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    recognized by the Ministry of Education, Government of India

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    Minimum 30 hours/week

    -- Months

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    QS Ranking ‘22

    Ranked #1 Law School

    Eligibility Criteria

    LL.B. Degree Mandatory

    Program Overview

    Key Highlights

    Learn from JGLS - The best law school in India, ranked #1 in the QS Ranking of 2022
    Learn from JGLS - The best law school in India, ranked #1 in the QS Ranking of 2022
    First-of-its-kind LL.M. through Blended Learning
    First-of-its-kind LL.M. through Blended Learning
    World Class Faculty Members & Industry Experts
    World Class Faculty Members & Industry Experts
    Cutting Edge Curriculum, for next - generation law professionals
    Cutting Edge Curriculum, for next - generation law professionals
    Dissertation and industry case studies
    Dissertation and industry case studies
     LL.M.  Degree from JGLS
    LL.M. Degree from JGLS
    upGrad 360° Career Support - job fairs, mock interviews etc.
    upGrad 360° Career Support - job fairs, mock interviews etc.
    Networking Events with fellow legal professionals
    Networking Events with fellow legal professionals
    Student Support is available 24*7 all days for non-academic queries You can write to us via Or for urgent queries, use the "Talk to Us" option on the Learn platform.
    Student Support is available 24*7 all days for non-academic queries You can write to us via Or for urgent queries, use the "Talk to Us" option on the Learn platform.

    Through the LL.M. program, JGLS in association with upGrad, will help students gain an expansive understanding of the intellectual property regime and its interface with new technologies"
    - Prof. (Dr.) C. Raj Kumar, Founding Vice Chancellor - O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU), Founding Dean - JGLS



    Best-in-class content by leading faculty members and industry leaders in the form of videos, live sessions, industry case studies and projects.

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    Top Subjects You Will Learn

    Advanced IPR and IT Law, Intellectual Property and New Technview more

    Job Opportunities

    Aspirational profiles and roles in top notch Corporate Law Fview more

    Who Is This Program For?

    Litigation Professionals, Legal Professionals working in Lawview more

    Minimum Eligibility

    - Bachelor’s degree in Law (LL.B - 3 & 5 Year Graduates) andview more

    This LL.M. degree gives you results even before completing your course.

    Think this is too good to be true? Hear how one of our alumni, Dhrumil Sanghvi benefitted from this course for yourself.

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    Learn on an AI-powered & personalised platform with best-in-class content, live sessions & mentoring from leading industry experts.
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    Learn from leading law faculty members and industry leaders worldwide


    Through the LL.M. program, JGLS, in association with upGrad, will mould students into more complete lawyers with broader perspectives and new skill sets, who fulfil industry expectations. 

    Designed for LL.B. degree graduates.

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    Hours of Learning Content
    Hours of Live Sessions
    Industry Case Studies
    Weeks Long - Dissertation
    Total Credits

    Course 1: Legal Research Methodology

    6 Weeks
    • Legal Research & Writing
    • The Legal System: Foundations, Institutions & Processes
    • Statutory Law & Interpretation
    • Case Law & Precedents
    • Judicial Public Policy Making: Common Law & Judicial Activism
    • Research in a Law Firm: Due Diligence, Memos & Advices

    Course 2: Law and Justice in the Globalizing World

    6 Weeks
    • Globalisation and its Effects on the Development of International Commercial & Economic Law
    • Challenges of Globalization to Law & Justice
    • Formulation & Settlement of Transnational Norms & Practices
    • Individual Rights vis-à-vis Free Market Principles & State Capitalism

    Course 3: Comparative Public Law

    6 Weeks
    • Promoter-driven Company Ownership versus Dispersed Shareholding
    • Cross-border Investment & Investor Protection vis-à-vis State
    • Anti-corruption, Anti-bribery statutes & Governance norms
    • Rules for Gender Diversity & Inclusive Corporate Leadership
    • Corporate Scams and their Global Recessionary Impact
    • Corporate Criminal Liability & Human Rights

