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How To Do Email Validation In JavaScript?

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25th Jan, 2022
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How To Do Email Validation In JavaScript?

JavaScript is one of the top programming languages preferred by most programmers in the application development community. It is also one of the highest-paid languages, with JavaScript developers earning an annual income of $112,125 in the US. 

Since JavaScript is a lightweight application, it is comparatively faster and easier to use than other programming languages. JavaScript’s email validation aspect is vital to improving the developers’ experience who create web applications. Using email validation, developers can send important information to the server from the application’s client under development.

In this article, we’ll get into the technicalities of email validation in Javascript and learn how you can validate email addresses using Javascript. 

What is Validation?

The term ‘validation’ refers to the process where the values input by the user are examined thoroughly. Validation is important since it enhances the user experience of the developers creating the web applications. With validation, fields such as names, email addresses, dates, passwords, contact details, etc., are verified. JavaScript is known for its high-speed processes. 

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There are two types of email validation: 

  • Built-in form validation where we employ an HTML5 form to validate an email.
  • JavaScript validation

Let us now implement email validation in JavaScript.

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Email Validation in JavaScript

Validating the email address is an essential aspect of authentication in an HTML form. The @ sign divides a subset or a string of ASCII letters into two halves. It has two parts: the first is personal information, and the second contains the domain name where an email is registered.

The ASCII characters in the first part are:

  • Special characters that comprise of: # * + & ’ ! % @ ? { ^ } ”
  • Numerical characters from 0 to 9.
  • Characters such as full stop or dot with two conditions. Firstly, you cannot use them in the first or last letter of the email. Secondly, they cannot be repeated after another.
  • Uppercase and lowercase alphabets.

The ASCII characters in the second part include dots, hyphens, digits, and letters. 

Based on the criteria above, here are some valid and invalid inputs for email IDs. 





Let’s understand email validation using a HTML5 form. Below, we’ll run a program for username and password validation; the condition being that the password has to be more than 6 characters and the username field can’t be left empty. The form will get validated once we submit it. If the validation fails, the user will not be directed to the connecting page.


function validateform(){  


var password=document.myform.password.value;  

if (name==null || name==””){  

  alert(“Name can’t be blank”);  

  return false;  

}else if(password.length<6){  

  alert(“Password must be at least 6 characters long.”);  

  return false;  





<form name=”myform” method=”post” action=”abc.jsp” onsubmit=”return validateform()” >  

Name: <input type=”text” name=”name”><br/>  

Password: <input type=”password” name=”password”><br/>  

<input type=”submit” value=”register”>  


Email Regex Javascript

One of the best methods for email validation in JavaScript is by using regular expressions. This helps in defining the pattern of the character.

We’ll now perform email validation in JavaScript with the help of regular expression. Here us a code snippet: 

var $email = $(‘form input[name=”email’); //change form to id or containment selector

var re = /^(([^<>()[]\.,;:s@”]+(.[^<>()[]\.,;:s@”]+)*)|(



if ($email.val() == ” || !re.test($email.val()))


    alert(‘Please enter a valid email address.’);

    return false;


Why is email validation important?

Email validation has several benefits. It helps in:

  • Increasing delivery rates up to 98% by retaining only valid email addresses in the list.
  • Businesses save money and increase ROI by not sending emails to invalid users.
  • Conversion rates increase since only valid users receive emails and click on them. More clicks increase the performance as well. 

Read on to know why learning JavaScript is a vital programming language today.

Why is learning JavaScript important?

1. JavaScript offers versatility

JavaScript is a versatile language. Developers who’ve mastered this programming language code on the front-end with Angular and the back-end with Node.js. What’s more, it also assists developers in creating modern web, desktop, and mobile applications with frameworks such as React.js and electron.

2. JavaScript is in demand

JavaScript is undoubtedly the top known programming language worldwide. Every organization in the industry wishes to hire JavaScript developers for creating modern apps. A regular ‘JavaScript’ search on job sites usually leads job seekers to find over 20,000 businesses looking for developers. The same search on LinkedIn usually leads to over 100,000 vacant jobs.

Currently, the global demand for programmers efficient in JavaScript is more than the number of programmers available. Hence, there is no shortage of jobs, and the pay scale is significantly high. According to a study, approximately 48% of employers around the world require JavaScript developers. Thus, learning JavaScript can greatly increase the earning potential.

3. JavaScript is easy for beginners 

Compared to many other programming languages, JavaScript is one of the most user-friendly ways to get started with coding. What’s more, it comes pre-installed on every web browser for all the major operating systems. As a result, developers need not set up a specific kind of environment. They can begin coding right away. 


Email validation prevents users from inserting wrong or invalid email addresses. Hence, it is an essential part of JavaScript when creating HTML pages.

JavaScript provides budding users with immediate feedback in a minimal amount of code. This enables newcomers to understand how they perform immediately. The programming language has a huge community on websites such as Stack Overflow – support is readily available. 

Besides being easy for beginners to understand, JavaScript gives budding developers important skills. JavaScript supports object-oriented, functional, and imperative programming styles. These skills may be transferred to any other language such as Python, Java, or C++ in the future. JavaScript gives developers a solid foundation in essential development techniques and methods that they can use in their careers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1How much do JavaScript developers earn?

JavaScript developers are very well-paid for their services. In the United States, developers can easily earn an annual income of over $112,125.

2How do you validate an email?

The easiest method is to send a test email. Here's what email validation looks like: Validating the syntax Analyzing if there are any disposable emails present Checking if there are any obvious typos Tally with DNS

3What are the two types of email validation?

Built-in form validation where we employ an HTML5 form to validate an email. JavaScript validation.

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