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How to Optimize Videos for Youtube in 2024?

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23rd Oct, 2022
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How to Optimize Videos for Youtube in 2024?

We all live in a digital era where videos rule the marketing spectrum. People today prefer watching videos or engaging infographics rather than reading through long blogs. Hence, businesses need to deliver content according to these prevailing trends and generate content that their customers will view and love. 

In this write-up, we will see and learn how to start researching keywords, creating videos, optimizing the videos, the importance of adding transcriptions and captions. Also, we’ll focus on the why and hows of embedding videos on websites and share some tips on promoting your videos for better outreach.

STEP ONE: Research Keywords 

Keywords researched for website text are different from keywords researched for YouTube. This is because the way people browse on google is entirely different from the searching pattern on YouTube. So, keywords research for Google wouldn’t fetch the same results on YouTube, and the same goes around the other way. Thus, you won’t use Google’s Keyword Planning tool to understand the number of searches the keywords generate on YouTube. 

So, how to find the best possible keywords for video optimization?

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1. YouTube Keywords Suggest tool

By typing a keyword on the YouTube search bar, one can see a rundown of all the autocomplete suggestions. From here, one can take down all the relevant keywords used. 

2. VidiQ Keywords Searching tool

You can also use the VidiQ keyword tool to search all the relevant and accurate keywords for your video content. 

3. YouTube’s Studio keyword Stats

 In this tool, you can find a wide range of keywords that can come in handy as per rankings. Here, the keywords are displayed as per search rankings on YouTube and are valuable for video optimization. These keywords can be instrumental in describing the video’s intent in the title.

STEP TWO: Create Meaningful Videos

  • Having the right tools is the best way to make good quality videos. Therefore it’s pivotal that you invest in a perfect camera, mic, and other recording gear. 
  • Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid all unnecessary distractions in your videos. While speaking the script, you must get to the point directly without creating unnecessary chatter. It’s the era of reels, so short videos that capture the essence of the topic at hand sit well with your audience. The ultimate goal is to create impactful videos that educate and entertain the viewers. 
  •  The catch is to make an impact in the initial 30 seconds to get the audience hooked to the rest of your video. Thus, setting the right tone, creating attractive audiovisuals and quirky graphics can be the key to user retention. 
  •  One crucial step is to incorporate user engagement in the video. Do so by asking the viewer to like, subscribe and share your content. The more your viewers engage with your videos, the better they rank on YouTube.


STEP THREE: Optimize your videos

Now comes the quintessential step – optimizing the video. You need to incorporate a few elements to maximize the outreach of your video. Video optimization requires the following steps:

1. Adding a title to the video:

 The video should have a very catchy title to attract the viewers in one go. The title should give the video a better click-through rate, giving it a better reach.

2. Addition of a video description:

 Give a catchy description of your video. Add relevant keywords, catchy one-liners, etc., to your video description. Here is where your advertising skills can come in handy. A description that captures the video’s intent will be a hit with your audience. 

3. Using relevant tags:

Tagging or hashtagging is the key to making your video seen. Relevant tags lead the accurate audience to your content and then redirect them to your landing page. Putting the correct and relevant tags is a task that requires research and understanding of demand trends.

4. Creating thumbnails:

Thumbnail is like a logo. The more attractive it is, the more it would appeal to your audience. You can make an impactful thumbnail for your channel separately and individual thumbnails for each of your videos. The thumbnail creates the brand image and also speaks out the first impression of the brand’s message. Thus, take time to design the thumbnail for your videos. 

STEP FOUR: Include captions and transcripts in the video  

  • Adding captions and video transcripts helps the search engines understand more about the contents of the concerned video. Moreover, when embedded in the website, it boosts the rankings for specifically relevant keywords. 
  • Experts suggest that captions prove to be highly beneficial for the video. This is so because it generates the focused attention of viewers and opens up the video for a wider audience without having a language bar. In the case of tutorial videos, captions work wonders as it gives better instructions to users.
  • Adding transcripts and captions to your videos ensures that language doesn’t become a viewer barrier.

STEP FIVE: Embed the video

Don’t simply upload the video on your YouTube channel and offer it through social media. Instead, upload and embed that video on the official or main website. Select the correct website page and blog entry to get increased exposure. Typically, Google lists just a single video for each site page, so on the off chance that you want to incorporate multiple videos, ensure that your relevant videos pop up at the top of the search results list. 

STEP SIX: Promote the video

Did you know that around 400 hrs of videos are constantly uploaded on YouTube in less than one minute?  

Hence, you need to shout out to your videos loudly across platforms to attract the attention of a suitable viewer base. You can promote videos by doing the following:

  • Embed the tape over your best-performing website that is also relevant to the video’s content.
  • Share the video on various social media pages linked to your business. 
  • Create an Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat story to stir your audience’s interest. 
  • Add your video in the business’s email newsletters.
  • Make sure to promote the other videos related to your campaign at the end of the display screen.

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Digital marketing is in vogue a present. It is a top career choice for marketing aspirants. What’s more, digital marketing candidates can command high salary packages, provided they have the right skills and qualifications. There’s plenty to explore and learn in this arena. 

We hope that this article has given you a good insight into video optimization through the right SEO techniques. Your effort as a successful digital marketer should be to create a video and publish it on the right platform, which outshines the other videos of similar categories uploaded by competitors. 


Aaron Edgell

Blog Author
Aaron is an experienced digital marketing leader across technology, education, and health & wellness. He has led award-winning agencies and completed the Harvard Business Analytics Program.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What factors can affect the SEO ranking of any video?

Some factors that affect a video's SEO ranking are:
Custom transcripts
Watch time

2What are some of the best video optimization software for a Windows 10 system?

The following are some of the best software for video optimization:
Any Video Converter
Adobe Premiere Pro.
Prism Video Converter
Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro
Pavtube Video
DVD Converter Ultimate
Freemake's Video Converter
Format Video Factory

3How can we reduce the size of a video without reducing its length and decreasing its quality?

There are two reliable and simple ways to decrease video file size without losing quality.
The first one is by making the video shorter by trimming the footage from the beginning of the end; this will also reduce the file size.
The second way is by completely removing the audio from the video.

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