    Course 4: Advanced IPR and IT Law

    4 Weeks
    • Justification, Subject-matter, and Overview of Intellectual Property Laws
    • Patent Law and the concern relating to Right to Health
    • Concerns of developing countries relating to International Transfer of Technology
    • Trademark Law and Issues relating to Trademark in Cyberspace: Trademark vs. Domain names, Domain name disputes, Cyber-squatting, typo-squatting, dilution, meta-tagging, linking
    • Copyright and Issues relating to Copyright in Cyberspace
    • Liability of Intermediaries under the IT Act
    • Jurisdictional Issues in Cyberspace

    Course 5: Intellectual Property and New Technology, AI

    4 Weeks
    • Introduction to Intellectual Property in the Information Technology Age
    • AI and IP
    • Blockchain and IP
    • Biotechnology and IP
    • Other Areas such as 3d Printing, Virtual Reality, and IP
    • The Way Forward for New Technologies and IP

    Course 6: Music and Copyrights

    4 Weeks
    • Originality and Joint Authorship in Musical works
    • Economic Rights of the owner of Copyright holder (Mechanical Rights, Distribution Rights, Derivative Rights, Performance Rights)
    • Non-Economic Rights (Moral Rights)
    • Digitalisation of Music
    • Infringement of Musical Works

    Course 7: International Investment Law and Intellectual Property

    4 Weeks
    • Evolution of the IIL regime to enable protection of IP rights under international law
    • Significance and consequences of IP as protected investment in BITs and FTA investment chapters
    • Evaluation of IP-related regulatory measures (such as compulsory licensing) liable to challenge by foreign investors before ISDS tribunals
    • Relative and absolute standards of investment treaty, used by foreign investors to challenge IP-related regulatory measures
    • Relationship between the IIL regime and other international law instruments on IP, such as the TRIPS Agreement
    • Evolving treaty practice of States on IP within the IIL regime

    Course 8: TRIPS and Public Health

    4 Weeks
    • Evolution of International IP Law and Policy in context of Global Public Health
    • Basics of International IP Regime including treaties, agreements (TRIPS, Doha Declaration, Paris Convention, Bilateral Investment Treaties) and international institutions (WTO, WIPO, WHO etc.)
    • IP-trade linkage issues (IP and International Economic law) and its impact on Global Public Health outcomes
    • Flexibilities within Intellectual Property globalization (Compulsory Licensing, Anti-evergreening Patentability Standards, etc.) as well as alternatives to the current framework (Open Science, Patent Pooling, Prizes etc.)
    • Role of IP laws in issues of Equitable Access and Social Justice that shape the current discourse as part of the wider debate about Global Public Health

    Course 9: GDPR: A European Example of Data Protection Law

    4 Weeks
    • Data Protection Principles
    • Rights of the Data Subject
    • Controller and Processor
    • Transfers of Personal Data to Third Countries
    • Independent Supervisory Authorities
    • Remedies, Liability, and Penalties
    • Case Studies

    Course 10: Dissertation

    8 + weeks
    • Dissertation

    Indicative Dissertation Topics

    Protection of Celebrity Rights: A Comparative Analysis

    Nexus between IP (Intellectual Property) Rights and Cricket with reference to tournaments like the Indian Premier League, World Cup, etc

    The impact of Intellectual Property protection on access to public health

    The impact of Intellectual Property protection in the Fashion Industry

    Intellectual Property Rights: Concept of Fair Dealing of Copyrighted products in India

    Designed for LLB degree graduates. The link below contains important information around the regulatory framework for the 1 Year LLM Program:

    Industry Projects & Other Case Studies

    Learn through the industry projects and other case studies, across industries.
    • Collaborative projects & case studies with peers
    • In-person learning with expert mentors
    • Personalised feedback to facilitate improvement

    Admission Process

    Tuition Fee

    INR 3,50,000 (Net)

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    *EMI starting from just ₹8,125 per month.
    The credit facility is provided by a third party credit facility provider and any arrangement with such third party is outside upGrad's purview.

