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Piyush Kumar of MakeMyTrip explains Big Data Operations

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17th Jan, 2018
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Piyush Kumar of MakeMyTrip explains Big Data Operations

Piyush Kumar is the Head of Data Platform Engineering at MakeMyTrip. He heads the Data team (Data platform, Data Science, and Business Intelligence functions) at MakeMyTrip to support various Lines of Business such as Flights, Hotels, Holidays, and Ground. Along with defining Big Data strategy, he looks after designing and building a scalable and distributed machine learning platform for Big Data systems with real-time streaming and batch processing for Clickstream, Mobile, Transactional, CRM (Customer relationship management) & user feedback or reviews data.

In an exclusive interview, Piyush provides valuable insights to UpGrad about how MakeMyTrip has leveraged Big Data, in line with current trends, to upgrade and enhance its product offerings.
In this first video, Piyush talks about how MakeMyTrip uses Big Data to solve critical business problems in the area of customer segmentation, personalisation, building data pipelines, etc. He also explains the architecture of the Big Data system at MakeMyTrip.

In the second video, Piyush shares insights on career planning for Big Data enthusiasts highlighting different career paths available in Big Data and the necessary skill sets required.

So, Piyush spoke about how MakeMyTrip uses Big Data in their operations. He provided valuable insights to UpGrad about how MakeMyTrip is leveraging Big Data, in line with current trends, to upgrade and enhance its product offerings. He shared insights on career planning for big data enthusiasts highlighting the necessary skill sets required.

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Mohit Soni

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Mohit Soni is working as the Program Manager for the BITS Pilani Big Data Engineering Program. He has been working with the Big Data Industry and BITS Pilani for the creation of this program. He is also an alumnus of IIT Delhi.
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2Why is Big Data so important in today’s times?

Big Data is the enormous volume of data generated by various sources, from social media platforms and IoT devices to web logs and more. The main power of Big Data lies in its ability to offer valuable customer insights to businesses. Big Data is important because it is extremely valuable for formulating marketing techniques and campaigns. It helps companies understand when and where their customers buy from to spot upselling and cross-selling opportunities, optimize workforce operations and planning, and forecast future market trends and customer needs. Big Data can also help companies spot new sources of generating revenues, help with targeted promo information, and also help improve loyalty programs for better client retention.

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