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    Accredited from Institute of Analytics

    Program Overview

    Key Highlights

    20 In-Demand Tools & Languages
    20 In-Demand Tools & Languages
    30+ Case Studies, Coding Assignments  & Capstone Project
    30+ Case Studies, Coding Assignments & Capstone Project
    4 Months Masters Thesis
    4 Months Masters Thesis
    Expert Coaching Sessions
    Expert Coaching Sessions
    Global Industry Experts
    Global Industry Experts
    500+ Hours of Learning
    500+ Hours of Learning
    Student Support available all day for your convenience (24*7). For urgent queries, use the Call Back option on the platform
    Student Support available all day for your convenience (24*7). For urgent queries, use the Call Back option on the platform
    IIIT Bangalore & LJMU Alumni Status
    IIIT Bangalore & LJMU Alumni Status
    Career Essential Soft Skills Program
    Career Essential Soft Skills Program
    Timely Doubt Resolution
    Timely Doubt Resolution
    Accredited by Institute of Analytics UK (IOA)
    Accredited by Institute of Analytics UK (IOA)

    - 50% (or equivalent) Bachelor's Degree preferably in a Mathematical/ Statistical background.
    - Recommended 1 year of work experience in programming/ analytics.



    Experience 500+ hours of best-in-class content developed by leading faculty & industry leaders in the form of videos, case studies & projects. 


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    20+ Programming Languages, Tools & Libraries Covered

    Master's Degree from LJMU
    With a heritage that stretches back to 1823, Liverpool John Moores University, UK is now one of the largest and most well-established universities in the UK. It has been ranked in the Top 100 World Young Universities & Top 50 in the UK by Student Satisfaction.
    Master's Degree from LJMU
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    • Complete all courses to achieve this prestigious M.Sc. Degree from LJMU, UK to jump-start your career in ML & AI
    • Get access to the complete digital library of LJMU to research & write your dissertation
    • Earn a Master's degree which is recognised by WES, at 1/10th the cost of an offline program


    Learn from leading ML & AI faculty and industry leaders


    Experience 750+ hours of best-in-class content developed by leading faculty & industry leaders in the form of videos, case studies & projects

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    Hours of Content
    Case Studies and Projects
    Live Sessions
    Coding Assignments
    Tools, Languages & Libraries
    Capstone Projects to Choose From

    International Preparatory Course

    4 Weeks
    • Excel MasterClass
    • Overview of DS/ML/AI
    • Data Visualisation and StoryTelling
    • Data Science Problem Solving
    • Introduction to Python
    • Python for Data Science
    • Data Visualisation in Python
    • Analytics Problem Solving (Optional)
    • Data Analysis Using SQL (Optional)
    • Advanced SQL (Optional)
    • Programming using Python - I(Optional)
    • Programming using Python - II (Optional)
    • Data Analysis in Excel (Optional)
    • Math for Machine Learning (Optional)

    Statistics and Exploratory Data Analytics

    5 Weeks
    • Exploratory Data Analysis
    • Cloud Essentials: Intro to Git & Cloud
    • Investment Assignment
    • Inferential Statistics
    • Hypothesis Testing
    • Lending Club Case Study

    Machine Learning - I

    7 Weeks
    • Linear Regression
    • Assignment: Linear Regression
    • Logistic Regression
    • Naive Bayes
    • Model Selection

    Machine Learning - II

    7 Weeks
    • Advanced Regression
    • Advanced Regression assignment
    • Support Vector Machine (Optional)
    • Tree Models
    • Model Selection - Practical Considerations
    • Boosting
    • Unsupervised learning: Clustering
    • Unsupervised Learning: Principal Component Analysis
    • Telecom Churn Case Study

    Deep Learning

    8 Weeks
    • Introduction to Neural Networks
    • Convolutional Neural Networks - Industry Applications
    • Convolutional Neural Networks - Assignment
    • Recurrent Neural Networks
    • Neural Networks Project - Gesture Recognition

    Natural Language Processing

    7 Weeks
    • Lexical Processing
    • Syntactical Processing
    • Syntactic Processing -Assignment
    • Semantic Processing
    • Case Study: Classifying Customer Complaint Tickets