    The upGrad Advantage


    Learning Support

    Learning Support
    Industry Mentors
    • Receive unparalleled guidance from industry mentors, teaching assistants and graders
    • Receive one-on-one feedback on submissions and personalised feedback on improvement
    upGrad Buddy
    • upGrad buddy: Your upGrad buddy will help personalize your learning experience by periodically engaging with you to ensure you are on track with upcoming deadlines, offer guidance, resolve non-academic queries, and lend a helping hand wherever required.
    • Student Support Team: Student support is available 7 days a week, 24*7. You can write to us via or for urgent queries use the " Talk to Us" option on the learn platform.

    Doubt Resolution

    Doubt Resolution
    Q&A Forum
    • Timely doubt resolution by industry experts and peers
    • 100% expert verified responses to ensure quality learning
    Expert Feedback
    • Personalised expert feedback on assignments and projects
    • Regular live sessions by experts to clarify concept-related doubts


    Group Assessments
    • Opportunity to interact and learn from your peers through group assessments
    • Also, helps in promoting a collaborative work .environment and simulating working in professional teams
    Industry Networking
    • Live sessions by experts on various industry topics
    • One-on-one discussion and feedback sessions with industry mentors

    upGrad Career Impact

    Empowering learners of tomorrow

    Learn from India’s #1 law school, Jindal Global Law School. LL.B. degree mandatory.

    Alumni work at

    Aspire to work at top law firms and corporates in India and around the world


    First of its kind LL.M. Program in India, for tomorrow’s legal professionals. LL.B. degree mandatory. **Source for India's # 1 Law School in the QS ranking of 2022.

    Based on upGrad NPS response data obtained from ~1252 learners, between 2nd Oct'21 to 18th Oct'21 for upGrad courses*. The review was performed by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP. upGrad is a platform to facilitate program delivery by educational institutions and is not a college or a university itself. *
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Course Eligibility

    Who is this program for?

    Litigation Professionals, Legal Professionals working in Law Firms, Fresh Law Graduates, Legal Professionals working in the legal departments in corporate, academic or research professionals, and legal professionals in government roles.

    Is there a minimum qualification for this program?

    • Bachelor’s degree in Law; LL.B. 3/5 year graduates and final year candidates may apply.
    • Students who have a valid score for other exams like LSAT India 2022, CLAT PG 2022, DU LLM 2022 or LSAT International 19,20,21, 22 at the time of application form submission, then you need not appear for Online JSAT-LAW exam.

    What is the admission process?

    The admissions process is completely online. Following are the key steps in the application process:


    • Step 1: Submit the application form


    • Step 2: Take Test - Online entrance examination (JSAT-LAW) or other eligibility tests as mentioned above. Review and shortlisting of candidates on the basis of test, SoP, resume, and telephonic interview.


    • Step 3: Shortlisted candidates receive an offer letter.

    Course Curriculum and Other Program Features

    What are the Unique Features of this LL.M. Program ?

    Following are the unique features of this LL.M. Program:


    ·  Cutting-edge curriculum developed by academics, industry professionals & regulators


    ·  Comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to the management and control of companies to achieve synergy of financial growth, health, and stability


    ·  Focus on legal, regulatory, and economic challenges faced by companies


    ·  Contemporary and cutting-edge corporate research opportunities through our core and specialized courses and webinars


    ·  Skill-based learning approach equips students to apply principles in the context of corporate and financial transactions

    What are the Key Learnings from the this LL.M. Program ?

    Following are the Key Learnings from this LL.M. Program:


    ·  Critically analyze business opportunities, legal statutes and cases, and strategic business decisions


    ·  Understand the corporate legal environment procedures, taught by faculty members who have first-hand industry experience


    ·  Interpret, assimilate, and draft commercial contracts


    ·  Identify key issues in M&A, due diligence and risk assessment of corporate transactions


    ·  Review foreign investment laws, compare and contrast them with Indian investment laws, and analyse different investment strategies


    ·  Negotiate and draft key corporate transaction documents such as due diligence reports and terms sheets


    ·  Practice before specialized regulatory bodies such as the Securities and Exchange Board of India, the Competition Commission of India and the National Company Law Tribunals

    What kind of certification will I get after completion of this course?

