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5 Best Countries to Study Abroad for Indian Students in 2022-23: List of Deciding Factors

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13th Feb, 2023
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5 Best Countries to Study Abroad for Indian Students in 2022-23: List of Deciding Factors

The post-covid time is seeing a splurge in the number of students opting to study abroad, mostly for their higher studies, given the scarcity of adequate and diverse courses in Indian colleges and universities. However, deciding where to learn is a fundamental question for these students. So, here we shall focus on the best country to study abroad for Indian students. To avoid any kind of confusion and to prevent students from taking wrong decisions, they must know which country would suit them the best concerning different aspects that are meant to be taken into account and decide thereafter which country is best for study.

Deciding factors to Choose the Best Country

First, ensure which course you are willing to study and then shortlist the best three countries offering that course. You can apply to a few colleges offering that course across three countries, and you will make it to one. 

The second most important thing to consider is the cost of living. This is the foremost factor for students who usually move abroad for better opportunities with a weak financial background. Living in a foreign country is a costly affair, and bearing education costs at the same time can become even more hectic. Most students undertake part-time jobs to pay their rent and other living expenses. So, considering the financial aspect is of great importance.

Apart from these, the job opportunities you get from a particular college need to be taken into account, besides the visa regulations. Language is another factor candidates should consider, as many countries use their native language and don’t give much priority to English, which can be a draining process for learners in their initial years of settling down.

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Considering all the above facts, here’s a list of five countries which are the best for studying abroad in 2022.


The USA hosts the maximum number of students from India. In 2021-22, reportedly, 1,99,182 students from India were pursuing higher education in the US. Many factors attract students to the USA, specifically the booming software sector with enormous job opportunities and brighter careers. The USA is home to leading universities, including Harvard, Cambridge, Columbia, Stanford, Yale, Princeton and many more. 

Studying in US colleges comes with a significant set of benefits. Students get the opportunity to explore their interests and different academic disciplines through their course tenure. Let’s examine why the US is a primary choice for global learners. 

  • Transferring credits from one university to another allows students to shift from one university to another. 
  • The Optional Practical Training (OPT) facility allows international students with an F-1 visa to work up to 12 months during or after the study duration. 
  • The universities in the USA allow more diversity-cultural diversity in the US universities. The inclusion of various races and nationalities creates a very productive environment for students where they feel comfortable and are more engaged and motivated to study. 
  • There are many options for scholarships, grants, bursaries and tuition fee waivers.


Canada’s economic immigration policy is the driving force behind Indian students popularly looking for education opportunities in the land. Let’s look at what makes Canada an attractive educational hub for learners. 

  • A number of provinces in Canada provide permanent residency to international students who have graduated and are eligible for employment. 
  • Canada provides cost-effective education and cost-efficient living. This makes it much more affordable than any other overseas destination for education. 
  • Not just India, people from all over the world choose Canada as their study destination following the student benefits and diverse offered perks. 
  • Canada provides financial, social and legal security to students who migrate to study. 
  • Carrying one of the lowest crime rates in the world, Canada avidly embraces racial diversity compared to most countries. 

In 2021, Canada welcomed a massive chunk of Indian students. About 217,410 permits were issued to Indian students from Canada. With the COVID-19 pandemic curbs lifting, Canadian universities experienced an upsurge in applications. Canada eased its Post-Graduation Work Permit( PGWP) rules which facilitate international students to gain Canadian work experience and permanent residency. These are the major attractive factors for students from India who want to settle abroad. Thus, making Canada easily the best country for Indian students. 


Germany provides free education at public universities, which is one of the major reasons attracting students from across the globe.  Let’s further explore why you must go for a German program. 

  • Many public universities in Germany are among the best universities in the world and are well-ranked as per the QS world ranking.
  • Germany offers various courses suiting a wide variety of interests. The offered degrees are globally recognised, and it is easier to find jobs for international students. 
  • Germany offers low-cost living facilities compared to other popular study-abroad destinations. 

The only requirement you must meet as a learner is learning German. Since it is the native language of the country, learning the German language can help you obtain better employment opportunities. Germany is undoubtedly one of the best countries to study abroad for Indian students. 

Germany and the EU issue the Permanent Resident Permit in the form of an EU blue card for specially skilled employees. With that permit, one can live, work or settle in any of the 26 European countries. Obtaining one can further help you build work experience as well as achieve a degree in the country. 

United Kingdom 

According to the British High Commission reports, the UK has issued as many as 1,27,731 study visas to Indian students in a year till September 2022. Currently, the UK is one of the topmost priorities for Indian students, with the nation providing quality education and being home to some of the top universities worldwide, including Oxford and Cambridge. Let’s explore what more the UK has to offer to Indian learners.

  • Courses are shorter and more intensive than in other countries, which makes the UK a good destination for students. 
  • Quality education and a solid academic curriculum put the universities in the UK at a level above the universities of other countries. 
  • Higher educational institutions in the UK have strong links to the industry, which allows students to develop a network. 
  • UK provides a host of scholarships for Indian students, like the Chevening scholarship, the British Council Women in STEM scholarship and many others. 

The large Indian population based in the UK bridges the cultural gap to some extent, and Indians don’t find it hard to settle in there. The UK is also considered one of the best countries to study abroad for Indian students because of its cultural diversity. 


Apart from these four countries, Australia is one country which is gaining tremendous recognition in recent times for the number of international students it is drawing to provide world-class education. Several universities in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide have gained international recognition. Indian students are heavily inclined towards Australia due to its multicultural environment, world-class education, employment opportunities, and other tangible benefits. So, let’s take a look at what precisely seeks their interest!

  • Australian cities have been ranked as the best cities for students because of their student-friendly atmosphere and multicultural society. 
  • There are almost 1200 institutions with over 22,000 courses, thus offering a plethora of options for studying. 
  • The Australian government has stringent laws to protect international students against any kind of threat. This makes it an appealing destination. 

Thus, today, more and more Indian students are migrating to Australia for better education opportunities and exposure.


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Studying abroad is a big decision, so it is essential to shortlist the best options for yourself. Proper research and the right information can easily help you decide which is the best country to study abroad for Indian students. The countries that offer the best education with the needful employment opportunities attract the most students. However, the choices differ from person to person, and it is totally up to oneself which country suits them the best.

In case you seek a foreign degree from any reputable institute without stepping out of your nation, we have your back!

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