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ChatGPT for Developers

Developers, harness the power of ChatGPT! Improve your productivity by making ChatGPT your personal coding assistant.  Automate repetitive tasks like testing, other maintenance tasks and  learn how to use ChatGPT APIs.

ChatGPT for Digital Marketing

Leverage the power of ChatGPT in digital marketing and enhance your work output! Explore the use of ChatGPT across website creation, social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, search engine marketing, and more.

Introduction to Generative AI

What is Generative AI? Why has it recently become a buzzword? Dive deeper into the Generative AI landscape, its evolution over the years, its potential impact on industries, jobs, use cases and the skills you need to develop to succeed in the Generative AI era.

Advanced Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT

Ever wondered how AI-powered chatbots understand and respond to your questions? Join our course on Advanced Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT to craft effective prompts that enable ChatGPT to provide accurate and helpful responses. Discover the art of optimizing prompts, mastering conversational flow, and empowering ChatGPT to engage in meaningful and natural conversations, opening doors to enhanced customer support, virtual assistants, and more. 

Artificial Intelligence in the Real World

This Artificial Intelligence free course will help you learn about the applications of AI in the service and non-service industries. You will also be able to leverage this knowledge to understand and appreciate the role of AI in different industries.

How ChatGPT Understands You: Introduction to Natural Language Processing

This course on Artificial Intelligence will help in taking your first step towards learning the interactions between human language and computers i.e., NLP. The course covers the basics of NLP, and other topics such as RegEx for building tools for Spell Correction, Phonetic Hashing, and Spam Detection

Fundamentals of Deep Learning of Neural Networks (28 hrs)

In this beginner-friendly course, you will learn about the most sophisticated and cutting-edge models in machine learning - Artificial Neural Networks or ANNs. You will be introduced to the basics of Neural Networks and various concepts related to Deep Neural Network.

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Find the latest courses from various subject domains to build your foundational knowledge & upskill yourself over a couple of hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

upGrad Free Courses

What is upGrad’s Free Courses initiative all about?

What the world is experiencing today is a truly unprecedented scenario. We are all plagued with absolute uncertainty. How things pan out, only time will tell, but how we utilize our time right now can make a world of a difference to our future. upGrad’s Free Courses goal is to help you pick up on some of the hottest skills that are trending in the market today in 6-8hrs, absolutely free of cost.

Will I have to pay anything to start learning?

You can choose any number of Programs from any of the 60+ programs and get access to them for no fees whatsoever. You don't have to even provide your credit / debit card details!

Who should sign up?

upGrad works with leading industry experts and academia to deliver programs in the field of Data, Technology and Management. We have a globally recognized team of instruction designers who have curated these 35 programs. 

These programs have been designed to help you develop a brief understanding of the different topics. They meet the needs of working professionals as they are easy to consume and give you the flexibility to finish the program as per your own schedule. 

So if you have been looking to add a skill or two to your profile, programs offered under upGrad's Life Long Learning initiative will help you do just that by simply investing a few hours every week. 

Sometimes, these skills may not directly be applicable for you, but learning is said to have an overall positive impact on your mental health. If you are feeling anxious about what lies ahead, enroll in these programs to spend your time more meaningfully. Additionally, learning new skills can also help you create a competitive edge over your peers and help you stay ahead of the curve. 

For some of the courses, there are certain skill pre-requisites, do review the same before enrolling. Choosing the right course is the first step to success.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes, you will get an e-Certificate of Completion once you successfully finish all the modules within your program. upGrad deploys advanced technology to track learner progress and to be eligible for the certificate you will have to complete all the program modules that appear under the "Course Card". This will be issued once the requisite program duration comes to an end.

What is the duration for which I can access to the content?

We're constantly looking to update our course library to be able to give you a host of topics to upskill in, and to keep it fresh. And so, most courses have a set deadline - the current courses are accessible until 1st March 2022. It's best to check the deadline for each course and ensure that you complete before it expires!

What if I want to learn more?

Our learning platform will give you an overview about upGrad's holistic learning experience and you will also get a view into a variety of programs offered. You can go over the same and schedule a call with an Admissions Counsellor, who will guide you to pick the best program most likely to help you advance your career.