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    Program Overview

    Key Highlights

    Python Programming Bootcamp
    Python Programming Bootcamp
    Designed for Working Professionals
    Designed for Working Professionals
    9+ Programming Tools & Languages
    9+ Programming Tools & Languages
    Masterclasses by Industry Experts
    Masterclasses by Industry Experts
    Career Mentorship Sessions (1:1)
    Career Mentorship Sessions (1:1)
    High-performance Coaching (1:1)
    High-performance Coaching (1:1)
    Just-in-time Interviews
    Just-in-time Interviews
    Industry Readiness Assessments
    Industry Readiness Assessments
    Career Essential Soft Skills Program
    Career Essential Soft Skills Program
    University of Arizona Alumni Status
    University of Arizona Alumni Status
    25+ Industry-driven Case Studies
    25+ Industry-driven Case Studies
    Exclusive Job Opportunities Portal
    Exclusive Job Opportunities Portal
    AI-powered Profile Builder
    AI-powered Profile Builder
    Personalised Industry Session
    Personalised Industry Session
    Career Bootcamp
    Career Bootcamp
    30+ Live Learning Sessions
    30+ Live Learning Sessions
    1350 Hours of Learning
    1350 Hours of Learning
    Support is available all days for 24 hours
    Support is available all days for 24 hours
    Accredited by Institute of Analytics UK (IOA)
    Accredited by Institute of Analytics UK (IOA)

    "Our aim is simple: We strive to create high-impact, hands-on experiences that prepare students for meaningful and productive careers.”

    - Ronnie Screwvala, Co-Founder, upGrad



    Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects

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    Top Skills You Will Learn
    Python, BD processing using Spark, Deploy ML Models, Superviview more
    Job Opportunities
    Big Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Machine Leaview more
    Who Is This Program For?
    Managers and Aspiring Managers, MBA Graduates, Engineers, Prview more
    Minimum Eligibility
    - Bachelor’s Degree (with minimum 50% score | medium of instview more
    Master of Science in Data Science from University of Arizona
    Complete all the courses successfully to obtain this recognition from the University of Arizona.
    Master of Science in Data Science from University of Arizona
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    • Earn a Master of Science in Data Science degree
    • Get University of Arizona alumni status
    • Get ID cards (chargeable) and email IDs from University of Arizona.
    • A minimum of 70% score (C grade) is required to pass each course. A minimum of 3.0 CGPA is required to pass the entire program.

    Programming Languages and Tools Covered

    Global Lecturers

    Learn from leading Data Science faculty and industry leaders


    Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects, assignments and live sessions

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    Industry driven case studies
    Live Sessions
    10 w
    Capstone Projects
    Hours of Learning

    Course 0 - Pre Course Requisites

    3 Weeks
    • Fundamentals of Calculus and Probability
    • Basics of R Programming
    • Basics of Python Programming

    Course 1 - Data Analysis and Visualization

    10 Weeks
    1 Assignment
    • Functional Programming in Python
    • Data Structures and Algorithms
    • Database Design and Introduction to MySQL
    • Tableau
    • Essential Data Science Tools: Github and Jekyll

    Course 2 - Data Mining and Discovery

    10 Weeks
    1 Assignment
    • Libraries for Data Science: Numpy, Pandas
    • Advance Visualisation
    • Exploratory Data Analysis
    • Inferencing from Data with R
    • Hypothesis Testing with R

    Course 3 - Introduction to Machine Learning

    11 Weeks
    1 Assignment
    • Building Linear Regression Models from Scratch
    • Linear Regression practical applications
    • Logistic Regression
    • Decision Trees
    • Random Forest
    • PCA
    • Clustering
    • Bagging, Boosting and Regularization
    • Model Selection and Feature Engineering

    Course 4 - Data Base Development and Management

    9 Weeks
    1 Assignment
    • Advance SQL
    • Introduction to NoSQL

    Course 5 - Data Warehousing and Analytics in the Cloud

    10 Weeks
    1 Assignment
    • Introduction to Cloud
    • Elastic Provision Services of Cloud and Setting up Cloud
    • Introduction to HDFS
    • Hive Querying
    • Introduction to Spark
    • Handling Big Data with Spark
    • SparkML

    Capstone Project - 1

    5 Weeks
    • Best practices for Effective Communication
    • Capstone Project

    Course 6 - Neural Networks

    10 Weeks
    1 Assignment
    • Introduction to Neural Networks
    • CNN
    • RNN
    • Computer Vision

    Course 7 - Applied Natural Language Processing

    10 Weeks
    1 Assignment
    • Lexical Processing
    • Syntactic Processing
    • Semantic Processing
    • Introduction to Attention Mechanism
    • Advanced Language Models: BERT, GPT

