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                      The role of a Data Scientist is one of the fastest-growing jobs in the United States and globally. For instance, the job scope for the field of Data Science has grown by 6.5 times in the United States. Machine Learning Engineer is at the top of the list in the U.S. as well, experiencing a massive 980% increase. There are way more Data Science and Big Data professionals than we had even during these periods of extreme flourishment in IT. This is especially due to the massive increase in the reliance on big data and the dependency on Data Science for operations of all kinds.
                      By learning the different techniques and tools associated with Data Science, you can cater to these highly specialized requirements:
                      • Data-Driven Decision Making
                      • Data System Development, Design, and Architecture
                      • Data Analytics
                      • Core Data Science and Advanced Analysis
                      • Analytics Management and Performance Management
                      • Operations and Project Management with Functional Analytics
                      Here are 3 main reasons why you should consider gaining more knowledge in Data Science:
                      • Attractive salary packages with annual increments.
                      • Career growth and ample prospects.
                      • A fulfilling career where there is enough scope for research and learning new things.
                      • A vast choice of job roles and specializations.
                      • Support from various learning platforms and the availability of an ample number of study material, research, or academic records regarding your core interests.
                      To become a Data Scientist, you must follow these five steps:
                      Step 1: Become interested in Data Science and the tools associated with the field.
                      Step 2: Join an undergraduate degree relevant for Data Science (CS or IT-centric) or pursue a postgraduate program focused on Data Science.
                      Step 3: If you have finished your degree already, you can start taking courses for tools and specific skills that you want to learn in Data Science.
                      Step 4: Engage in projects, deploy your own projects or join an internship.
                      Step 5: Finally, apply for jobs after preparing yourself for the interviews and technical rounds.
                      Regardless of where you are, a simple search can show you the huge number of available jobs for Data Science professionals. This is especially true for Data Scientists in the U.S., as it is one of the fields with the highest demand and immense scope for growth. According to Indeed, Data Scientists earn an average salary of $119,277 in the U.S. per year based on the salaries of around 2600 Data Scientists from the United States of America. The job role of a Data scientist is one of the most popular jobs in the United States currently, at least according to LinkedIn’s job reports. According to the 2020 U.S. Emerging Jobs Report, the hiring for these job roles increased by about 35%.
                      Going by the predictions provided by IBM, the number of job openings in the United States has increased to more than 2,720,000 now. Also, the big data market is projected to reach a market value of more than $103 billion by 2027, a huge chunk of which will be generated from the United States.
                      According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Data Scientists and other Information research scientists will expect a growth of 22% in their respective fields between 2020 to 2030. This is the highest growth rate among all occupations and fields.
                      When we think about Data Scientists, we actually mean a variety of job roles that require the applications of Data Science.
                      Here are the top career paths for Data Scientists and the associated salaries (PayScale) in the United States of America:
                      1. Machine Learning Engineer
                      Machine learning engineers design, build, operate and maintain machine learning models or systems that get better while performing tasks. They source the data required for training Machine Learning systems and developing ML algorithms for training the models to operate without human supervision.
                      Salary: $121,018 on average per annum.
                      2. Data Architect
                      Data Architects evaluate and analyze a company’s data needs and then figuring out how to source the data efficiently. These professionals are also involved with designing the database systems and ensuring effective database management. Data Architects must be proficient in DBMS systems (mainly RDBMS), cloud computing, database designing, data migration, and data warehousing.
                      Salary: A median salary of $147,547 annually.
                      3. Data Scientist
                      This is one of the most desirable job roles in the U.S., with ample career scope and numerous options for a career change. Data Scientists can work on unstructured data and conduct statistical analysis to extract insights. They require a wide variety of skills, ranging from statistics, mathematics, database administration to visualizing, predicting, and reporting.
                      Salary: $96,480 on average annually.
                      • Data Analyst: $78,353 annually
                      • Business Analyst: $77,854 annually
                      • Statistician: $75,156 annually
                      • Full-stack Developer: $96,898 annually
                      • Business Intelligence Developer: $94,189 annually
                      • Business intelligence Analyst: $77,854 annually
                      • Data Engineer: $92,503 annually
                      The global market for Data Science is only increasing. As per the latest stats, this field will expand at a CAGR of 26.9% till 2027, thus creating more unique job opportunities in the upcoming years.


                      Past record is no guarantee of future job prospects. Terms and conditions apply.


                      Program Curriculum & Learning Experience

                      What is the future of Data Science in the USA?

                      Data-driven decision making is the need of the hour. Companies that have not switched to it will soon be looking for ways to make use of their data. Those who are already utilizing it will keep doing so, and keep finding novel ways. In that sense, the future of Data Science is extremely bright. The USA being the home to so many industry giants (across different industries) will also see a constant (if not increasing) demand for data scientists in the coming years. 

                      What is the salary trend for Data Science in the USA?

                      The final salary that you get will depend on a number of factors like your experience, education, skill set, role, organization, and a few more. That aside, we can see the Data Science salaries in the USA range from $90K to $200K. This figure will also depend on your location of work!