    ELective 1: DL with MLops

    10 Weeks
    • Cloud Essentials: Intro to AWS
    • Working with AWS: case study
    • MLOps: Introduction
    • MLOps: Data Lifecycle
    • MLOps: Model Lifecycle
    • MLops Assignment
    • Advanced CV
    • MLOps + Deployment: DL (Theory)
    • MLOps + Deployment: DL (assignment)

    Elective 2: NLP with Mlops

    10 Weeks
    • Cloud Essentials: Intro to AWS
    • Working with AWS: case study
    • MLOps: Introduction
    • MLOps: Data Lifecycle
    • MLOps: Model Lifecycle
    • MLOps Assignment
    • Advanced NLP
    • MLOps + Deployment: NLP (Theory)
    • MLOps + Deployment: NLP (assignment)

    Elective 3: AI strategy

    10 Weeks
    • Cloud Essentials: Intro to AWS
    • Working with AWS: case study
    • MLOps: Introduction
    • MLOps: Data Lifecycle
    • MLOps: Model Lifecycle
    • MLOps Assignment
    • AI Strategy Framework, Structured Problem Solving/ Data Storytelling
    • Mapping ML with Data architecture strategy
    • Executing AI Strategy
    • AI strategy: Assignment
    • Capstone

    Reinforcement Learning (Optional)

    • Classical Reinforcement Learning
    • Assignment - Classical Reinforcement Learning
    • Deep Reinforcement Learning
    • Reinforcement Learning Project

    Research Methodologies

    8 Weeks
    • Introduction to Research and Research Process
    • Research Design
    • Literature Reviewing
    • Research Project Management
    • Report Writing and Presentation Skills
    • Scientific Ethics

    Master's Dissertation

    16 weeks
    • Investigate dietary patterns and metabolite fingerprints of takeaway (fast) food consumers using PCA and clustering methods
    • Investigate a diagnosis of eye diseases using imaging ophthalmic data
    • Structure medical images with information geometry
    • Using Social media feed to place tweets regarding natural disasters on a map
    • Preventing credit card fraud through pattern recognition
    • Developing a recommender system for a Media giant
    • Risk modelling for Financial activities and Investment Banking

    Industry Projects

    Learn through real-life industry projects sponsored by top companies across industries
    • Engage in collaborative projects with student-mentor interaction
    • Benefit by learning in-person with Expert Mentors
    • Personalized subjective feedback on your submissions to facilitate improvement

    Benefits with upGrad

    360 Degree Career Support services, Personalized Mentorship from Industry Experts, Hands-on Projects, Peer Networking opportunities & a whole lot more to help you master Machine Learning & AI.

    Career Assistance

    Career Assistance
    Interview Prep & Resume Building
    • Get 1:1 Resume Review Sessions with Industry Experts & a dedicated Career Mentor
    • Profile Building Workshops: Live sessions on how to build your profile - be it your resume or GitHub profile
    • Explore 100+ commonly asked interview questions across modules
    Company Specific Preparation
    • Just-in-Time Interviews: Get company and role-specific preparation with mock interviews right before your actual interviews
    • Access to a carefully curated pool of interview resources per company to ensure you're interview-ready

    Learning Support

    Learning Support
    Industry Expert Mentorship
    • Fortnightly personalised group (1:8) mentorship sessions with industry experts for pro-active mentoring
    • Calls with industry experts for personalised feedback & guidance spread over 3 months
    • Live interactive sessions with leading industry experts covering curriculum + advanced topics
    Student Support
    • Available all days 24 hours.
    • For urgent queries, use the Call Back option on the platform.

    Practical Learning & Networking

    Practical Learning & Networking
    Hands-on Project
    • 12+ industry projects & assignments and choose 6 options out of 10 Capstone Projects
    • Live coding classes on Kaggle & OpenCV & sessions to build your Github profile
    Networking & Learning Experience
    • Live Discussion forum for peer to peer doubt resolution monitored by technical experts
    • Reverse knowledge transfer sessions (FLIP classrooms) with learners tutoring fellow batchmates
    • Peer to peer networking opportunities with a alumni pool of 10000+
    • Lab walkthroughs of industry-driven projects

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    Admission Process

    There are 3 simple steps in the Admission Process which are detailed below:

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Program Details

    How do I know if this program is for me?

