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    Recommended 8-10 hrs/week

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    Programme Overview

    Key Highlights

    Interactive Discussion boards, quizzes and assignments
    Interactive Discussion boards, quizzes and assignments
    Resume building and 1:1 mentorship calls
    Resume building and 1:1 mentorship calls
    8 weeks per course, 3 courses, 6-month program, 100% online
    8 weeks per course, 3 courses, 6-month program, 100% online
    Dedicated Student Support available
    Dedicated Student Support available
    Live faculty interaction
    Live faculty interaction
    Easy financing options available
    Easy financing options available
    Interview preparation & career guidance
    Interview preparation & career guidance
    Discussion Board and strong peer network
    Discussion Board and strong peer network
    Access to MSU Canvas platform to attend live sessions & access course content. upGrad learn platform is NOT used
    Access to MSU Canvas platform to attend live sessions & access course content. upGrad learn platform is NOT used
    Access to MSU Canvas platform to be given directly by the university on the learner’s registered email id
    Access to MSU Canvas platform to be given directly by the university on the learner’s registered email id

    “Our aim is simple: We strive to create high-impact, hands-on experiences that prepare students for meaningful and productive careers.” - Ronnie Screwvala, Co-Founder, upGrad



    Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos and live sessions.

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    Top Skills You Will Learn

    The three required 8-week courses integrate aspects of businview more

    Who Is This Programme For?

    Analysts & Consultants, Decision Makers/Influencers, Data Prview more

    Minimum Eligibility

    No entry barrier


    Global Master Certificate in Business Analytics
    Earn a Global Master Certificate in Business Analytics from Michigan State University on successful completion of the programme
    Global Master Certificate in Business Analytics
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    • Be part of a global program and learn from your colleagues
    • Learn from the best in the industry
    • Only a soft copy of the certificate is issued directly from Michigan State University. Learners do not get any certificate if they have failed in the program
    • Once the learner has completed the program, certificate can be downloaded from the MSU Canvas portal

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    Learn on an AI-powered & personalised platform with best-in-class content, live sessions & mentoring from leading industry experts.
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    Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos and live sessions

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    Live Sessions

    Analytics for Competitive Advantage

    8 Weeks
    • Competing with Analytics
    • Using Analytics to Create Value
    • Enterprise Data Management and Analytical and Modeling Tools
    • Value Chain and Business Analytics
    • Marketing/Sales and Valuation Processes
    • Supply Chain, Enterprise Risk, and HR Processes
    • Identifying and Defining Organisational Problems and Opportunities
    • Telling the Story With Data – Communications and Visualisation

    Data Mining and Management Strategies

    8 Weeks
    • Enterprise Database and Data Models
    • Extracting Data from a Database
    • The Data Analysis Landscape and an Overview of Machine Learning
    • Getting Data from Social Networks and Geolocalisation
    • Clustering and Understanding the Relation of Things
    • Black Box vs. White Box Approach and the Implications
    • Classification Black Box Methods
    • Large-Scale Implementation of Hadoop and MapReduce

    Applying Business Analytics

    8 Weeks
    • Statistics - A Data-Driven Science
    • Comparing Populations - t-Tests and ANOVA
    • Simple Linear Regression
    • Exponential, Logarithmic, and Power Regression
    • Multiple Linear Regression
    • Data Mining and Inferential Statistics
    • Analysing Text and Networks
    • Locations and Imagery Data

    The upGrad Advantage


    Learning Support

    Learning Support
    Student Support Team
    • Dedicated Student Support available. You can write us via
    Q&A Forum
    • Timely doubt resolution by teaching assistance and peers.
    • 100% Expert-verified responses to ensure quality learning.
    Industry Mentors
    • Receive unparalleled guidance from teaching assistants and graders.


    Industry Networking
    • Live sessions by faculty on various industry topics.

    Admission Process

    Please find below the detailed steps to be followed as a part of the admission process.

    Programme Fee

    ₹ NaN (incl. taxes)*

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    *No Cost EMI Options Available. Disclaimer: The mentioned programme fee is applicable only to Indian resident students.

    The credit facility is provided by a third party credit facility provider and any arrangement with such third party is outside upGrad's purview.

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    - This program is accredited in the Foreign University's country. It is not UGC recognized.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Programme Details

    How long does it take to complete each course?

    The total estimated completion time for each certificate programme is approximately 25 to 30 hours, including 12 to 16 hours of streaming video presentation plus independent exercises and mastery exams. Students can work at their own pace but should plan to spend approximately 8 to 10 hours a week on their online lectures, assignments and exams, which will enable them to complete each course within eight weeks.

    Is there a time limit that I must complete a course within?

     Yes. You have eight weeks to complete each certificate course.

