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24 Things To Do in Quarantine – For Professional Growth

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27th May, 2023
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24 Things To Do in Quarantine – For Professional Growth

“Crisis either causes regress or progress depending on the will of the people.”
― Abhijit Naskar (Neuroscientist, Author, Speaker)

As the grasp of coronavirus continues to increase exponentially across the globe, people everywhere are forced to stay within the confines of their homes. According to Google, mobility trends for places of residence has increased by 30% compared to baseline. Now that all public spaces are closed to us (including offices, educational institutes, malls, shops, and parks), and we are stuck inside, it is easy to become a victim of overthinking and depression.

With all that’s going around the world right now, we cannot help but feel blue. As countries around the world are putting up a steady fight against the pandemic, we are all fighting our own battles. And that’s precisely why we have to take charge of our lives and health (both physical and mental) and find productive ways to stay engaged during this home quarantine phase.  

Since we still have a long way to go in this uphill battle, why not take this self-quarantine as a blessing instead of a bane and turn it into something good? Why not invest your time on productive things and energy into creating a productive atmosphere in your home?

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We have gathered up a list of productive things to do in quarantine to make your lockdown time little fun and productive, if not easy! 

Let’s talk about some productive things to do in quarantine that can help you grow professionally. Instead of considering this quarantine as free time, let’s take this as a time for ourselves that we are hard-pressed to find in our everyday lives.

Things to do for better career options

1. Take up a machine learning course

machine learning

Another hot trend in the industry right now is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. ML is fast becoming a staple in mainstream tech and business applications. You, too, can learn ML skills to revamp your resume by taking up upGrad’s free ML course

2. Learn Java

When it comes to Java, do we even need to remind you that it is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world? You can create and build a variety of things using Java, from web-based and mobile apps to sophisticated cloud-based applications. This is the perfect time to get handsy with Java and experiment with your development skills. You can checkout upGrad’s Java programming course, which is a part of its in its lifelong learning initiative.

3. Enroll for Deep Learning Program

Just like AI and ML, Deep Learning is a tech trend that’s fast catching on. It is a subset of ML, and once you enroll in a DL course (like upGrad’s), you’ll see how fun, deep learning is and how much you can create using your DL knowledge.

4. Master Excel 

Now that you have all the time in the world, you should invest some of your time to learning Excel. Chandoo is the best site for getting Excel tips, tutorials, templates, and much more. With enough dedication and effort, Chandoo can help you master Excel in no time.

5. Gain Blockchain 

This will excite all the tech lovers out there, and rightly so. After all, Blockchain is a relatively new and revolutionary technology that is replete with tremendous possibilities. Also, the demand for Blockchain experts is at an all-time high right now. So, you should think about acquiring Blockchain skills. upGrad has a fantastic free course on Blockchain.

6. Learn business analytics

This tip is dedicated to all the budding and established entrepreneurs out there. If you’re in the enterprise sector, you must gain a comprehensive understanding of business analytics. It is a tool that offers actionable business insights based on real-world data and statistics, thereby encouraging data-driven decision making. upGrad’s Business Analytics Starter Pack is a good place to start.

Things to do that will help you make money online

7. Start blogging

Writing is a proven way to get your juices flowing. Learning to write for blog is considered as one of the most productive things to do in quarantine. If you don’t want to try a hand a fiction, blogging is the way to go. It is the best space to vent out your thoughts, feelings, and passions. Blogging can be a space for creative release for you. Learn more about steps to launch your blog.

8. Learn Web Designing

Nobody can deny the power of a good looking website, and hence, Web Designers are always in demand. Websites like freelancer, upwork offer freelance work to professionals, and there are numerous projects listed for logo design, creative design, web design, etc which can be done by someone with sufficent knowledge of the subject. This is one of the many skills that never loses relevance in the industry. So, you could opt for learning web designing in this lockdown and add a new skill to your resume. upGrad is offering a fantastic course on front end development as a part of its lifelong learning initiative, and what’s best is – you can avail this course for free!

