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Artificial intelligence Salary in US in 2024 [From Beginners to Experienced]

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21st Feb, 2023
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Artificial intelligence Salary in US in 2024 [From Beginners to Experienced]

Artificial Intelligence is a field of science that enables computers and machines to perform various functions, including the ability to learn, reason, make recommendations, understand spoken and written languages, and act in a way that would require human intelligence.

According to a study, artificial intelligence software marketing will proliferate in the coming years, estimated to reach around $126 billion by 2025. In today’s time, artificial intelligence is the most in-demand technology in the computer world. It provides various benefits like reducing human errors and providing more accuracy in any task. 

Artificial intelligence can provide its service endlessly. It can help in risky situations by creating AI robots that can perform tasks on behalf of humans. Artificial intelligence can reach any place that human beings cannot reach. 

Following the unconventional nature of this field, artificial intelligence and machine learning salaries in US are on a higher end compared to other tech fields. 

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Artificial Intelligence Salary Package in United States

Artificial intelligence salary in US depends upon years of experience, profile, expertise, and diverse other factors. Here are the three levels on which AI salary is based upon. 

Entry-Level AI Engineer Salary

This category is for freshers who are yet to gain ample knowledge and experience in the field. Their primary focus is to understand and learn fundamental concepts. Artificial intelligence has a high demand; hence leading companies are always on the lookout for skilled interns.

As this job role still has plenty of room for improvement, the artificial intelligence salary for entry-level engineers is the lowest among all. Artificial intelligence salary in US for freshers is approximately $115,000 per year. 

Mid-level AI Engineer Salary

Mid-level artificial intelligence engineers are skilled in this field and tend to work under the same corporation for years. They are more equipped than entry-level engineers, so their pay scale is much larger than entry-level employees. AI salary in US for mid-level engineers is approximately $146,664 per year. These clusters of people are stable yet evolving individuals. 

Senior-level AI Engineer Salary 

Senior-level artificial intelligence engineers are the highest paid among all. They are independent and collaborative, with enhanced skills and experience. As they are senior-level engineers, they have 4-7 years of experience in this field. Artificial intelligence salary in US for experienced engineers is approximately $205,000 per year.  

Top 5 Job Roles and Salaries of Artificial Intelligence  

Artificial intelligence salary in US for freshers and experienced candidates also vary depending on their job profile. Here’s a list of top AI jobs and their offered salary figures. 

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Machine Learning Engineer

A machine learning engineer focuses on researching and designing self-running software that will ease machine learning initiatives. These engineers are in massive demand by companies.

They are responsible for working in areas such as preventing fraud, managing risks, and customer insights. If you are interested in becoming a successful machine learning engineer, mathematics, programming, and computing are some must-have skills. 

An average salary of a machine learning engineer is $107,635 per year. A master’s or doctoral degree in mathematics, Computer Science or AI is mainly preferred for this job. Though, deep knowledge of machine learning algorithms and neural networks is considered to be additionally valued.

Data Scientist 

The responsibility of a data scientist is to use their expertise in mathematics, computer science, and statistics in order to analyze complex data. Data scientists gather data from various sources to gain constructive inferences and make predictions depending on past and present data information.

Data assessment further helps them to analyze the cause of the drawbacks in the business and, at the same time, how to overcome them in the coming future. With the support of data scientists, a business can perform positively. The average salary of a data scientist is $97,546 per year. 

If you want to build your career as a data scientist, you must hold an advanced degree in Computer Science. The applicant must hone proficiency in programming languages such as Python, SQL, or Scala. 

Big Data Engineer/Architect 

Big data professionals are responsible for various processes, such as the development, maintenance, and evaluation of a company’s data. Big data helps companies to improve their efficiency and profitability. Hence, big data engineers are required by companies in order to collect and maintain databases.

If you are keen to build your career in AI as a big data engineer, you must have proficiency in programming languages like Python and Scala. The students who have a Ph.D. in Math or Computer Science are given more preference.