    What kind of materials will I have access to?

    For your convenience, courses offer downloadable study guides and lectures as part of the programme.

    What type of interaction can I expect from this programme?

    The online faculty support format is an excellent way to meet, collaborate and network with professionals from across the nation and around the world. Online faculty support offers extended interaction with programme faculty and classmates through virtual office hours, faculty-monitored chat rooms, discussion boards and email, ensuring an engaging and rewarding educational experience. In fact, many students will find that they are actually learning, participating and enjoying themselves more in this online programme than they ever did in a traditional classroom.

    Will I have assignments or exams?

     In order to receive your certificate, there will be an “open book” set of questions you must answer online. Students may also be required to participate in simulation or practical exercises that are designed to help them achieve a better understanding of the core competencies.

    Why should I consider earning a Global Master Certificate?

    Earning a Global Master Certificate sets those with the credentials apart from – or above – those without it. For many, gaining new skills becomes a personal professional goal. A certificate from a highly respected, accredited university also adds prestige to your resume. Furthermore, a professional certificate can be an aid to career advancement and help you earn a higher salary.

    How can I let others know I’ve earned a Global Master Certificate from Michigan State?

    Upon enrolling in the programme, we encourage you to add the Global Master Certificate with the estimated date of completion onto your resume and LinkedIn profile if you have one. Adding this credential shows your network connections, your current employer as well as potential employers that you are committed to your career and serious about advancement opportunities.

    When does your next session begin?

     Students can usually begin classes within 2 months following the month they register.

    How does earning a course certificate work?

    Once you have completed and paid for a course – including all lectures, assignments and tests – you will be awarded a course certificate and continuing education units from Michigan State University.

    Are Michigan State University and the Broad College of Business accredited?

    Michigan State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The Broad College of Business is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), representing the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide. Michigan State University's Broad College of Business, is consistently ranked among the top business schools in the country, with more than 6,000 students currently enrolled in undergraduate, MBA, master's, doctoral and executive development programmes.

    Who is Bisk? How does the relationship work with Michigan State University?

    Michigan State University is collaborating with Bisk to provide renowned education from outstanding Broad College faculty through state-of-the-art online technology. Bisk, a worldwide leader in interactive professional education, provides the e-learning system powering the online classroom rich with dynamic features such as streaming video lectures, discussion boards, online chat rooms and much more. In addition to providing the interactive online technology, Bisk works with the University to provide registration support, assisting you in the enrollment process, providing class materials upon request, as well as providing superior technical and customer service support for our online programmes.  The curriculum and content is provided by the same faculty who teach in our ground-based programmes at Michigan State University.

    What are the minimum system requirements?

     Click here for more information.

    I have a disability; how do I request special accommodations?

     If you have a disability that requires a special accommodation in order to participate in an online course, you must identify yourself as a person with a disability and request an accommodation from the University. Please contact an enrolment representative to initiate the identification process. Your enrolment representative will provide further details about the process for receiving special accommodations from the University.

    Is this program recognized by UGC?

    This program is accredited in the Foreign University's country. It is not UGC recognized.

    Refund Policy/Financials

    Can I apply for a refund or a deferral?

    You may choose to apply for a refund or a deferral as per the refund/deferral policy. 

    Refund Policy: 

    1. Learners must pay an applicable block fee i.e. Rs. 15,000/- to block a seat for the enrolment to the Program. This block fee will be adjusted against the total Program fee i.e. Rs. 1,70,000/- payable by the learner.
    2. Except for the case in Point 4 of the Refund Policy, block fee is non-refundable under any circumstances. This is the processing fee for any learner who enrols with our Program.
    3. If a learner has made a partial or full payment of the remaining amount of Rs.1,70,000/- (“Balance Fee”), learner can claim a refund for such Balance Fee at any time before the cohort starts by raising a refund request on “My Applications” page on our website (, stating the specific reason for the refund.
    4. The total Program fee should be paid within seven (7) days of payment of block fee or last date before the Program start date, whichever is earlier. Otherwise the offer letter shall be rescinded, and processing fee of Rs. 15,000/- will be levied.
    5. Except for the case as per Point No. 4 of the Refund Policy, the Program fee is non-refundable once the cohort starts. Also, if you have availed of a credit facility/loan, you will be unable to cancel your loan and you will have to continue paying your EMI’s. 