9. Learn Digital Marketing

It’s never too late to learn digital marketing. Ever since online and digital platforms have become ingrained in every aspect of our lives, digital marketing has skyrocketed. Once you enroll in a digital marketing course, you will see how interesting and thrilling the world of digital marketing is. If you are looking for a free program, try upGrad’s short-term digital marketing course.

10. Learn how to Photoshop

An excellent way to pass your time is to learn how to photoshop. There’s plenty to learn about design, illustration, photo manipulation, and so on. Naturally, when thinking of photoshop, Adobe Photoshop comes to mind. Tut Plus is just the platform you need to work on your Adobe Photoshop skills. 

Things to do that will improve your tech understanding

11. Host a digital book club

While its exciting to get your friends together and host a book club at home, that’s a luxury that we can no longer afford. But do you have to give up on your book club meets altogether? No! Host a digital book club instead.

12. Explore art galleries

If you are wondering how much and what you can do while sitting at home, you can check out Google Arts & Culture! This platform lets you take a tour of some of the most reputed and renowned museums and even explore their art collections along with the explicit details on every piece of art.

13. Take a tour of exotic cities

Before you can chuck this suggestion aside, allow us to remind you of Google Street View. Thanks to this invention, you can take a virtual tour of some of the most exotic places and locations on earth.

14. Play online games

Who doesn’t love to play games? Thankfully, the PlayStore and Apple Store are buzzing with a host of cool online games that you can play along with your friends and family members. Not only will it lighten your mood, but it will also help maintain solidarity with your loved ones in this difficult time. We know you’re thinking PUBG, but there’s also online chess, ludo, sudoku, as well.

15. Get your adrenaline pumping with virtual rides

So what if you cannot go bungee jumping or hop up on a rollercoaster? You could always get the thrill of it through virtual trips! Granted that it will be nowhere near the real experience, but it is the best you can make out of a bad situation. TheCoasterViews has a variety of breathtaking experiences lined up for you!

Things that you should organise

16. Organize your inbox

Your email can become highly cluttered over time, especially if the tags aren’t sorted. Take out some time to file and delete your emails, and you’ll see how much space you can make in your inbox in just 15 minutes! Make it a weekly thing for now. 

17. Organize your bookcases

If you are a book lover, you must have multiple bookshelves stacked up with books ranging from all genres. Now’s the time to clean, organize, and declutter your bookcases. Go through your books and set aside all the books that you can give away, and later you can donate them to a library for others to read.

Things to do that will help grow oneself

18. Learn a new language

Everyone has thought at least once in their life that learning a new language would be super cool. However, our professional and personal schedule hardly leaves any time to materialize such wishes. Now that you’re stuck at home, you have all the time to learn a new language. Be it French, or Italian, or Danish, or Spanish, Duolingo can help you master any language you want. The app has a vast pool of online tutorials, quizzes, and YouTube videos to help you learn the language of your choice.

19. Read free books

While you cannot order books and magazines at the moment, you can always visit online sites for free books. If you are an avid reader, you must check out Project Gutenberg.

20. Gain new ideas – fast

If new ideas excite you, Ignite is the place to be. Ignite is “a series of speedy presentations” – the aim is to express and spread ideas like wildfire. Each Ignite presentation lasts only for five minutes, thus, going for precision and simplicity.

21. Listen to podcasts

Listening to podcasts is a habit worth inculcating in your lifestyle. These audio stories and interviews help you overcome creative blocks, inspire you, teach you how to make use of your time, educate you, and stay updated on the latest happenings around the world. Spotify and JioSaavn are two excellent sites for finding podcasts. 

22. Start Writing – Begin with fiction 

Yes, it is only a start, but a start nonetheless. We are not asking you to turn into Paulo Coelho or J.K. Rowling right away, but we’re only asking you to give shape to your random thoughts and carve a story out of it. Writing has been known to be a therapeutic experience, and who knows, you might create something beautiful out of your thoughts! You can check out FutureLearn to get started on writing fiction. 

