What is the Biggest Form of Job Satisfaction?

Let me start with a question for you. What do you think are the factors that make working professionals work for their organisation efficiently and happily?
The first answer that would have popped into your head would be – a hefty salary. Some of you would have thought about a nice work culture and some about growth opportunities within the organisation. No doubt that all these factors are significant and decisive factors to judge or pick a workplace. But, above all these, the most vital role in enabling you to work is job satisfaction. It makes you work as if it is your own organisation. Now, you might say that all these factors together make a job satisfactory, which is also true to an extent, but only to an extent.
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According to me, if my actions are directly responsible for changing someone’s life in a positive way or leading someone to the right path in their lives, one that was meant for them all along and gives them true joy, I would state this as the biggest satisfaction I could get from any job. Everything I do for a living or as my responsibility is actually having an impact on someone else’s life and is helping them grow or achieve what they strive for.
What is the Biggest Form of Job Satisfaction? UpGrad Blog
I have students of different ages, from various backgrounds – from IT to arts, from fresher’s to people with 20+ years of experience, belonging to various parts of the country. All with a common objective i.e. upskilling themselves to take on the new and competitive world and my job is to make sure that they are in a position to do so, that too head-on. We at UpGrad believe that:

“Only those who are able to adapt to changing scenarios will continue to survive and prosper. Success is directly proportional to the degree of positive adaptation to change.”

While working here, the sense of ownership comes from within. The learners come with such lofty expectations and aspirations that my motivation level is always super high. A software developer wants to become a Digital Marketing Manager, a person with 15 years of sales experience wants to become a marketing strategist, a small-scale business owner wants to learn digital marketing to market his products on Facebook, Google, and all of social media; so on and so forth. With such high expectation come large responsibilities which push me mentally as well as emotionally to get everything sorted and well organised for my learners. I have seen many success stories where a software engineer in an IT giant made a horizontal transition to a senior marketing role or a Sales guru after years of experience got into a core digital marketing role.
Making my learners achieve whatever it is that they thrive on is what I thrive for. Helping out students at each and every step, taking care of their learning, engagement, as well as their satisfaction throughout the course, is the main objective of me and my team. I derive the biggest sense of job satisfaction from my student’s experience and success which is exactly what we like ourselves being called – The Student Experience Team.
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As per my understanding, if an employee doesn’t remember what day of the week it is, the organisation must definitely be doing something right. This is exactly the case here at UpGrad where I learn, earn, enjoy and repeat.

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