5 Essential Takeaways of an Executive Producer at UpGrad

Being an Executive Producer at UpGrad has its ebbs and flows. Here are some key takeaways with essential visual aid.

One does not simply produce videos

To make the uninitiated understand the process of video production we usually take them along the different sub-divisions in the production department. The exhaustive tour gives them an idea of the number of people involved in the process and adds a bit of gravitas to the entire system.

Why do we need so much equipment?

This is not equipment. This is actually part of a very deviously devised alien technology. And you, my friend, will be sitting right in the middle of it. Remember the mummies of Egypt?
This studio will be your pyramid.    
What is the Biggest Form of Job Satisfaction?

Just so you know, I know people!

The best thing about working in education is that you get to meet interesting people. From renowned academicians to the bigwigs of the Industry. So if you know anyone who has suddenly disappeared, well they might be sleeping with the fishes.

I too like to Live Dangerously

Working for an organisation, that deals with education technology, is highly challenging. It is not the work that is challenging but the nerds you interact with on a daily basis. It’s like Revenge of the Nerds on repeat. Like the Night of Living Nerd every morning. A great example of the quips that scathe my soul every day is as follows:
‘Would you like to hear a joke about potassium?’

The Sum of all Wisdom

And lastly, this is the sum of my experiences at UpGrad.
Are You Dreaming the Right Dream?

Without saying anything else I would let you go through this piece of wisdom on your own.
PS: Wear your headphones!
Final Video Link: Online Education: The Future of Tomorrow

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