StartUp with UpGrad – Student Demographics

Admitted ‘StartUp with UpGrad’ candidates come from all areas and backgrounds, ages and locations across India. We have carefully selected individuals who have shown us a strong passion to become an Entrepreneur and a strong history of leadership.
Two months into the application process and one month before the commencement of the first batch of ‘StartUp with UpGrad’, we are excited to share with you the first statistics on the class profile.
For Mayank Kumar, co-founder and MD of UpGrad, a highlight of these statistics was the prospect of how it could help our academics develop customized content for the courses. “Understanding the diverse backgrounds of our prospective students will help our team develop relevant, high-quality course content that will easily resonate with the experiences of individuals,” he said. Regardless of age, professional or educational backgrounds, our students have one thing in common: the desire to start-up and create something meaningful.

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