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Importance of Artificial Intelligence Post COVID-19 World

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28th May, 2020
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Importance of Artificial Intelligence Post COVID-19 World


The world is currently fighting one of the greatest battles of humanity – the Coronavirus battle. Doctors, scientists, healthcare workers, and many others are putting their hearts and souls into finding a solution to end this pandemic. Artificial intelligence is one of the prime tools being used currently for analysis and research. 

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It is being used for analyzing medical data, preparing treatment plans, contact tracing, analyzing transmission rates, drug development, and detecting hotspots. Experts believe that the impact of Artificial intelligence will be significant in the technological landscape and even in other fields.

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Let us see how AI might change the world post Coronavirus.


After the world revives post COVID-19, many factories will start rebooting their operations and their workforce. Companies might face problems such as shortage of laborers and workers in their supply chain, and employees being unsure about safety in their work environment. This will hamper the efficiency of the factories. Thus, companies will adopt artificial intelligence systems for automating their tasks and speeding up production.

But, this will also lead to probable job losses and layoffs of the less-skilled workforce. Existing employees will have to upgrade their skills to be able to use these modern AI-powered systems. Companies will start investing in AI, machine learning, and data analytics training programs for their staff.

According to a recent report, many companies are using AI-powered bots in place of call center employees and using some temporary workers to fill in other positions. As this strategy is saving a lot of money and time, companies may continue this practice even after the pandemic is resolved.

AI can also automate the complete supply chain of retail organizations – from warehouses to shops to restaurants. But, it will take some time to fully incorporate it. At present, people are heavily using mobile applications to get groceries and daily essentials right at their doorstep. 

It is estimated that more than 70% of the managerial job roles will be taken up by AI Chatbots and Virtual assistants, leading to lesser recruitment in the higher managerial roles. So, many retail employees might lose their jobs in the coming years, unless they upgrade their abilities.

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Governments are using AI to enhance their surveillance systems. For example, surveillance camera footage, location data from smartphones, and travel data are being intercepted by governments for contact tracing. Instead of touch-based sensors, facial recognition systems powered by AI are used. AI is also used in augmented reality glasses to detect fevers using thermal imaging. All these measures have significantly improved current surveillance systems.

It is expected that these AI-based methods of surveillance will be used even after the pandemic. Security systems will be enhanced using this technology. Hospitals, schools, universities, important government buildings, research laboratories, and prisons can all use AI-powered surveillance systems.

Scientific research

Research and development are currently performed with the help of AI algorithms and systems to fight against COVID-19. As AI is proving to be a success in speeding up the treatment, drug development, and detection, these practices will definitely be used in the upcoming years.

AI algorithms, along with other technologies such as Blockchain, are used to consolidate the medical data together. Post COVID-19, these measures can rapidly ease the information exchange among different government departments.

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WFH (Work from home)

The official world post Coronavirus may also be driven by AI. Right now, thousands of employees are working from home. Meetings, discussions, and seminars are held online using applications such as Zoom and Skype that are developed using AI. As working from home has increased the productivity of many employees, companies are looking to implement WFH as a permanent strategy for a percentage of their employees.

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In the years to come, these AI-based applications will be used more often to conduct official events and talks. Webinars might replace usual seminars and workshops.

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The world post Coronavirus is going to be a lot more AI-driven, as the technology has produced outstanding results in research, analysis, disease detection, and treatment. Employees have to equip themselves with AI skills for a better future.  

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