    Post successful completion of this program, you will get an LL.M. degree from Jindal Global Law School (JGLS). 

    How much time do I need to spend to achieve success in the program?

    Overall, this program will have video content broken down into small easy-to-complete segments that you can watch on the go-across devices. The remaining hours of engagement will be a mix of industry case studies, live instructor sessions, mentoring sessions and online and offline meetups.


    You will need to spend around 20+ hours per week in terms of asynchronous learning, live sessions & assessments. 


    We would also recommend you to put around 5-7 hours per week  in terms of your research and library work to get optimum results and learning.

    Can I do the LL.M. Program from my city?

    You can learn this program from any city in India and abroad.


    This LL.M. program through blended learning is specifically designed for working professionals. 

    How do I know that this program’s curriculum is the best?

    The curriculum is developed by the best of Faculty Members from JGLS, with special inputs by industry experts & regulators. This makes our program extremely relevant to working law professionals.


    The well designed curriculum, helps the students in following ways:


    Students enrolled in the program would master the art of critical reasoning and will gain a comprehensive perspective into companies and conglomerates. Through a detailed study of company law, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), banking, corporate insolvency, and competition regulation, the program enables students to appreciate and deal with issues surrounding cross-border corporate and financial transactions.


    Through faculty members with hands-on industry experience, the program will provide students with an insight into the internal workings of a corporate environment. Each course is tailor-made to bring students at par with the mindset, rigor, and demands of such an environment. The course modules range from fundamentals of commercial legal research to specialized modules dealing with risk assessment in transactions. Students will learn from a broadened approach to law, with traditional approaches complementing the non-traditional, and Indian legal practice complementing international best practices. This approach ensures that students graduate with a holistic understanding to help them become the finest of legal minds. 


    This LL.M. program encourages inter-disciplinary learning between ‘corporate laws’ and 'financial and economic laws’. We provide a unique opportunity for students to understand various modes of investment, associated risk, decision making process and underlying challenges and impediments. It will help the students in understanding restructuring, risk and return, M&A, etc. for financial stability of companies.


    Along with it, our Support Services, Career Assistance, and Live Sessions make it a classroom like experience, which no one else in the market can offer.

    What are the background of the faculty members for the LL.M. Program ?

    The faculty members of the LL.M. program have got an excellent blend of following the credentials:


    Strong academic pedagogy: The faculty members have done their education in law - bachelors, masters and in some of the cases doctorates from the best of universities in India and abroad.


    Rich Industry Experience: All the faculty members have more than a decade experience in the industry. The experience is rich & diverse in terms of working with top notch corporate, corporate legal firms, government, judiciary, publications, research papers in India & around the world.


    Extensive Foreign Exposure: Almost all of the faculty members have got an extensive foreign exposure in terms of their education and industry practice.



    Detailed Profile of the Faculty Members: To go through the detailed profile of the faculty members, request you to visit the World Class Faculty section on this webpage and click on the arrow mark given on the right bottom of their photographs.

    How would the Dissertation or the industry case studies help me?

    Dissertation : The Dissertation would be a 8 weeks course. The project would be from across different areas & industries. The topic for the project has to be approved by the JGLS dissertation committee. The project would be done under the guidance of a mentor having rich industry experience. It would help you apply one or more concepts learnt during the entire LL.M. program. This experience would thus equip the learners to take up any such challenging project in the corporate or legal firms in the future.


    Industry Case Studies:

    Our programs have a strong experiential component that will prepare you to apply your learning in the job.  Learn - Experience - Apply.  Case Studies across industries will help you to experience real-life challenges in the field of Corporate & Financial Law. Practical experience that you would gain here, would certainly help you to advance in your career. 

    What kind of networking events are conducted?

    Live Sessions & Classroom Experiences provide opportunities for networking with legal experts and fellow law professionals.


    What kind of additional support does upGrad offer?

