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200 Career Transitions. 200 Moments of Pride.

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25th Apr, 2018
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200 Career Transitions. 200 Moments of Pride.

UpGrad is celebrating its 200th Student Career Transition which truly reflects our dedication and sincerity towards immersive and industry-relevant online education. Nothing makes us happier than empowering individuals to reach their full professional potential in the most engaging learning environment.
The idea behind UpGrad was to bridge the skill-gap between industries and universities. We aim to provide a state-of-the-art learning platform for working professionals in emerging fields. Thus, watching our students grow, motivates us to work even harder towards our mission to provide individuals with more opportunities to advance in their industries.
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While UpGrad prides in each and every student career transition, we would like to highlight the TOP 6:

200 Career Transitions. 200 Moments of Pride.
200 Career Transitions. 200 Moments of Pride.

Today, UpGrad serves an online niche through its professional Post Graduate online certification, full-term programs in Data, Marketing & Management, Product Management, Entrepreneurship and Technology.
We feel honoured to have achieved this milestone with the help of our partners, universities, stakeholders and the entire team at UpGrad in such a short span of time.
On this celebratory note, we would like to congratulate all our students. They are the ones who have taken a step towards a brighter future.  
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Always remember, ‘when you transition, the nation transitions with you’, while we will always keep on ‘Building Careers of Tomorrow’.


Omkar Pradhan

Blog Author
Omkar Pradhan is part of HR Team at UpGrad, He majorly takes care of Talent Acquisition across the various functions here, along with the same, He is also responsible for Campus Hiring, Omkar comes with approximately 3.5 years of Rich Recruitment Experience which is across various industries. Omkar is absolutely passionate about Talent Acquisition.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1How can upGrad help me boost my career?

We live in a golden age of technological development, with advancements being made at dizzying speeds. In order to stay relevant in the highly competitive market and make use of this bounty of opportunities, it’s important to absorb new knowledge and skills constantly. This is where upGrad comes in. It is an upskilling platform that bridges the gap between university education and the workplace, to make a candidate completely job-ready. Through its wide range of programs and certifications in Data, Marketing & Management, Product Management, and Entrepreneurship, it can also be an extremely helpful tool for those looking for ways to change their line of work, or simply fast-track their corporate growth.

2How effective are upGrad’s courses?

All of upGrad’s courses are carefully curated and offer multifaceted support, in everything from placement assistance to external collaborations and events. In fact, in 2018, upGrad’s PG program in AI and machine learning made it to the top of Analytics India Magazine’s list of top 10 AI courses in India. It received a commendable rating of 4.9/5, which was the highest among 15 courses and programs. These ratings are given on the basis of course content, teaching style and thoroughness, virtual labs, etc., as well as student feedback and expert advice. Hence, it’s safe to say that upGrad’s courses guarantee a holistic learning experience, irrespective of the subject matter.

3What are some of upGrad’s success stories?

Over the years, upGrad has facilitated hundreds of smooth career transitions and salary hikes. upGrad’s top student managed to increase his salary by an incredible 600 percent! Similarly, there are several more students who managed to double, or even triple their earnings after learning from this platform and either switching companies or rising up the ladder on their own. upGrad’s impressive fleet of hiring partners, including Amazon, American Express, Swiggy, Myntra, and more ensures a seamless placement process. Whether it’s to kickstart your career, advance toward higher positions or simply learn something new, upGrad has a tailor-made experience to satisfy your needs.

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