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University World News reported that UC Berkeley has decided to form a new division of Data science due to the response of a “profound and growing impact of data” in the digital world.
Nobel Prize winner and director of the Berkeley Institute for Data Science – Saul Perlmutter mentioned the need for data-savvy researchers is becoming as basic as driving today.

According to ZDNet, most organisations believe that half of their revenue will come from digital channels by 2020. Furthermore, the World Economic Forum estimates that the overall economic value of digital transformation to business and society will top $100 trillion by 2025. It represents significant economic trends that are attainable for enterprises.

According to Livemint India, has started with Blockchain-based initial coin offerings or ICOs. If done correctly, India’s startup funding can open up a whole new channel and tap into more than $20 billion raised through the ICO route. India is set to become a major net beneficiary of global capital inflows making it the leading blockchain development hub, thanks to the IT ecosystem.

According to a report by Business Today predicts that medium and high skilled jobs will see a rise by 2022. The number of medium-skilled jobs in IT and BPO industry in India could rise by 900,000 to 1 million by 2022, while the number of high skilled jobs could rise to 510,000 in 2022 from 320,000 in 2016.

UpGrad has acquired Acadview and will now look to extend its core value proposition to college learners. Acadview was founded by Himanshu in 2015 with an aim to upskill the graduate students in colleges with latest technologies, thereby making them job ready. So far, the company focused on equipping professionals with employable skills. UpGrad’s learning experience focussed on outcomes along with Acadview’s solid relationships within the college space provides us with a very exciting opportunity to use our programs to provide career outcomes to students, and skilled graduates to companies in India at scale.

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How to become data-savvy?

In the world that we currently reside in, data is the most powerful weapon capable of creating wonders. Moreover, it also has the potential to solve some of the prominent issues the world is facing today. So, to become a data-savvy person, you need to put in your effort, time, and patience. You can do so by playing around with data every day. Using this trick, you can get familiar with data and learn to put it later to use. Once you know the way data works, you can easily extract the crucial details. Furthermore, to become data-savvy, you can read data-related blogs. These blogs are full of information about data and tell you ways to incorporate data into your day-to-day life. Additionally, you can also track tech-related news in your neighbourhood on a daily basis.

What are the advantages of automation?

There are several reasons why growing industries and organisations plan to adopt automation. First off, it saves time, effort, and money excessively by building efficiency. Moreover, manual errors are also eradicated, which allows your business to reach its primary goal. Secondly, automation ensures consistency since the automation technique uses high-quality results to ensure there is no room for errors. Manual effort is always boring and elaborative. Therefore, with automation, employees learn to engage more which regulates satisfaction. Automation assists to perform repetitive tasks faster. Automation helps provide better customer service, resulting in customer satisfaction and saving time, allowing fast processing, and encouraging happy employees.

What is the use of blockchain in real estate?

Real-estate transactions cost a lot of money, and the paperwork involved is immensely tedious. For this, agents are needed. Blockchain uses tokens which makes the process of finding and buying real estate. With the help of digital tokens, we can reduce the transfer between buyer and seller by wiping the need for a middleman. Distributed digital ledger offers proof of ownership. Real-estate examples that use blockchain technology, such as Deedcoin, cut down a commission in transactions by 1%.

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