    • upGrad buddy: Your upGrad buddy will help personalize your learning experience by periodically engaging with you to ensure you are on track with upcoming deadlines, offer guidance, resolve non-academic queries, and lend a helping hand wherever required.
    • Student Support Team: student support is available 7 days a week, 24*7. You can write to us via or for urgent queries use the " Talk to Us" option on the learning platform.
    • Discussion Forums: Extensive academic support through the Discussion Forum. Just like in a university, your batch-mates will help you with any academic queries. This will happen via the Discussion Forum.
    • Doubt Resolution: Other than your peers, you also have TAs (Teaching Associates) for any academic query. Your academic queries will be resolved by the Faculty and TAs in 36-48 hours. These queries will also be resolved via the discussion forum only.
    • Career Mentor: A career mentor to help you get ready from career perspective in terms of building your resume and LinkedIn profile, mock interviews, company specific preparations etc.

    Career Support

    What are the career preparation & mentoring services provided ?

    Following are the career preparations & mentoring services provided by upGrad:

    • Resume review: Obtain specific, personalized inputs on your resume structure and content.
    • Build LinkedIn Profile: Build your LinkedIn Profile, in order to attract potential recruiters
    • Career Mentor: A dedicated career mentor to monitor & guide you on your career transition journey
    • Mock Interviews & Just-In-Time-Interviews: Get company and role-specific preparation with mock interviews right before your actual interviews
    • Company Specific Preparation: Get company specific guidance to ensure you're interview-ready for the company of your choice.

    What are the career opportunities provided ?

    Following are the career opportunities  services provided by upGrad:

    • upGrad Job Fairs: Regular hiring drives in major cities across India, giving you the opportunity to interview with upGrad's hiring partners.
    • Job Opportunities Portal: Gain exclusive access to upGrad's job openings each quarter.
    • Continued Career Support: Access our continued career support, even after completion of the program.

    Payment and Policies

    How much do I pay to block my seat?

    You need to pay ₹ 25,000/- to block your seat.

    Are there any easy EMI options to pay the tuition fees ?

    Yes, now you can pay the tuition fees with 'No Cost EMI' option. We also have other EMI options, for paying as per your convenience.


    In order to facilitate the learners to pay the tuition fees in equal monthly instalments, we have tied up with various loan providers.


    Please refer to the Tuition Fee section on this webpage for more details.

    Is there any deferral or refund policy for this Program?

    Refund Policy: 


    • Once the learner has made partial or full payment of the Program fee and wants to withdraw his admission from the Program, learner has to raise a refund request through ‘My Applications’ page on our website or to the University and completing the entire refund application process within the deadlines as set out more particularly in ‘Table-A’ below.
    • For the cases where refund applications are accepted, the timelines for the refund application would be calculated from the formally notified last date of admission
    • Learner can request for a refund for the Program fee, as per the timelines given below in ‘Table-A’.
    • The eligibility of the refund amount will be based on the slabs as specified below in ‘Table-A’ and the date on which the fully completed application was received. The percentage of refund as mentioned below in ‘Table-A’ shall be calculated on the total amount paid by the learner towards the Program fee as on the date of refund request.



    Sr. No.Point of time when notice of withdrawal of admission is served to the University or to upGradPercentage of Refund 
    1.One month before formally notified date of admission100% (Without any deduction)
    2.Before the formally notified last date of admissions100% (Subject to deduction of Rs. 1,000 towards processing fee)
    3.Less than 15 days after the formally notified last date of admission80% 
    4.More than 15 days but less than 30 days after formally notified last date of admission50%
    5.More than 30 days after the formally notified last date of admission0%
    • In case a learner has raised a request for a refund and is eligible for the refund as per Sr. No. 2 of Table-A mentioned above, such learner will be refunded the amount as specified in the slab subject to a deduction of Rs. 1,000/- towards processing fee.
    • In the event where a learner has opted for a loan option from a credit facility provider, to pay the Program fee, in such cases, the learner will have to comply with the policies of such credit facility provider, i.e., pay upfront, the applicable loan cancellation charges levied by credit facility provider, post which the loan will be cancelled and the EMIs deducted shall be refunded as per the eligibility mentioned in ‘Table-A’.
    • The refund for an eligible request learner shall be processed within 30 working days from the date of receipt of the duly completed refund form if the request is raised as per Point No. 1 of the Refund Policy.
    • This ‘Refund Policy’ is as per the guidelines prescribed by University Grants Commission (UGC) and the University and upGrad reserves the right to change the Policy based on the changes made by UGC in future. Please check this Policy periodically for changes.


