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UpGrad Trends to Tend [December 2018 – II]

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24th Dec, 2018
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UpGrad Trends to Tend [December 2018 – II]

What’s happening? Where is it happening? How is it happening?

Presenting UpGrad Trends to Tend where we talk about news, views and opinions across the data, digital & tech industry.

Toppr competes with Byju's
Education startup Toppr has raised $35 million in the latest round of funding, falling just behind Byju’s which has already raised $540 million to be world’s most-valued EdTech startup with a total valuation of $3.6 billion. Where the current valuation of Toppr is unknown, the startup is going to use the funds into branding so as to compete with Byju’s.
blockchain to overcome food shipping challenge
According to the latest finding by Entrepreneur India, Blockchain technology can be used to eradicate the contamination problem prevailing in the food industry today. Walmart, for instance, has implemented blockchain to track their lettuce supply at each step, starting from the shipping system to the product transferring from the factory floor to individual trucks, and finally reaching the individual stores.
upgrad cofounder explains why experience counts
UpGrad Co-founder and MD, Mayank Kumar in his recent conversation with YourStory, revealed how education is not just about the content. It is about an end-to-end experience  which includes content, assessment, feedback, hand-holding, mentorship, career placements, etcHe and his team are determined to be the top of the game even if the education space has become overcrowded with lot other competitors. His mantra to life is ‘If you want to succeed, never have a plan B.’
unhealthy lifestyle in bengaluru
Bengaluru accounts for almost $50 billion out of total revenue generated by the IT industry in India where the loss of 7% revenue has recently occurred mainly due to the unhealthy lifestyle of the techies. Employee’s lack of physical activities, poor diet, substance abuse to name a few have accounted to loss of almost $3.5 billion in the IT city recently.
upgrad announces digital leaders of tomorrow grant
UpGrad.com & MICA have announced – “Digital Leaders of Tomorrow Grant” for professionals younger than 25 years of age. A scholarship worth Rs.50,000 to be given to students enrolling in PG Certification in Digital Marketing & Communication ProgramUp to 100 scholarships will be awarded to learners on first come first serve basis.

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1How will blockchain affect the Edtech industry?
Blockchain technology’s trump card is the security it provides. Inability to modify or hamper the asset or data is a perk that this technology offers and is used in many industries, including Edtech. Even if maintained digitally, student records are at the risk of having authorised access or being foiled. Degrees and diplomas in paper or digital format can’t be verified for their authenticity. This can all be done with ease with blockchain technology. The digital examination’s answer can be checked and graded with the help of blockchain. The transfer of records could never have been this trouble-free with blockchain, where the need to verify and authenticate documents is eliminated.
2How will blockchain improve food safety?
In a country where food adulteration has always been a significant cause of concern, blockchain brought the solution. By improving food traceability and proper labelling, food safety can be enhanced. Blockchain technology also helps in food industry supplier selection and prevents price compulsion. By keeping proper and safe records, the technology allows for meeting operational demands by improving inventory management. Elimination of feigned products is also possible now because of blockchain technology. To simplify, this technology provides transparency in the whole supply chain from manufacturer to retailer, thereby increasing trust and accountability at each stage. In case of any misconduct, the person liable can easily be identified.
3How large is the Edtech industry in India and the world?
The higher your intensity of pulling something back, the higher its intensity to thrive. This was also the case with the educational sector, not just in India but throughout the world. When COVID-19 hit the world, there was no light of scope regarding the reopening of schools and colleges. But then Edtech came into purview. It had existed even before that but was at its pinnacle during the pandemic. The venture capital funding in Indian Edtech companies increased 32 times from 2010. Even in the world, this market is expected to grow 16.1% from 2020 to 2025.

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