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5 Reasons Why Python Continues To Be The Top Programming Language

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1st Apr, 2023
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5 Reasons Why Python Continues To Be The Top Programming Language


Python is an all-purpose high-end scripting language for programmers, which is easy to understand and replicate. It has a massive base of pre-built structures, i.e., a set of words that programmers may use easily and conveniently. Python’s compatibility with all the leading Operating Systems, like Windows, Android, Mac, Linus, etc., makes it one of the most prominent programming languages in the software development industry.

Although a high-end language, Python is relatively simpler than its peers, particularly for new beginners with little or no prior coding knowledge. Python’s ease of use and popularity has turned it into one of the fastest-growing and top programming languages

Let’s dive in to learn more about Python’s features and what makes it more desirable among developers. 

Uses of Python

Python is regularly used by big and small organizations alike for the following activities –

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  • Constructing websites.
  • Quick prototyping.
  • Building mobile, tablet, and desktop applications.
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Data Science and Data analysis.
  • Software testing in a wide range of industries.
  • Product automation by the process of creating recommendation algorithms and building suitable software. For instance, the one used for self-driven cars. 
  • Process automation in the finance and insurance sectors to improve performance.
  • Assisting ethical hacking techniques to strengthen the cyber security domain.

Why is Python Popular?

Python stands out among the various available programming languages used in today’s world. Besides needing less coding, Python is affordable for all businesses, making it a trendy choice. Let’s discuss the five reasons why Python is considered one of the top programming languages

1. Use of Python in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science 

Python is the most widely used language in the artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Data Science field. The above subjects require a lot of algorithms in their processes. Using Python, a programmer may go on coding the algorithms and check the errors, if any, simultaneously.

They get the opportunity of correcting errors on the go. However, using other languages does not give this advantage to the programmer. Python coding procedures are somewhat similar to those using the English language. Thus, beginners in this field also feel at ease using Python.

Essentially, Python is the best language to be implemented for artificial intelligence, machine learning models, and deep learning models, generally in the field of Data Science, following its simple yet dynamic nature. 

2. Python is Object Oriented & Procedure Oriented with Built-in data structures

Another reason Python is the best programming language to learn is that it is objective and procedure-oriented. The vast dictionary data structures and the built-in list of Python are often used to build up fast, run-time data structures effortlessly.

Another feature that makes this language attractive is its high-level data typing option that helps to reduce the required length of support codes. The in-built functions are helpful for new learners on their way forward to creating a program and veteran users who can use this feature to build programs effortlessly and quickly.

Thus, though Python is a bit slower than other languages like C++ or Java, this excellent feature helps it overcome this disadvantage. Ultimately, Python emerges as a winner amongst programmers in terms of popularity.

These built-in structures help a programmer to develop powerful web applications in a much easier and quicker manner. As a programming language, Python has an orientation that is a function of objects and data. The procedure of using standard library codes in Python language is an outstanding feature.

3. Diverse application range

Another point that explains why Python is popular is its comprehensive application range coverage. The application range is broad in terms of profession. Engineers, scientists, and mathematicians use it extensively across the industry for various applications.

It is used in several industries specializing in product automation, process automation, entertainment, infotainment, information technology, and even finance. It is also used for animation in movies, image processing, and graphic design applications.

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4. Diverse job opportunities

Generally, there is a myth that when more and more professionals adopt a particular field, the same gets saturated easily. Hence, learning the subject becomes less rewarding when translated in terms of compensation or, in other words, job opportunity gets reduced. 

However, Python language proves this myth to be wrong. Not only has the demand for Python-learned professionals increased daily, but learning this language has also proved to be the most rewarding in terms of building a dream career.

Top companies have embraced Python for its simplicity and flexibility. The prospective candidate can be a freelancer as a Python Developer who may develop websites and tailor-made portals for clients. The career of a software engineer is one of the smartest applications of Python.

For this, the professional has to code as per the user or client’s requirement, test the same and then further modify it as per the consultation with the client. After learning Python, choosing to be a Full Stack Developer or a Data Scientist is also a valuable career. Being a DevOps Engineer is another rewarding career after learning Python. 

Check out all trending Python tutorial concepts in 2024.

5. Compatibility with various platforms

This particular feature in Python has transformed it into the best programming language to learn. Compatibility is an issue faced by most programmers while using other programming languages.

The wide range of operating systems used in desktops, tablets, and mobile applications covers Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, etc. All these come under the ambit of Python. This feature makes it highly favorable. Most of the available operating systems across a plethora of devices are in great sync with Python.

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Though the importance of other programming languages is not ruled out, Python continues to be the top performer. It is the first high-end language that every aspiring programmer or ethical hacker should learn at the very beginning.

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The extensive usage of this language has made it more and more popular among beginners since they may easily find a guide to their queries. Since Python is a well-written language, it can simplify business activities. Its easy availability makes it affordable even for smaller business ventures. The codes in this language are well structured, as well. 

Most languages have a high expenditure on maintenance, i.e., updating their useful features and getting rid of bugs and viruses. In the case of Python, it may be noted that its bug removal expense is much lesser. Netflix, an Entertainment Giant, is also using Python officially to deliver content to its subscribers.

Google prefers Python to simplify its search function as well. The more it is getting popular, the more enthusiastic prospective job seekers are getting about it. There is perfectly no question of professional saturation as far as the language Python is concerned. 

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Rohit Sharma

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Rohit Sharma is the Program Director for the UpGrad-IIIT Bangalore, PG Diploma Data Analytics Program.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What minimum educational requirement should a person have to learn Python?

A person who has completed their higher secondary in science or commerce can enroll in an institution to learn Python programming language. Python is one of the easiest programming languages to start with, so register for a relevant course that provides you with the knowledge of Python and kickstart your journey.

2Is it necessary to have any prior programming knowledge before learning Python?

You can learn Python without having any prior programming knowledge. Python is one of the easiest programming languages; thus, grasping it won't be a problem without any previous experience.

3What are the top companies using Python in recent times?

Amazon, Instagram, Uber, and Spotify are some of the top companies that use Python.

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