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Master of Science in Data Science
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Executive PG Programme in Data Science
#1 Data Science programme with 6 unique specialisations and 60+ industry projects
Ranked among the Top 10 Technical Universities in India. (India Today, 2020)
Advanced Certificate Program in Data Science
Get free python programming bootcamp with fortnightly mentorship from industry experts
300+ hours of learning; access to 7+ case studies & projects

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                      Data Science is an amalgamation of maths, computing, statistics and people. Here is a list of skills that you’ll need to hone for a career in Data Science:
                      • A good hold in Statistics, Mathematics, and Machine learning
                      • No coding experience required.
                      • An understanding of databases
                      • Experience with big data tools like Hadoop, Spark, and MapReduce
                      • Experience with data munging, visualization, and reporting tools
                      Further skill development will take place through competitions, pet projects, internships, boot camps and by meeting fellow data scientists.
                      Below is the typical trajectory followed in a Data Science career, along with the roles and responsibilities involved:
                      Step #1: Executive
                      Executives might be MBA graduates or BBA freshers. They are typically involved in the making of CRM reports, MIS (Management Information System) and DQA (Data Quality Assessment).
                      Step #2: Analyst
                      Analysts are involved in product tech support, data munging, sales lead, CRM, data visualization, advanced statistics, MDM corrections and carry out all the roles and responsibilities related to the same.
                      Step #3: Business Analyst
                      Most people confuse business analysts with analysts, but the former is 1 step above. Hence, their concerned domains also differ and include product/ project SDLC, programming logic and solutions, vendor coordination, MDM & logics, and business processes.
                      Step #4: Data Architect
                      The role of Data Architects generally revolve around data warehousing, data architecture development, data modelling, ETL working, data cleaning, and elastic working and functionalities.
                      Step #5: Chief Data Officer/ Data Scientist
                      The CDO works with advanced data algorithms, advanced predictive algorithms, big data processing, NoSQL, and ETL logic. Their primary task is also to innovate and hence, they are the creators.

                      Data Science Articles

                      Find the latest and informative post on Data Science. Keep yourself updated, know the current trends in Data Science industry and use cases for data viz and data storytelling.

                      Frequently Asked Questions

                      Program Curriculum & Learning Experience

                      How good is the Data Science Course from IIIT Bangalore?

                      upGrad PG Diploma in Data Science Program is in collaboration with IIIT-B. At upGrad we have empowered 12,600+ students in various fields ranging from Machine learning to Data Science to Data Analytics.  More than 500 learners have had a successful transition with 72 LPA as the highest salary. Once the program is over you will have job opportunities in various roles such as Machine Learning Engineer, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, etc.

                      How are placements & career support after Executive PG Program in Data Science?

                      upGrad arranges hiring drives for our learners from every field, including the Data Vertical. So far, upGrad has empowered 12,600+ students in the field of Data Science. Specifically in the data Science program from IIIT-B, over 500 learners have had a successful career transition with the highest salary of 72 LPA and an average salary hike of 58%. Our students are working with top organisations like KPMG, Huron Consulting Group, Tata Consultancy, Tata Motors, Wipro, Accenture, Time Inc. and many more.

                      What are the important features upGrad's Data science program?

                      1. Student Mentor Support With constant support and motivation, studying for the program becomes very easy. They will be available to solve all your non-technical queries.  Peer to Peer Interaction.
                      2. Through our interactive and fun-filled basecamps, live sessions, and career-building workshops which are held by industry professions you will get to participate in group activities along with your peers with a similar profile as yours.
                      3. 5 Unique Specialisations You can select from 5 specialisations as per your background and career aspirations. You will also get a PG Diploma in DataScience from IIIT-B with a specialisation.
                      4. Dedicated Career Assistance Receive personalised career counselling sessions along with mock interviews with hiring managers. We have more than 300+ hiring partners which can help in enhancing your career.


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