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5 Reasons why Python Continues to be the Top Programming Language

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16th Jun, 2022
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5 Reasons why Python Continues to be the Top Programming Language

Just like a set of instructions is necessary to teach steps for accomplishing various tasks, a computer also requires a set of instructions to process and perform diverse functions. These instructions are nothing but programming languages. 

Programming languages assist computers with the input set of codes and follow it to create complex programs and web structures. These languages are the driving force of every computer application used to simplify monotonous digital operations. Amid diverse programming languages designed to assist the computational process, one leads the way through its simplicity, easy-to-understand structure and convenience – Python.

Python is a widely popular programming language preferred by leading developers globally. It is the language behind leading names like Facebook, Netflix and Spotify. Let’s find out more about this language and what makes it one of the top programming languages by discussing some of the primary reasons behind its usage. 

What is Python?

Python is a free, open-source, high-level programming language created to simplify coding with comprehensible commands and apply it to diverse use. Its high accessibility and beginner-friendly layout make it one of the best programming languages to learn and use for building programming applications and websites. 

Python’s easy-to-use feature is why it is used by over 48.24% of the entire programming population to build challenging software structures. Academics or entertainment, applications and websites created through Python rule the world today. 

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Reasons Behind Python’s Popularity

Besides being an open-source platform, Python’s popularity depends on its extensive features, making it one of the user favourites. Here are the significant features of Python that are also the reason behind its success as a leading programming language!

1. Easy Learning Process

Python is comparatively faster to learn than any other language, thanks to its simplified English syntax. The language is built to resemble natural language, enabling an easy coding process for beginners. Programming experts as well prefer using the language for its limited-time consumption. Reading, learning and using Python is easy for people with all experience levels. 

2. A Plethora of Frameworks and Modules

Another feature of Python simplifying tasks and saving time is its vast assortment of frameworks. Python frameworks and modules contain a pre-existing set of code that programmers may use to save time on common coding sequences. From NumPy Library for assisting with mathematical operations to Matplotlib assisting with data visualisation, diverse frameworks are available under Python. 

3. Expansive Community Support

Extensive Python usage has now led it to create a vast community of programmers worldwide. The Python community is backed by supportive developers who are available to handle complex queries and offer guidance to the Python community. With Python being in use for over 30 years, it boasts of rich community support. Beginners or experts can find a solution to all their Python issues on dedicated Python platforms. 

4. Versatile Language

The versatility of Python is reflected through its extensive usage across diverse environments. Python is a flexible language used by many software developers to create programs and applications across various fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Web Development and Game Development. A significant reason behind Python’s demand and popularity is its versatility in creating works across varying platforms.

5. Simplifies Tasks Automation

Monotonous manual computing operations can be automated using Python. Python’s extensive framework enables programmers to use coding modules for automation scripts that automate tedious manual tasks. Only a few lines of code can deal with hours of labour by automating tasks using Python and saving time. For example, instead of manually operating a device to sieve emails, an automation script built on Python can do the task faster. 

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Few Other Python Features

Python’s features do not end here! 

Few other aspects of Python are considered vital for its reliable build. Let’s look at what more it has in store for users.

  • Extensive Usage in Academics: Following Python’s popularity and emergence in the programming sector, academic institutions make it a necessary part of their curriculum. It is the go-to language for popular applications and opens the door to several trending digital aspects like AI or Deep Learning. Interested learners opt to follow the same path to assimilate into tech sectors with a strong programming foundation. Python’s popularity in academia is also a response to its user-friendly interface, adding to its ease of learning.
  • Involvement with IoT: IoT, or the Internet of Things, is a growing technology connecting everyday devices to work smartly through networking and data collection. Python is a significant part of the IoT ecosystem as it manages the back-end of IoT devices to facilitate connectivity among devices. Python’s dynamic build enables it to work along with IoT projects. IoT-led devices can be altered and improved through Python. Many IoT devices with restricted features use MicroPython to access changes. 
  • Significant Part of Data Science: Data science field is experiencing massive growth with an unprecedented flow of data generated each day through user interaction. This data is significant to organisations as it can reap valuable predictions and a better customer experience. While the data is valuable, it is nearly impossible for data scientists alone to work through the unstructured database. This is where Python is heavily used to structure algorithms and find patterns, and anomalies, helping the data science field in data analytics.
  • Convenient for Web Development: Among diverse language alternatives, programmers and developers prefer Python to create applications and websites. The pre-existing solutions offered by Python are unmatched, compelling beginners and experts to save time using the high-level programming language. Framework and modules further help the web development process speed up and compile in minimal time. Developers no longer have to write complicated coding scripts for minute aspects of a website when Python simplifies and automates tasks. 
  • Flexibility: Python’s flexibility refers to its easy functionality and natural syntax, which is less time-consuming and more efficient. It enables users to prioritise practising new projects and models rather than dealing with lengthy, complex scripts. Developers now don’t have to learn multiple programming languages to develop applications – Python’s accessible functionality extends its feature for various use cases. Python’s platform independence is another aspect developers enjoy while executing programs. 

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Python has gained a position among top programming languages with its extensive usage as a driving force behind leading brands. Leveraging an unending list of features, Python aims to create opportunities for young developers and tech aspirants. Considering its current popularity, the future seems equally bright for Python!


Rohit Sharma

Blog Author
Rohit Sharma is the Program Director for the UpGrad-IIIT Bangalore, PG Diploma Data Analytics Program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Q1: What are the top five programming languages?

Answer: These are the top five programming languages widely used by programmers and web developers to develop programs and create applications: Python, C++, Java, SQL, PHP.

2Q2: Which programming language is better, Python or C++?

Answer: In 2021, Python was reportedly used by 48.24% of users, while C++ was used by 24.31% of users, reflecting the difference in popularity and usage. Users prefer Python due to its uncomplicated syntax, but C++ offers better performance and speed, making it preferable for many other users.

3Q3: Do hackers use Python?

Answer: Yes! Being an open-source, high-level language, Python allows access to black and white hat hackers. Python lets hackers automate their tasks through simple codes and often available scripts in pre-existing Python frameworks, simplifying their tasks to create an intruding set of instructions for easy data access and manipulation.

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