    Deferral Policy: (Pre Programme Commencement) 


    1. If a learner, due to unavoidable circumstances is unable to commence with the cohort and requests for a deferral before the current cohort starts, we provide the opportunity for the student to defer the enrolment to another cohort.
    2. To do so, learner must raise a through ‘My Applications’ page on our website ( stating the specific reason for deferral OR reach out to the Admission Counsellor.
    3. The learner can make the request until the current cohort starts, post which the deferral request will not be accepted. If the learner asks for a refund after the deferral window expires i.e. before the cohort starts, the applicable refund policy will apply.
    4. A learner can request for deferral only once. The request can only defer the enrolment to any of two (2) scheduled cohorts, subject to availability.
    5. Fifty percent (50%) Program fee must be paid by the learner to avail deferral before cohort starts. This fee will be adjusted against total fee payable. The learner must pay the balance amount against Program fee between the period of current enrolled cohort and the deferred cohort.
    6. The deferral request will be considered and approved only when the payment is made against Program fee as per Point No. 5 of this Deferral Policy (Pre-Program commencement).

    Deferral Policy: (Post Programme Commencement) 

    1. There is no post program deferral policy, if a student wishes to defer, they will withdraw from the course and receive a fail grade. When a deferral (or withdrawal) occurs, a student is required to join a new cohort at the start of the course and undertake the course as new.
    2. The amount paid by the student in the form of fees would be forfeited.

    No Cost Credit Card EMI FAQ's

    0% EMI with Finance partners /Credit card option availability will vary program wise.

    1. Which banks allow using 0% Credit card EMI or Credit card EMI?
    No cost EMI is available on credit cards from all major banks (American Express, Bank of Baroda, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, IndusInd Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, RBL Bank, Standard Chartered, Axis Bank, Yes Bank, State Bank of India, CITIBANK and HSBC).

    2. Is there any minimum transaction limit ?
    Yes. 50000 is the minimum.

    3. Standard Chartered Bank offers 18 or 24 months No Cost EMI ?
    No. ONLY 12 months is available irrespective of the Program enrolled.

    4. Will I have to pay any extra amount for EMI transaction?
    If you are availing 0% credit card EMI, upGrad will not charge any processing fees or down payment for these transactions. Your bank may levy GST or other taxes on the interest component of the EMI.

    5. Are there any fees or down payment?
    Certain banks charge nominal processing fees between INR 99 - 500 on 0% Credit Card EMI transaction. If charged, will be billed in the first repayment installment.

    6. Can I use my International credit card for 0% credit EMI or Credit Card EMI?
    Only the Indian bank credit cards can be used. But you can pay the amount using the Credit card option in one shot / part payments, and later you can convert into EMI from your respective bank. The tenures and interest charged will depend on your bank. upGrad will not charge any processing fees or down payment for these transactions, this will be purely between you and your bank.

    7. Are there any charges in case I opt for cancellation/refund from the course after paying balance with no cost EMI ?
    Yes, there will be additional charges to the extent of interest paid by the upGrad to the bank, you will be refunded only Principal amount, i.e. the amount actually deducted/blocked from your card. This deduction will be in addition to the amount mentioned in the refund policy shared with your offer letter.

    8. Can I Pay Using Multiple Credit Cards ?
    Multiple cards can be used to complete the payments using Part payment option make sure to inform the learner, minimum transaction is INR 50000 to opt for 0% CC EMI E.g. Amount to be paid: 150000. I can pay using 2 Credit cards. Yes, Example :
    HDFC Card – Part payment – INR 100000
    ICICI Card – Part payment – INR 50000

    9. How can I opt for Credit card EMI if my bank is not listed in the 0% Credit card EMI or Credit card EMI?
    You can pay the amount using the Credit card option in one shot / part payments, and later you can convert into EMI from your respective bank. The tenures and interest charged will depend on your bank. upGrad will not charge any processing fees or down payment for these transactions.

    10. Why is the entire amount blocked on my credit card?
    Initially your bank will block the entire amount from your available purchase limit and from your next billing cycle, you will be charged the EMI amount. As you start paying your EMI, your credit limit will be released accordingly. For example, if you have made a payment of ₹100000 on 6-months EMI and your credit limit is ₹200,000 then initially your bank will block your credit limit by ₹100000. After payment of your first month EMI of Rs.15000, the blocked amount will come down to ₹85000.

    11. Why is interest getting charged on No Cost EMI?
    Your bank will charge you interest. However, this interest charge has been provided to you as an upfront discount at the time of your payment, effectively giving you the benefit of a No cost EMI. The total amount paid during the entire EMI tenure to the bank will be equal to the amount to be paid to upGrad.

    Eg. Amount payable to upGrad: INR 405000
    Let's say Amount deducted at the time of transaction: INR 379850 (Principal amount) Bank charges interest of 12-15% per annum on INR 379850
    [Note: Interest factor is reducing rate and not Flat rate]
    EMI AMOUNT = INR 33750 x 12 = INR 405000
    Effectively, you have taken loan on 379,850 instead of 405,000

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