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10 Best Career Opportunities in Management You Should Choose From

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7th Dec, 2022
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10 Best Career Opportunities in Management You Should Choose From

Management is an attractive field for aspirants to seek a career. Not only does it offer a host of attractive options, but the field also offers people-centric employment options paired with a wholesome salary package. A management degree offers compelling roles in an array of fields like finance, real estate, sales, and even health care or education. The two most sought-after degrees in management are BBA and MBA, and understanding your options for a career in management will give you a clear picture of what to choose and focus on in a management degree. In this article, we have put together our top choices of management-related career options.

Top 10 options for a career in the management field

Here is a list of the top 10 choices for a career in management:

1. Sales Manager

As a sales manager, your primary duty would be managing and supervising your company’s sales, generating and reaching the target sales of the firm, interacting with your customers, making sales arrangements, etc. Your work profile might also include gathering data, analyzing it, and gaining valuable insights. Not only management of sales and related tasks, but a sales manager is also often responsible for building good client relationships and forming partnerships on behalf of the firm. The average salary earned by a sales manager in the US is 63,067 USD per year, which varies across the states. 

2. Human Resource Manager

Directing and managing a company’s human resources or employees entails the work of a human resource manager. As a human resource manager, you’ll be a critical link between your firm’s top management or executive and the staff members. Your work profile would include formulating strategies for employee recruitment, interviews, and employee retention. Your duties would also include activities like boosting the morale of your employees, enhancing workplace productivity, monitoring the overall performance of the company’s employees, etc. As a human resource manager in the USA, the average salary that you can expect would be 70,031 USD a year.

3. Marketing Manager

A marketing manager’s primary duties cover overseeing various market activities, managing them, planning for promotional campaigns, managing the budget allocated to marketing, collaborating with other agencies for designing, etc. Marketing managers are crucial in generating brand awareness and promoting a company’s products and services to the target customers. As a marketing manager, you’ll be solely responsible for deciding the look or feel of the company’s products. A marketing manager in the US earns about 68,312 USD a year.

4. Public Relations Manager

Just like the term indicates, a public relations manager is responsible for managing the company’s public relations. As a PR manager, you’ll be in charge of curating a commendatory public image of your company or client and planning and creating public image-enhancing content and campaigns. Public relations managers are also liable to generate press releases, write speeches and deliverables for product launches on behalf of their clients, plan media events, etc. On average, a public relations manager in the USA earns about 72,286 USD a year.

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5. Business Analyst

As a business analyst, your key responsibilities include budgeting for the company, forecasting, planning for target achievement, curating business analysis, understanding the business needs, and so on. You’ll be responsible for searching for problems the business is facing and looking for possible solutions. Most business analysts work in the IT field and look after transforming the business as a whole. Usually, business analysts are hired as soon as a project begins and act as advisors to the executive and management teams. As a business analyst, you can also get hired for a specialized project for a specific time span. Most business analysts in the USA earn about 71,104 USD per year. 

6. Financial Manager

As the term indicates, as a financial manager, you’ll be responsible for all finance-related decisions of the company. Your work profile will consist of building long-term and short-term financial goals and formulating strategies for successful goal accomplishment. You’ll work with departmental and project managers to pivot financial decisions for the company, which can include resource allocation, fund allocation, budget planning, and investment planning. As a financial manager, you’d also be responsible for creating financial reports, brainstorming ideas on fund procuring, analyzing risks, evaluating your firm’s overall financial performance, etc. The average salary offered to financial managers in the USA is 76,511 USD per year. 

7. Social media manager

If you’re looking for alternative career paths for project manager roles, social media manager is another great choice. As a social media manager, you’ll be responsible for establishing campaigns on social media, managing the published materials, looking after sales and leads, establishing customer communication, and so on. In many firms, social media managers are appointed content directors. These managers often collaborate with other essential departments like public relations, marketing, legal, etc. A social media manager in the USA earns about 55,117 USD a year.

8. Computer and Information Systems Manager

As a computer and information systems manager, you’ll be responsible for your company’s technological requirements and functions and will also work in close contact with the top-level executive officers. At times known as IT managers, one key requirement for a computer and information systems manager is to be always observant of the latest technological developments. A computer and information systems manager in the USA receives about 92,027 USD a year on average.

9. General Manager

General managers are responsible for managing any specific sector of a company. There are several divisions in any MNC, and as a general manager, you’ll be in the top position and responsible for strategizing for the unit. You will plan the budget, run projects, allocate various available resources, oversee the performance of the staff, look for new business ventures, etc. Top-notch commercial awareness, excellent communication, and organizational abilities are a few of the most important skills required for a general manager. In the US, a general manager earns about 59,833 USD a year. 

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10. Natural Science Manager

A natural science manager is devoted to the role of planning and supervising the works of other junior scientists. Although it varies with the field, most natural science managers work in the field of biology, physics, and chemistry with an array of specializations. As a natural science manager, your duties would be to advance ongoing research, development of a new commodity, look for loopholes in the manufacturing process followed by search for its solutions, and so on. For a natural science manager in the USA, most companies offer 72,010 USD per year on average.

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Karan Raturi is the General Manager of upGrad North America. He has also led various finance, strategy, and operations teams at Wayfair, Kurt Salmon, and IBM.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1Why should I opt for a management course?

If you want to launch a career in the management field, then a management course is a must. It will not only enhance your resume and help secure employment, but it will also skyrocket your chances of grabbing a leadership position in the latter half of your career.

2Which course should I choose? MS or MBA?

Getting confused about which course to choose? Yes, both the courses are popular, but the key difference is their core focus areas. MS degree is offered to medicine, science, and engineering students, while the MBA program is targeted towards the business and management field. Another difference is that while MS is a core academic program, MBA is a professional one that broadens one’s employment opportunities. You must opt for a course depending on your career goal.

3 Which career option in the management field offers the highest salary?

The career profiles in management which offer attractive packages include: Compensation and benefits manager Tax manager Computer and Information Systems Manager Food-beverage manager PR Manager Training manager Sales and marketing manager

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