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Difference Between Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

Sometimes, we use the words artificial intelligence and machine learning interchangeably. While they are related to one another, the two fields are separate. Check out this article to explore the differences between AI and machine learning. 

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Understanding Artificial Intelligence

Before understanding the difference between machine learning and AI, you must briefly learn the two concepts. Artificial intelligence involves computer applications mimicking human cognitive abilities to perform complex human tasks. 

AI involves coding computer systems to make them explicitly perform tasks that demand human reasoning. You can see artificial intelligence as an umbrella concept with several fields like the following:

  • Deep learning: Involves artificial neural networks to perform more complicated human tasks
  • Natural language processing: Involves creating software to interpret human communication
  • Robotics: Making robots capable of learning and performing human tasks in real time

Understanding Machine Learning

Several people wonder, “Is machine learning AI?” The real fact is that machine learning can be considered a branch of artificial intelligence. Currently, a huge chunk of AI is performed using ML. Therefore, the two terms are often seen as synonyms. 

Machine learning revolves around creating models for handling complicated human tasks. Several algorithms with data sets are used to train machine learning models. Some common examples of machine learning in the real world are as follows:

  • Getting video recommendations on online streaming platforms
  • Leveraging virtual assistants to respond to requests like scheduling meetings, playing songs, or calling someone
  • Image recognition

Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning: Key Differences

Let us compare artificial intelligence vs. machine learning in a tabular format to grasp their differences:

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning
AI is about making a machine display human behavior.  A major difference between AI and machine learning is that the latter is a subset of the former. ML involves making machines capable of automatically learning from past data. 
The goal of artificial intelligence revolves around humanizing smart computers.  Between artificial intelligence and machine learning, the second one focuses on learning from data to deliver the right outputs. 
Between artificial intelligence and machine learning, the former is more concerned about increasing the chance of success.  If you compare artificial intelligence vs machine learning, you will see that ML is mostly about accuracy and patterns. 
Artificial intelligence involves learning, self-correction, and reasoning.  Machine learning revolves around learning and self-correction only when new data is provided. 

Wrapping up

artificial intelligence and machine learning

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Understanding the difference between machine learning and AI will help you better understand their applications. Moreover, you will be able to understand which field interests you more so that you can pursue your education in it.


Is machine learning AI?
Machine learning can be described as a specific part of AI. It involves training machine learning algorithms with data sets to create ML models for performing complex tasks. 

What is an example of AI without machine learning?
An example of AI without ML is rule-based systems like chatbots. They are useful for answering human questions. Machine learning algorithms are not necessary to train chatbots because they receive knowledge from human input. 

Which programming language is necessary for learning artificial intelligence and machine learning?
The major programming language necessary for learning AI and machine learning is Python. It has a fantastic library, community support, and several other benefits to make it easy for you to learn AI and ML. 

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