Starting career as a Data Analyst in India: Story of Abhinay Bandaru

This article was originally published by Abhinay Bandaru (UpGrad Data Science Program Alumnus) on LinkedIn Pulse.
I am a Data Analyst at Head Infotech Pvt. Ltd., a gaming company in Hyderabad. I have done my B. Tech from NIT Surat in Electronics & Communication Engineering. It was clear in my final year of graduation that I was not going to continue my career as an Electronics Engineer due to many reasons. This is the point where I thought of a career transition. Then, I researched about the areas where I can do well and for many obvious reasons, I was good at Mathematics, Statistics and Physics right from my childhood. This helped me in taking the decision to shift towards data science. It was a field where you can play with mathematics and logic to help answer difficult business problems using analytics.
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What Makes UpGrad Come Up with Awesome Content UpGrad Blog Starting career as a Data Analyst in India: Story of Abhinay Bandaru
I got to know about UpGrad’s PGDP in Data Science, with a certification from IIIT Bangalore, through one of my friends. After checking the course content, I found the pedagogy of content to be well organized. The reviews were very good as it was taught by professors from IIIT Bangalore. Even after that, I had a lot of discussions with many people along with the UpGrad mentor before arriving at the decision to take the course, as it was priced a little high for me. Finally, I enrolled in the course and it was the best decision I took just after completing my B. Tech. At some point in your life, you have to take a calculated risk to achieve success in life and this was it.
What Makes UpGrad Come Up with Awesome Content?

I had taken this online course leaving all the Electronics engineering knowledge and completely concentrating on Data Science. The content taught by IIIT-B professors made me more excited about this field. The support of UpGrad student mentors in the course was a crucial part. I followed them and they helped a lot in clarifying my queries. There was also placement assistance given where you are perfectly guided on how to start a career as a Data Analyst.

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When everything was going fine while learning all these, I got a call from Head Infotech Pvt. Ltd. to attend for an interview for Data Analyst role. After several rounds, finally, all my efforts after the graduation from my home, paid off – achieving career start as a Data Analyst. I would like to thank once again the IIIT-B professors and UpGrad for providing strong content and delivering such a huge course so systematically, and also Head Infotech Pvt. Ltd. for believing in me to join their family.

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