This field is suitable for both freshers and experienced as it has a good pay scale compared to other jobs in artificial intelligence. The average salary of a big data engineer is $112,564 per year. 

AI Research Scientist 

These are the professionals who are experts in the field of deep learning, machine learning, and statistics. A research scientist is responsible for designing and analyzing the information. In order to work as an AI research scientist, you must have a master’s or doctoral degree in Computer Science.

The average salary of a research scientist is $82,803 per year. The field greatly values experience and offers exceptional opportunities to people with a significant experience in their candidatures. 

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Business Intelligence Developer 

Business Intelligence Developers are professionals who help increase a business’s profitability by analyzing data and utilizing the obtained insights to reap valuable results. They recognize various trends by designing, testing, and maintaining data storage systems. A Business Intelligence Developer’s responsibility is to find solutions for business intelligence to meet business needs.

The average salary of these experts is $98,816 per year. If you are interested in this profession, a degree in computing and engineering with experience in design, SQL queries, and data processing is essential. 

Best Highest Paying Companies for AI Engineers 

Here are the top companies that pay exceptionally higher artificial intelligence salary per month in US.


Google is one of the leading global technology corporations with great demand for artificial intelligence engineers. The AI engineer salary in US for Google employees is $236,388 annually. 

Facebook (Meta)

Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms that recruits experienced candidates in machine learning and artificial intelligence. AI jobs salary offered by Facebook (Meta) is approximately $257,846 annually. 


Apple is the biggest technological corporation worldwide. This company specializes in internet services and computer software. They recruit employees for the roles such as artificial intelligence team head, machine learning engineer, and many others. The average pay scale offered to AI engineers here is approximately $227,094 annually.    


The American e-commerce giant Amazon has expanded its service in digital streaming and artificial intelligence. Amazon offers an excellent salary to artificial intelligence engineers compared to other companies. It provides approximately $209,762 annually as its AI engineers salary in US. 


Global transportation leader Uber has a solid team of AI professionals as well, which receives around $314,746  as their annual pay package. 

How to boost artificial intelligence salaries?

AI salary in US depends on various factors, and the best way to raise your salary is to improve those factors consistently. 

Improve and develop soft skills

Work towards developing and improving soft skills such as critical thinking, creativity, and a positive attitude to work under pressure. You should have the ability to collaborate. This is essential for all the various artificial intelligence positions.

Earn certification  

Certifications can drastically influence your skill set, while adding them to your candidature can further strengthen it. So, ensure you collect ample experience and go for certification courses to pave a successful career AI career for yourself. 

Advance your education with a master’s degree

One of the best ways to boost AI salary is through a master’s degree. This degree will help you to gain a better and deeper understanding of artificial intelligence theories and topics. 

Do your research  

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Ensure that you’ve done prior research on salary figures and your current market worth. This can help you to be prepared to negotiate with your recruiter for a better artificial intelligence salary per month in US


Artificial intelligence is one of the top trends in the IT sector. You can build a lucrative career by honing the right skills and experience as a professional AI engineer. This job involves challenges and constant learning, making it worth all the hard work you put into upskilling. As an artificial intelligence engineer, you can achieve rewarding salaries both as a beginner and experienced. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

11. Is artificial intelligence a good career choice?

This field is considered to be the most in-demand career option. Although the field requires consistent effort and learning, it is one of the most dynamic and fun domains to choose from. From consistent innovation to cutting-edge technology, AI enables you to work through all!

22. Do you get a good salary in AI job roles?

AI is an unconventional field that is still on the rise to becoming a household name. Therefore, the search for skilled professionals most likely relies on better salaries, making AI one of the highest-paid roles.

33. What is the education required to become an AI engineer?

In terms of education, a bachelor's degree in computer science is essential. Fundamental knowledge of mathematics and computing can significantly help to understand AI concepts. Therefore, candidates with graduation and post-graduation are prioritized, while certifications in AI are further approved.

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