Vijayasarathy’s Journey in the Realm of Big Data

Vijayasarathy Muthu, a student of UpGrad’s PG Program in Big Data Engineering in association with BITS Pilani published this on his LinkedIn.
I did my Bachelor’s in Engineering, just like millions of Engineers in India, without knowing why they chose the field. At that age, I wasn’t sure about what I was planning to do in life. I had no clue about, what I was studying. The notion of doing what interested the individual himself was alien and never heard of.

Truth be told, I didn’t know my own interests.

Finding your passion is like finding love. You just don’t realize it until you have fallen head over heels for it. Luckily, I fell in love with MS Excel instantaneously, during my first job. The sheer joy of using formulas to manipulate the spreadsheet and the flexibility it offered is what pushed me to explore Data Analysis. At one point I hit a roadblock. I faced the limitations of Excel. The types of data I wanted to play with increased and I desperately needed new tools to do that. So like any other person would, to learn that, I turned towards Google.
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The search engine spat out millions and millions of results. It seemed like there was a vast pool of resources to learn from. So I started to read through the results one by one. The first obvious stops were tutorials which were either basic or detailed. I could not find a single website which solved my problem. Then I realized, I need a navigator to comb through the content, so I turned towards MOOC websites such as Coursera, EdX, etc.
Even though the content was well framed, I found difficulty in 2 aspects:

  • I was uncomfortable with the rhythm of a foreign presenter’s language.
  • I repeatedly failed to meet the deadlines of the course or I procrastinated (ok! I lacked discipline).

I had my fair share of doubts about my ability to learn.

Fortunately, I saw an advert by UpGrad for a free course on Business Idea Validation. I gave it some thought and then enrolled. I was impressed by their mentorship guidance, the structure of the course content and the way the course was organized. Everything was perfect.

It gave me a classroom-experience, online.

When UpGrad announced Big Data Engineering’s 1st Cohort, I applied for the course without any delay. Though I had to squeeze out every penny I had to pay for the course, I knew it was going to be worth it.
As a matter of fact, I couldn’t resist attending my dream course – Certified by BITS, Pilani.
It’s been 3 months since the course started. The learning path was steep and daunting, just as expected. But the peer group (Did I mention their Whatsapp Group? It’s the best!) and continuous interactions between everyone in it, gave me a sense of support and helped me get up to speed.
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Although the procrastinator inside me rose now and then, I really wish to think my Student Mentor from UpGrad. He messaged, called, emailed and did everything needed to keep me from falling behind every time and I’m glad he did.
Lastly, I would like to mention that UpGrad’s PG Program in Big Data Engineering in association with BITS Pilani has changed my perspective on education. Learning is exciting once again for me, because of UpGrad.

Vijayasarathy Muthu

Vijayasarathy works as Category Sourcing Expert for Verizon Data Services India Private Limited. He has over 6 Years of experience in Project Management areas. He believes in being positive, rational and data-driven decision making. He likes to immerse himself in books.

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