23. Get inspired by TED talks

If there’s anything that can truly inspire, it is listening to the stories of industry leaders and radical innovators on TED. The best part about TED talks is that you can find plenty of inspiring stories on a host of topics including technology, science, business, social change, health, environment, activism, innovation, and much more. 

24. Set new goals

Now that things around us have changed drastically, it is time to make necessary changes in our lifestyle. Start by making small changes like eating healthy, regularly exercising, sleeping on time, and little things like that. Make family your priority, and align your goals around that. It is the things that we take for granted that become our biggest weakness in desperate times like this. So make sure to take care of those little things in your life.

25. Create a new hobby

While in quarantine, you can explore new interests or hone in on current ones. Think of pursuits like crafting, knitting, cooking, gardening, or playing an instrument. Stress can be reduced, and a sense of achievement can be obtained by engaging in creative activities.

26. Engage in mindfulness and meditation

Being in quarantine can be psychologically taxing. Mindfulness and meditation can be good options while looking for things to do in quarantine. Daily engage in guided relaxation techniques, mindfulness meditation, or deep breathing exercises. These techniques can aid in lowering anxiety while boosting concentration and mental clarity.

27. Establish a virtual exercise routine

Keeping physically active while in quarantine is essential for upholding a healthy lifestyle. Explore online yoga courses, training programs, or fitness apps that provide activities you can do at home. 

28. Pick up a new instrument

Have you always wished you could play the guitar or piano? The ideal time to start studying a musical instrument is during quarantine. There are many online resources, video classes, and applications that may assist you in beginning your musical adventure.

29. Volunteer virtually

While abiding by the quarantine guidelines, helping remotely can positively influence your life. Many businesses and NGOs seek online volunteers to help with content development, social media administration, online mentorship, and virtual tutoring. Contribute to a cause you care about using your expertise.

30. Create a blog or diary

Writing may be a good way to relieve stress while in institutional quarantine. Consider keeping a diary to record your ideas, feelings, and experiences throughout this period. Consider beginning a blog where you may share your ideas, interests, or creative projects with others if you like writing and want to share your experiences.

31. Develop your finance knowledge

Investigate any online tools, publications, or educational opportunities that might aid in your understanding of debt management, investing, and budgeting. Your financial well-being may improve in the long run by developing sound financial habits.

32. Designate a home workout area

Designate a certain region of your house as a workout area. Get rid of the clutter, get inexpensive exercise gear like weights or resistance bands, and set up a yoga mat. You may stay motivated and maintain a regular fitness regimen by designating an area for your workouts.

33. Educate yourself on sustainable living

Take this opportunity to learn about sustainable living principles and how to apply them to your everyday activities. Examine composting, minimizing plastic use, recycling, and sustainable clothing. 

34. Enroll in online courses for personal growth

Various online resources provide psychology, personal growth, photography, and creative writing courses. Take advantage of this opportunity to engage in your development and learn new things in your areas of interest.

35. Practice self-care

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Establish a self-care regimen that includes taking long, soothing baths, engaging in mindfulness exercises, enjoying a favorite pastime, reading a book, or treating yourself to a spa day.

36. Improve your cooking abilities and learn about nutrition

Use seclusion to develop a healthy eating routine, try new dishes, and learn about nutrition. Investigate internet resources, watch culinary demonstrations, and prepare wholesome meals using fresh ingredients. 


These are a few easy & productive things to do in quarantine to help lighten the mood at your home. Every cloud has a silver lining, and remember, this too shall pass!

The big challenge in life is to convert the barrier into an opportunity. Lockdown is the best time to upskill yourself with latest technologies. Checkout upGrad’s top courses in Data ScienceMachine LearningDigital Marketing, MBA from LBSFull Stack Management.

He is working as Associate Director of Digital Marketing at upGrad. Apart from marketing he is a crazy and courageous traveler. He has traveled from Kashmir to Kanyakumari through his bike(bullet).
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