    Deferral Policy: 

    • There is no deferral policy for this program.

    No Cost Credit Card EMI FAQ's

    0% EMI with Finance partners /Credit card option availability will vary program-wise.

    1. Which banks allow using 0% Credit card EMI or Credit card EMI?
    No cost EMI is available on credit cards from all major banks (American Express, Bank of Baroda, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, IndusInd Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, RBL Bank, Standard Chartered, Axis Bank, Yes Bank, State Bank of India, CITIBANK and HSBC).

    2. Is there any minimum transaction limit ?
    Yes. 50000 is the minimum.

    3. Standard Chartered Bank offers 18 or 24 months No Cost EMI ?
    No. ONLY 12 months is available irrespective of the Program enrolled.

    4. Will I have to pay any extra amount for EMI transaction?
    If you are availing 0% credit card EMI, upGrad will not charge any processing fees or down payment for these transactions. Your bank may levy GST or other taxes on the interest component of the EMI.

    5. Are there any fees or down payment?
    Certain banks charge nominal processing fees between INR 99 - 500 on 0% Credit Card EMI transaction. If charged, will be billed in the first repayment installment.

    6. Can I use my International credit card for 0% credit EMI or Credit Card EMI?
    Only the Indian bank credit cards can be used. But you can pay the amount using the Credit card option in one shot / part payments, and later you can convert into EMI from your respective bank. The tenures and interest charged will depend on your bank. upGrad will not charge any processing fees or down payment for these transactions, this will be purely between you and your bank.

    7. Are there any charges in case I opt for cancellation/refund from the course after paying balance with no cost EMI ?
    Yes, there will be additional charges to the extent of interest paid by the upGrad to the bank, you will be refunded only Principal amount, i.e. the amount actually deducted/blocked from your card. This deduction will be in addition to the amount mentioned in the refund policy shared with your offer letter.

    8. Can I Pay Using Multiple Credit Cards ?
    Multiple cards can be used to complete the payments using Part payment option make sure to inform the learner, minimum transaction is INR 50000 to opt for 0% CC EMI E.g. Amount to be paid: 150000. I can pay using 2 Credit cards. Yes, Example :
    HDFC Card – Part payment – INR 100000
    ICICI Card – Part payment – INR 50000

    9. How can I opt for Credit card EMI if my bank is not listed in the 0% Credit card EMI or Credit card EMI?
    You can pay the amount using the Credit card option in one shot / part payments, and later you can convert into EMI from your respective bank. The tenures and interest charged will depend on your bank. upGrad will not charge any processing fees or down payment for these transactions.

    10. Why is the entire amount blocked on my credit card?
    Initially your bank will block the entire amount from your available purchase limit and from your next billing cycle, you will be charged the EMI amount. As you start paying your EMI, your credit limit will be released accordingly. For example, if you have made a payment of ₹100000 on 6-months EMI and your credit limit is ₹200,000 then initially your bank will block your credit limit by ₹100000. After payment of your first month EMI of Rs.15000, the blocked amount will come down to ₹85000.

    11. Why is interest getting charged on No Cost EMI?
    Your bank will charge you interest. However, this interest charge has been provided to you as an upfront discount at the time of your payment, effectively giving you the benefit of a No cost EMI. The total amount paid during the entire EMI tenure to the bank will be equal to the amount to be paid to upGrad.

    Eg. Amount payable to upGrad: INR 405000
    Let's say Amount deducted at the time of transaction: INR 379850 (Principal amount) Bank charges interest of 12-15% per annum on INR 379850
    [Note: Interest factor is reducing rate and not Flat rate]
    EMI AMOUNT = INR 33750 x 12 = INR 405000
    Effectively, you have taken loan on 379,850 instead of 405,000

    upGrad Learner Support

    For Indian Nationals
    For Foreign Nationals
    We are available 24*7