    Course 8 - Managing the Digital Information Environment

    10 Weeks
    1 Assignment
    • Structured Problem Solving
    • Data Storytelling
    • Framework to DS/ML Solution Building Strategy
    • Building Data Architecture
    • Introduction to MLOps
    • Introduction to Data and Model Lifecycle

    Course 9 - Ethical Issues in Information

    9 Weeks
    1 Assignment
    • Ethical Foundations
    • Ethics in Data
    • Ethics in Modelling

    Capstone Project- 2

    5 Weeks
    • Capstone Project 2

    Industry Projects

    Learn through real-life industry projects sponsored by top companies across industries

    The upGrad Advantage

    Strong hand-holding with dedicated support to help you master Data Science

    High ROI

    High ROI
    Cost Effective
    • Upgrade your career at 1/6 the cost of the same on campus program
    Learn and Earn
    • Get world class credentials without leaving your job from the comfort of your home

    Unique Learning Experience

    Unique Learning Experience
    Industry Driven
    • Learn through curriculum created by the industry for the industry
    • Learn and get coached by leading industry experts from around the globe
    • Experience world class education on-demand through our proprietary app and website
    Unparalleled Support
    • Student Support is available 7 days a week, 24*7
    • You can write to us via Or for urgent queries, use the "Talk to Us" option on the Learn platform

    Career Outcomes

    Career Outcomes
    Career Preparation
    • Rigorous career preparation with resume feedback, personal branding on LinkedIn
    • Career booster content to help understand how to search for jobs, prepare for interviews, negotiate your salary etc.
    • Industry mentorship : Receive mentorship from industry leaders of the domain to help you reach your desired career goal
    • Opportunity to network with accomplished professionals, faculty and industry experts from 50+ countries
    • Part of 50K+ alumni base who are working in top companies like Amazon, ESPN, Visa, Microsoft, E&Y, Accenture.

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    - *Exemption for students with a bachelor's degree from an institution where medium of instruction was English. Subject to verification.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Course Curriculum

    What is the Master's in Data Science with upGrad?

    The Master's degree is an engaging yet rigorous 24-month online program designed specifically for working professionals to develop practical knowledge and skills, establish a professional network, and accelerate entry into data science careers. The certification is awarded by University of Arizona.

    What should I expect from the Master's Degree in Data Science?

    Expect to carry out several industry-relevant projects simulated as per the actual workplace, making you a skilled data science professional at par with leading industry standards.

    What should I NOT expect from the Master's Degree in Data Science?

    The program is NOT going to be easy. It will be requiring at least 12-15 hours of time commitment per week, applying new concepts and executing industry relevant projects.

    What type of learning experience should I expect?

    The content will be a mix of interactive lectures from industry leaders as well as world-renowned faculty. Additionally, the program comprises live lectures or hangout sessions dedicated to solving your academic queries and reinforcing learning. 

    Is any certification granted at the end of the program?

    Post successful completion of the program, a Masters in Data Science would be granted from the University of Arizona.

    Time Commitment

    What is the time commitment expected for the program?

    At least 12-15 hours per week of time commitment is expected to be able to graduate from the program.

    Career Prospects and Support

    What type of career support should I expect from this program?

    Preparatory Support: Mentoring on how to make the best resume for a data professional, highlighting technical and domain expertise. Data Science interview preparation and interview mentoring by industry experts.


    Access to Opportunities: Profiles of students will be circulated in upGrad's network of companies. For learners with 5+ years of experience, it becomes more difficult to convert these opportunities than others. For them, it's more about how to inculcate data-driven leadership in the current job and plan a transition into Data analytics or Data Science in the medium-to-long run.

    How will my doubts/questions be addressed in an online program?

    Peer-to-peer discussion forum where you can post your queries and your peers/faculty/teaching assistants answer your queries within a day. Regular Q&A sessions with faculty to get clarification on conceptual doubts.

    Refund Policy/Financials

    Is there a refund policy for this program?

    Refund Policy: (Programs with/without prep-session component)

    • The student must pay applicable caution money for the enrollment of the course. This will be adjustable against the total course fee payable by the student.
    • You can claim a refund for the amount paid towards the Program at any time, before the Program Start Date, by visiting and submitting your refund form via the "My Application" section under your profile. You can request your Admissions Counsellor  to help you in applying and withdrawing for a refund by sending them an email with reasons listed. There shall be no refund applicable once the program has started. This is applicable even for those students who could not complete their payment, and could not be enrolled in the batch opted for. However, the student can avail pre-deferral as per the policy defined below for the same.
    • Refund shall be processed to an eligible student within 30 working days from the date of receipt of refund form subject to submission of the right documents from him/her in this regard.
    • Refund shall be subject to deduction of USD 150 or local currency equivalent processing charges.


