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Listing Top Data Science Masters Programs in the US [Online]

Data science is an outstanding career path with high salaries and incredible opportunities. The field promises an annual median salary of $100,910, considerably higher than average salaries in other fields. Therefore, pursuing a masters in data science can be an extremely prudent choice to accelerate your career.

Check out the top options when pursuing a master’s program in data science.

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puGrad Institute

upGrad offers a postgraduate diploma in data science to become eligible for several lucrative opportunities. The course goes on for 12 months and covers concepts like big data analytics, data visualization, and machine learning. You will have the chance to acquire hands-on experience by working on more than 90 real-life industry projects.

With in-person learning under expert mentors and subjective feedback, you can improve your data science skills and gain vast experience. 

Berkeley School of Information

Individuals interested in a masters in data science can get a world-class education from the Berkeley School of Information. The online Master of Information and Data Science program will cover several in-demand skills to make learners suitable for working at Google, Microsoft, Apple, and other organizations. Learners can complete the course within 12 to 20 months.

University of Wisconsin

The data science masters program offered by the University of Wisconsin covers topics like computer science, statistics, and mathematics. Learners must pursue 12 specific data science courses with 3 credits, including concepts like data analytics, warehousing, and decision-making. The entire program can be completed within one year. 

University of Maryland

The University of Maryland offers one of the best data science masters programs in collaboration with upGrad. This Executive Post-Graduate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning can be completed within 13 months. Learners will work on hands-on capstone projects and learn how to solve business problems by applying the skills learned in this course. 

University of Michigan

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The University of Michigan offers an online Master of Applied Data Science program to introduce learners to topics like data visualization methods, big data computational methods, and data analytics techniques.

While pursuing the program, students need to pursue three major projects to develop their professional portfolios. Learners can complete the course within 12 months to 3 years. 

Ending Note

The best data science masters programs will prepare learners for lucrative career opportunities. These online programs with part-time learning ensure that even working professionals can smoothly complete the course and attain their certification. Enroll in the best data science masters program now!


Will I get a certificate for pursuing online master’s in data science?
After completing your online master’s in data science, you will receive certification from a reputable university. The certification will be a great addition to your resume and help you impress employers. 

What are the eligibility criteria for an online master’s program in data science?Every online data science master’s program will have different eligibility criteria. But usually, you will need an undergraduate degree in computer science or a related field. 

Is an online master’s in data science worth it in the US?
An online master’s in data science is highly valuable in the US. These programs will help you gain the necessary skills to become a data scientist with much more convenience and flexibility. 

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