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Computer Science vs. Data Science: Which Degree Is for You?

The accelerated pace of growth in tech spaces has made data science and computer science two highly demanding fields. If you compare data science vs. computer science, you will encounter overlapping concepts and major differences.

While trying to choose between data science and computer science, careful consideration becomes paramount. Delve deeper to learn about the two disciplines and pick the right career choice for yourself. 

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Computer Science

If you compare computer science vs. data science, the first one is older than the latter. Computer science is often regarded as the backbone of data science. This field delivers comprehensive knowledge of different computer-related aspects, including software systems, databases, machine learning, cybersecurity, and more. 

Data Science

Computer scientists, engineers, and related professionals have been focused on drawing inferences from data for a long time. However, data science has recently emerged as a separate field of study.

The discipline of Python data science revolves around harnessing big data to recognize patterns, train algorithms, and build predictive models for improving different facets of businesses. 

Data Science vs. Computer Science: Understanding the Differences

Let us discover the differences between computer science vs. data science based on certain key considerations:

Course Content

A computer science degree takes a generalist approach to teaching learners about different topics like software systems, AI, and more. These degrees deliver expertise regarding different aspects of modern computer systems.

Some computer science programs also include an introductory module on Python data science. Data Science offers knowledge about data analysis, data visualization, and more. 


 If you want to pursue data science, you should possess detailed knowledge related to statistics and mathematics. Familiarity with programming languages like Python for data science will also help. But studying computer science requires you to be familiar with software development and algorithmic thinking. 

Career Path

data science vs. computer science

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Whether you study computer science or data science, you will find several lucrative career opportunities. For instance, a computer science degree can prepare you for the roles of a software engineer, web developer, information security analyst, and more. 

Becoming a data scientist with a lucrative salary of $124328 annually seems like the most obvious option after a data science degree. But you can also pursue other careers like a data engineer, data architect, and data analyst. 

Wrapping up

Ultimately, learners should decide whether computer science or data science suits them more. Irrespective of what you decide to pursue, pick a reputable institution for pursuing your degree. Remember that the certification and knowledge from a data science or computer science degree will be the building blocks for your professional career. 


Is it better to pursue a computer science degree over data science?

You must consider your interests before choosing between computer science and data science. Look at the different career options, salary potential, and other factors before choosing between data science and computer science

Computer science vs. data science: Which is tougher?

If you compare data science vs. computer science, you will come across complicated concepts in both fields. However, the difficulty of the disciplines will vary according to the strengths and perspectives of learners.

Is Python for data science complicated?

Python for data science can be read and written easily among all programming languages. It is extremely useful for analyzing complex data, particularly in large datasets. 

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