200 Career Transitions. 200 Moments of Pride.

UpGrad is celebrating its 200th Student Career Transition which truly reflects our dedication and sincerity towards immersive and industry-relevant online education. Nothing makes us happier than empowering individuals to reach their full professional potential in the most engaging learning environment.
The idea behind UpGrad was to bridge the skill-gap between industries and universities. We aim to provide a state-of-the-art learning platform for working professionals in emerging fields. Thus, watching our students grow, motivates us to work even harder towards our mission to provide individuals with more opportunities to advance in their industries.
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While UpGrad prides in each and every student career transition, we would like to highlight the TOP 6:

200 Career Transitions. 200 Moments of Pride.
200 Career Transitions. 200 Moments of Pride.

Today, UpGrad serves an online niche through its professional Post Graduate online certification, full-term programs in Data, Marketing & Management, Product Management, Entrepreneurship and Technology.
We feel honoured to have achieved this milestone with the help of our partners, universities, stakeholders and the entire team at UpGrad in such a short span of time.
On this celebratory note, we would like to congratulate all our students. They are the ones who have taken a step towards a brighter future.  
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Always remember, ‘when you transition, the nation transitions with you’, while we will always keep on ‘Building Careers of Tomorrow’.

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