have been never easy. At times I end up rewatching a video, downloading a dataset, firing up my R console or Tableau software, doing some manipulations before I can answer. It sometimes happens that answering a question will consume a couple of hours. Sometimes I get to see some silly problems, but it never depresses me. And this is because even I have passed through that phase. I remember asking on the discussion forum “What is a dataframe?” To some of my own TA’s, this would have sounded very silly.
Infographic: What After IT? Top 5 Transitions You Can Make

In my student phase, I never took feedback seriously. Now from where I stand, I see how vital feedback is. It helps in improving content which ultimately helps the students. Once, I was going through the ratings given by students for the grading done. Only two students gave their rating. If more students give their objective feedback wouldn’t it improve the grading done? Will it not improve the feedback received by the students?
After I joined the content team, I could fully realise the efforts that go into creating high-quality content. Researching the topic, writing the script, shooting videos, deciding upon the dataset for the assignment, framing the problem statement, testing the dataset, coming up with the ideal solution, designing the graded questions, answering in the discussion forum and the list goes on. I am thrilled to join this team and apply myself to create some of the greatest learning experiences.

Thulasiram is a veteran with 20 years of experience in production planning, supply chain management, quality assurance, Information Technology, and training. Trained in Data Analysis from IIIT Bangalore and UpGrad, he is passionate about education and operations and ardent about applying data analytic techniques to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. Presently, working as Program Associate for Data Analysis at UpGrad.
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1 How has e-learning evolved?

Traditional education has always had the upper hand, with teachers instructing students to grab information in the best way possible. However, technology has evolved over time, and with the massive development it has introduced us to, education is being provided in a way that is easiest to intercept. Moreover, e-learning accommodates every learning style. Whether it is a video that demands attention or an online quiz you plan to compete at, practically, everything has become much more sorted with online education. E-learning gives the exposure to schools to showcase their style of teaching without any restrictions. This automatically yields better results and apprehension from students. Courses in an e-learning environment are curated so that every student can benefit from them, which traditional teaching methods have often overlooked.

2 What is the future of online learning?

Students who don’t fit well in the crowd of a classroom consider online learning a blessing. Online learning methods make it easy for every individual to access education. Online education also makes courses, certifications, and programs available at the fingertips. The worth of e-learning will only rise in the future, especially after its use in the virtual realm and mobile technology. Institutions are quickly moving toward cost-effective solutions like virtual platforms to expand their network. All of this contributes to the fact that education will gradually digitize. The education sector is vast, and the means of availability and accessibility that it has aimed to offer digitally will assist significantly in the shift.

3Are online courses worth considering?

Online education can take you through a world full of opportunities. With online courses readily available on accountancy, MBA, and zoology, gaining access to them is just a click away. Online courses go well with certain areas, and therefore, you must make up your mind before considering an online course. Moreover, universities and colleges that provide online courses are accredited by a national body. Thus, to sign up into accredited institutions for pursuing your online course is the best way to move forward.

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