    This program is for you if you are a:
    Data Scientist or Senior Data Analyst: If you are comfortable with data wrangling, have implemented statistical or machine learning models in the past, and have spent at least 2 years as a working professional. You should also have some experience with R/Python/Scala.
    Statistician: If you received formal education in statistics or mathematics and have at least 2 years of working experience.
    Data Engineer/Big Data Engineer: If you have at least 2 years of experience in creating data pipelines/handling data warehouses and you have created ETL procedures. In addition, you should be familiar with various frameworks and tools like Hadoop and Spark.
    Software Developer: If you have worked on creating and deploying software/apps for at least 4 years, you are comfortable with object-oriented programming and know C/C++/Java/Python or a similar language.

    How will this program benefit me?

    The program will benefit you in different ways depending on your prior experiences:
    Data Scientist or Senior Data Analyst: The program will familiarise you with the advancements in ML and AI. It will also help you understand the mathematics behind algorithms and how you can modify them to suit your needs so that you can transition to a Senior Data Science or Machine Learning role.
    Statistician/Mathematician: Apart from familiarising you with the advancements in ML and AI, the program will help you understand how to define a structured approach to solve a business problem, and equip you with the right tools so that you can transition to a Machine Learning or Data Science role.
    Data Engineer/Big Data Engineer: The program will set up a solid foundation of Statistics, Machine Learning, and AI along with problem-solving skills so that you can solve enterprise-level problems. It will build upon your existing knowledge of various tools to make you a Full-Stack Machine Learning or Data Science professional.
    Software Developer: The program will help you create a strong foundation of Statistics, Machine Learning, and Business Understanding. It will leverage your existing knowledge of programming and expand the technologies you are familiar with so that you can become a well-rounded Machine Learning professional.

    What is this program intended to do?

    This program intends to produce extremely well-rounded data scientists and AI professionals with deep knowledge of mathematics, expertise in relevant tools/languages, and understanding of cutting-edge algorithms and applications.

    What can I expect out of this program?

    This program is designed for working professionals looking to pick up skills in advanced concepts like Reinforcement Learning, Graphical Models, NLP, Deep Learning along with a solid foundation of Statistics. This program demands consistent work and time commitment over the entire duration of 20 months.

    What should I NOT expect from this program?

    This program is NOT intended to serve as an entry point to the field of Data Science. It is aimed at developing professionals who can be absorbed into Senior Data Scientist and Machine Learning/AI roles. Our Master's Degree in Machine Learning Program is aimed at facilitating the transition of professionals to the Machine Learning field.

    Is there any certification at the end of the program?

    Post completion of the program, a certificate in Executive PG Program in Machine Learning and AI will be granted from IIIT Bangalore and a Master's Degree from LJMU.


    What type of learning should I expect?

    The content will be a mix of asynchronous lectures from industry leaders as well as world-class faculty. Additionally, the program comprises of some live lectures or hangout sessions dedicated to solving your academic queries and to reinforce learning.

    Selection Criteria

    What is the selection process for this program?

    upGrad, IIITB, LJMU, world-class faculty, and many industry leaders have committed a lot of time in conceptualising and creating this program to make sure that the candidates can receive the best possible learning experience. Hence, we want to make sure that the participants of this program also show a very high level of commitment and passion for Machine Learning and AI.

    The applicants will have to take a selection test designed to check their mathematical and programming abilities. The applicants can skip the test if they meet the following criteria:

    50% (or equivalent) Bachelor's Degree preferably in a Mathematical/ Statistical background. Minimum 1 year of work experience in a technical domain or a degree in mathematics or Statistics with programming experience

    Refund Policy/Financials

    Is there any deferral or refund policy for this program?


    1. upGrad does not grant credit; credits are granted, accepted or transferred at the sole discretion of an educational institution. upGrad does not make any representations regarding the recognition or equivalence of the credits or credentials awarded, unless otherwise expressly stated. If you intend to pursue a post graduate or doctorate degree upon completion of this course or apply for employment which requires specific credits, we advise you to enquire further regarding the suitability of this degree for your academic and/or professional requirements before enrolling.

    **All telephone calls will be recorded for training and quality purposes.

    **If we are unavailable to attend to your call, it is deemed that we have your consent to contact you in response.