    Deferral Policy: (Post Program Commencement)

    • If a student is facing severe issues in dedicating time to the course, we provide the opportunity for the student to defer to another batch. This deferral will be subjected to a 10% deferral fee of the total course amount + taxes if any along with the differential program fees between the two cohorts.
    • This deferral request shall be granted only once and to either of the scheduled cohorts to start in the next 1 year from the start date of the initial batch in which the student was originally enrolled for.
    • The deferral request will be approved once the deferral fee is paid. Until the process is completed, the student will be assumed to be continuing in the same cohort.
    • The student has 7 days (including holidays and weekends) from the date of deferral request to make the payment of the deferral fee post which the deferral request shall be deemed as expired, and the student shall continue as part of the current cohort.
    • If the student completes the deferral payment, the student’s login will be disabled, the student will leave the deferred cohort and the student will start learning on the new cohort from the point of the last assignment that was graded in the deferred cohort. All grades and progress till that point will be carried forward as it is to the new cohort. For clarification, the grades of the graded assignments will be carried forward, whether or not the student had submitted these grading during the initial stage.
    • The deferral can only be requested during the batch for which the student has enrolled is ongoing. Once the batch has completed, deferral requests shall not be entertained. For clarification, the batch completion here shall mean the “last grace deadline” as communicated by upGrad.



    Deferral Policy: (Pre Program Commencement)

    • If a student, due to unavoidable circumstances is unable to commence with the cohort and requests for a deferral before the cohort starts, we provide the opportunity for the student to defer to another batch.
    • However, the student will be required to pay 50% of the total course fee amount (inclusive of taxes) before the deferral can be approved. Till this is completed, the student will be assumed to be continuing in the same cohort.
    • A student can request for deferral only once and to either of the scheduled cohorts to start in the next 1 year from the start date of the initial batch in which the student was originally enrolled for.
    • The student shall have time till the current cohort launch date to make the payment of the 50% program fee, post which the deferral request will expire. In the event the student raises a refund request after the deferral window expires, the above-mentioned applicable refund policy shall apply.
    • The fee applicable to the deferred student will be as per the prevailing fee for the batch student has opted to defer to (No additional deferral fee is required to be paid). The student shall be liable to pay the differential program fees between the two cohorts, if any.

    Selection Criteria

    How do I know if the program is right for me?

    If you like finding meaningful insights from data and if you get excited by the prospect of informing business decisions through analysis and have an analytical bend of mind, then this program is meant for you. As long as you are able to clear the selection test (or are exempt) and are excited about the transition to Data Science, this program is meant for you.

    My current role does not include exposure to data. Does it make sense for me to opt for this program?

    Absolutely! Data Science is becoming a necessity for all industries and is no more a choice. Hence, there is a critical demand for quality data professionals and because the supply is constrained, this is one of the most lucrative career options across industries.​

    What is the application process for the program and what are the timelines?

    Applications have already started for the next cohort. The admission process is as following:

    Step 1: Take the English Proficiency Test*

    University of Arizona accepts the following English proficiency test scores: IELTS , TOEFL , Pearson PTE Academic, CEPT Full Academic.


    Step 2: Take the Eligibility Test and Submit your SOP

     The online test will check your aptitude, mathematical & programming skills. At the end of this test, you will be asked to submit an SOP(~500 words)


    Step 3: Receive your Offer Letter and Block your Seat  

    The application will be reviewed by upGrad & University of Arizona. Upon qualifying, an offer letter will be released. You can then block your seat! 

    Is there any minimum educational qualification required to take this program?

    To be eligible for the program, the following criteria need to be fulfilled:

    • Bachelor’s Degree (with minimum 50% score | medium of instruction - English) from an accredited college or university recognised by the University of Arizona.
    • 4 year accredited Bachelor's OR 3 year accredited Bachelor's + Master's OR 3 year accredited Bachelor's + Post Graduate Diploma.
    • Completed Undergraduate-Level Mathematics Coursework and be familiar with Computer Programming (Candidates without coursework in Mathematics would be considered on a case-to-case basis based on profile and entrance test scores).


    upGrad does not grant credit; credits are granted, accepted or transferred at the sole discretion of an educational institution. upGrad does not make any representations regarding the recognition or equivalence of the credits or credentials awarded, unless otherwise expressly stated. If you intend to pursue a post graduate or doctorate degree upon completion of this course or apply for employment which requires specific credits, we advise you to enquire further regarding the suitability of this degree for your academic and/or professional requirements before enrolling.