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University of Dubuque (US) Online MBA
Learn from a leading US university, online.
Work on a capstone project in a domain of your choice
Master of Business Administration
Looking to become a future business leader! Then the MBA degree from the Golden
Gate University, San Francisco is the ideal destination for you.
MBA (Global)
Top 1% B-schools worldwide
Dual Credentials - MBA from DBS & Adv. General Mgmt. from IMT
Global MBA
MBA in Marketing, Finance, Ops & SCM, HR, Leadership & Strategy, Analytics
Dual Credentials - MBA from Liverpool B-school & AGMP from IMT Ghaziabad

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Advanced General Management Program
Learn Business Growth Strategies, Marketing Strategies, Planning abilities, Project Management.
320+ hours of learning, 20+ live sessions, 10+ case studies & assignments.

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                      An MBA is more than just an advanced professional degree. It allows students to nurture skills that are aimed to help a company succeed. It also helps impart confidence by improving their leadership, interpersonal, and communication skills.
                      Since an MBA helps students get well-versed with the constantly evolving aspects of their fields, they can effectively leverage their skill set and knowledge to further their business endeavors.
                      Like an on-campus MBA program, online MBAs include, but are not limited to, the following specializations:
                      • Entrepreneurship
                      • Health Care
                      • Organizational and Management Effectiveness
                      • Accounting
                      • Business and Public Policy
                      • Data Analytics
                      • Energy and Sustainability
                      • Environment
                      • Finance
                      • International Business
                      • Operations and Information
                      • Real Estate
                      • Strategic Management
                      Plenty of MBA schools offer students the chance to tailor their online MBA programs to encourage an interdisciplinary roadway to education.
                      Here are few known advantages of pursuing an MBA degree:
                      • Sharpened communication skills
                      • Enhanced marketability
                      • Exposure to the global market
                      • Increased peer-to-peer networking opportunities
                      • Polished time management and organizational skills
                      • Greater advancement opportunities
                      • Better earning potential
                      Applicants who wish to pursue an MBA degree in the USA require exceptional GMAT scores to land a seat in the top US business schools. American universities also demand a top-notch TOEFL score for international students to convince universities of their English-speaking skills.
                      Once you have accomplished the requisite qualifications, you must carefully evaluate the universities where you wish to apply. It is recommended that you send in inquiries to your desired universities at least a year in advance.
                      If you are applying for an online MBA, here are the steps to follow:
                      • Step 1: Fill and submit your MBA application.
                      • Step 2: Wait for news of your shortlisting based on your professional experience and academic scores.
                      • Step 3: Once you receive the offer letter, block your seat by paying a caution amount.
                      • Step 4: Submit the required documents.
                      • Step 5: Make payment for the MBA program you are applying for.
                      The United States is the foremost choice for students pursuing a higher education degree like an MBA. The country offers excellent infrastructure alongside top-class education facilities for MBA aspirants. Also, students can choose from an array of MBA courses for their higher studies, given that the US hosts one of the biggest MBA markets across the globe.
                      In 2016-2017 alone, over a million international students arrived in the US to pursue an MBA degree. The country produces almost 125,000 MBA graduates every year. The US hosts nearly 186,000 Indian MBA candidates at its universities, resulting in a 12% increase in their numbers post-study and work-visa regulations.
                      Based on the job growth forecasts by the US News Best Jobs ranking, some of the top career paths for MBA graduates in the US include Management Consultants, Marketing Managers, and Business Operations Managers. Even Financial Managers and Medical Services Managers receive high-end compensations and enjoy a decent work-life balance.
                      As per the U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics, Medical and Health services are expected to grow by 32% by 2030. On the other hand, job opportunities in business and financial operations occupations are projected to increase by 8%, creating nearly 750,800 new jobs by 2030.
                      Evidently, the demand for an MBA is increasing rapidly with each passing year, bringing forth a power-packed combination of prestigious and well-paid jobs in the market.
                      Students with top MBA scores and exceptional business skills enjoy competitive leverage on the world platform and can pursue several job opportunities to grow in their careers.
                      Here are a few of the most advantageous career paths for MBA graduates across different industries:

                      1. Marketing Managers

                      Marketing managers are in demand in almost every industry and are also known to earn six-figure salaries. They are responsible for overseeing marketing campaigns and ensuring companies have a business advantage in the market.
                      Salary: The average salary of a marketing manager in the US is $63,277 annually.

                      2. Corporate Finance

                      One can become a Finance Director, Financial Analyst, Finance Manager, or a Finance Consultant when looking out for career opportunities in the corporate finance field.
                      Salary: The average salary of someone in Corporate Finance in the US is $110,000 annually.

                      3. Economics and Finance

                      Some of the most popular jobs in Economics and Finance are Portfolio Management, Operation’s Director, and Financial Consultancy, to mention a few.
                      Salary: The average salary of someone in Economics and Finance in the US is $76,000 annually.

                      4. Medical and Health Service

                      MBA professionals in this field are responsible for strategizing health management at various health care facilities and ensuring that organizations comply with necessary US medical regulations.
                      Salary: The average salary of someone in Medical and Health Service in the US is $104,280 annually.

                      5. Business Operations

                      Trade and business operations is a new emerging sector where MBA graduates are in huge demand. Companies that seek organizational efficiency or face logistical challenges require the services of business operation managers to maintain quality standards of their end products and maximize profitability through seamless management of operations.
                      Salary: The average salary of someone in Business Operations in the US is $69,417 annually.
                      A few other popular career paths for MBA degree holders and their corresponding average salaries:
                      • Business Development Director: $104,860 annually.
                      • Senior Accountant: $73,349 annually
                      • Financial Controller: $87,384 annually
                      • Data Analyst: $66,477 annually
                      • HR Manager: $68,920 annually

                      FAQs about MBA Degrees

                      What is the difference between an MBA and a regular Master’s Program?

                      The core difference between an MBA and a regular master’s degree course is that it focuses on imparting unparalleled business and entrepreneurial experience in real-world business environments.

                      How to find an MBA program that is right for you?

                      While finding a suitable MBA program for yourself, you should consider factors like prior business experiences, location, and job profile that fit your career goals. In addition, one can choose their MBA course depending on how intense they want their education to be (an MBA program can range anywhere between 18-24 months).

                      How much impact does prior professional experience have in the admission process and ranking?

                      Prior business or job experience plays an integral role in the application procedures. Business schools are more willing to admit applicants with job experience or, better yet, managerial experience. Questions about prior experiences also take up a vital portion of the face-to-face interview process with the admission officer. 


                      - Deakin University is among the Top 1% universities as per ARWU 2020.
                      - Past record is no guarantee of future job prospects.
                      - NMIMS Global Access is India's largest EdTech university as per executive.nmims.edu.