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What Does It Take For a Fresher to Get a Job in Sales?

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27th Jan, 2021
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What Does It Take For a Fresher to Get a Job in Sales?


Do you know that as per the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the Banking sector is quite possibly the most developed and well-capitalised sector in India? It was discovered that between the financial years 2015-20, deposits accumulated at a CAGR of 13.93%, and arrived at US$ 1.93 trillion by FY20.

In addition, the absolute resource estimation of this sector in India is almost US$ 270 billion. It mirrors the true potential of the banking sector in India. With such magnificent growth, Sales jobs in the banking sector are surging like never before. Sales jobs in banks offer high salaries and add-on perks like medical benefits, low interest on loans, safety, and old-age benefits to all their employees.

It guarantees stability and security. Every year, many jobs for freshers are offered by Banks and Banking Institutions. However, for first-time job seekers, getting into sales might sound strenuous, but by imbibing some skills, you can easily get into it.

Ways to Get Freshers Job in Sales in Banking Sector

Here is the rundown of the ways to get freshers job in Sales in Banking Sector

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1. Obtain a Degree

The first and the foremost step for the fresher to get a job in sales is to acquire a degree in banking and finance. A degree will help you get a grassroots idea about the banking and finance industry. Moreover, upGrad offers finance and banking courses specially designed for first-time job seekers, where they get in-depth knowledge on various topics like data visualisation in finance, digital fraud and risk analytics, design thinking, and leadership essentials for the business that makes them industry-ready. All class content gets curated by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, case studies and projects, assignments, and live sessions.

2. Good Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Have you heard the story of selling a comb to a bald man? Here, your communication and interpersonal skills come into play. Your communication skills play an important role, from your opening pitch to your closing statements. Communication style and the tone should not look like a sales pitch but should be full of empathy and trust.

One has to learn the art of communication and excel at soft skills. Soft skills can be learned through various certifications and acquired through a life-long experience. If you professed communication skills, you get a job as a fresher in the banking sector. 

3. Learn Relationship Management

The role of the sales manager includes selling banking products to clients. Product means Credit Cards, Mortgage, Loans, Bancassurance, and cataloging and pitching the new customers. Selling these products might not be an easy task. Remember the number of times sales assistants from the bank have called to sell credit cards?

Sales are all about building relationships.  It becomes cardinal to learn relationship management to acquire clients and fabricate a favorable relationship with them. You can refer to the marketing masterclass by upGrad that teaches how to market the products more efficiently. The knowledge of marketing acts as a foundation stone to build a staunch career in sales.

4. Apply For Certification Programs

In this age of stiff competition, getting a certification can help you stand out in the market. Certification refers to the add-on skills that amplify your candidacy. With the latest trends and emergence of new technologies in the banking industry, it has become quintessential to update your skills to remain acclimatised with the changing scenario and rising competition in the market.

upGrad offers many certification courses, like PG certification in Digital Marketing and Communication, that equips students about the digitalisation of various sectors, including banking, and imparts thorough knowledge about SEO, SEM, Social Media, Content Marketing, Branding, and Marketing/sales Analytics.

5. Storytelling

Storytelling has lubricated the hoop of humanity for ages. As a sales manager, you have to sell the story about the product. Learning to be a storyteller comes with an array of benefits, as it is the blend of emotions, motivation, and psychology. Today, you cannot sell products without narrating the perfect story that your target audience can resonate with and relate to. The best way to learn storytelling is to observe everything around you.

As sales professionals, you should know the pain points of your customers and ways to gratify them using your storytelling skills. Every year lakhs of Sales jobs get announced, and many first-time job seekers apply for these jobs. Added skills can help you to turn the wind towards your favor.

6. Product Management

User research, prototyping, and product analysis are a pivotal part of sales that every fresher should know. With the help of product management knowledge, sales professionals can assist in how much to invest in sales and enable the banks to reach their business goals. Today, this is one of the most underrated skills among sales managers.

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Financial institutions like banks need to have a full-fledged sales strategy to pitch the leads and convert them into clients. You can learn this skill through the Product Management Certification Program offered by upGrad that includes various nuances of product management in association with sales.

Above mentioned stratum are some of the best ways for a fresher to get a job in Sales. Getting employment in the banking sector becomes feasible if you are confident about your skills and talent.


Sales are among the most rewarding and performance-based careers. The more you sell, the more you will earn. Anyone with a strong desire and the will to work hard can turn it into a successful career. Good sales managers respect their customers and never go against them. It is all about negotiation skills. People in sales jobs enjoy building contacts and meeting new people every day that ensures more exposure and growth.

The biggest quality in life is to change the obstruction into a chance. ‘Now’ is consistently the best ideal opportunity to upskill yourself with the latest sales skills that you must possess as a fresher. upGrad offers the best in -class courses in Banking that can assure high paying jobs for freshers. So build your career with upGrad. Enrol today!!

Tanushree Jaiswal - Assistant Program Manager at upGrad. In pursuit of program and business growth.
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